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Posted in: Rakuten,, Expedia raided by Japan antitrust watchdog See in context

@JJ Jetplane - no, I don't think that's what's going on. What it means is that the hotels are not allowed to offer a lower price than Expedia elsewhere.

So, even if a competitor arrives offering the hotels a lower commission, the hotels are not able to lower the price.

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Posted in: Ghosn, lawyer protest his rearrest; prosecutors confiscate Ghosn's wife's passport, mobile phone See in context

Disgusting - whatever you think of Carlos. And surely illegal?!

Perhaps the plan is now to arrest her for failing to carry her passport.....

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Posted in: Lower house OKs record ¥101.46 tril budget for FY2019 See in context

It's not really suspicious. The simple fact is that the pension system was set up on the assumption that people would work and pay in for 40+ years, and then receive a pension for 5-10 years. Over time that has shifted to pay in for 40 years and receive pension for 20-25 years. This may have been manageable had contributions been increased constantly to match life expectancy, but this has always lagged behind. Nobody has wanted to grasp the nettle.

It is certainly true that there has been some comical squandering of tax money, but the fundamental point still stands - the current retiring generation (individually through no fault of their own) did not contribute enough to support 20-year retirements. Worse, the current working generation is not (also individually through no fault of their own) contributing enough to support their likely 30-40 year retirements. As they are also going to have to make up the shortfall for the baby-boomers, their outlook is pretty bleak. Still, at least they will all have jobs. Possibly two...

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Posted in: Nissan to freeze payments of unstated remuneration to Ghosn See in context

@Laguna - the allegation is that Nissan under-reported his future compensation in earnings reports, not that Ghosn personally under-reported on his own tax returns. He's accused of being responsible for Nissan's under-reporting.

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Posted in: Nissan to freeze payments of unstated remuneration to Ghosn See in context

So let me get this right..... having accused Ghosn of under-reporting compensation that he says was unsettled, the company is now going to withhold that compensation, thereby surely proving his point that it was unsettled, AND is going to report the compensation in their earnings report. Even though they are not going to pay it. Unbelievable.

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It would be massively helpful if they would only include questions on the test that actual British people all know the answers to (such as Luddite's excellent example). I'm a Brit who has no idea who introduced shampooing to the UK. As for Bronze Age Britons' burial habits, a quick google reveals that they might not even have been burying them at all......

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Posted in: Lavrov asks why Japan only country in world that can't accept results of World War II See in context

The self-righteousness and hypocrisy on the Japan side of this is breathtaking.

Unless I'm missing something, the chain of events is something like:

Japan embarks on expansionist, imperialist foreign policy, attempting to conquer as much of Asia as they could manage, WITH NO INTENTION OF GIVING IT BACK. During the implementation of this strategy they inflicted untold misery, death and suffering.

Japan catastrophically over-reaches, enters a global conflict, siding with a rare example of a regime that surely we can universally agree were the bad guys

Japan loses the war and then expects that the territory that they have lost will be given back, despite the fact that they got into this mess by TRYING TO ANNEX AS MUCH TERRITORY AS THEY COULD, WITH NO INTENTION OF GIVING IT BACK.

I have no love of the Russian regime, and morally they probably should have returned the islands by now. However, this does not translate to sympathy for the Japan perspective. There are not thousands of Japanese people being persecuted under the Russian yoke; there are not hordes of Japanese desperate to return to live in their ancestral homeland, in fact most of the frosty rural north is rapidly depopulating.

Two wrongs do not make a right, but Japan should do a bit more of what they ask their Asian victims to do - get over it.

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Posted in: Foreign tourists spend record ¥4.5 tril in Japan in 2018 See in context

@Insane Wayne

Dont forget this is all tax free. Japanese will be paying 10% but tourists pay nothing.

Most of it is not tax free. Tourists pay taxes on everything except for shopping within the tax-free program. As shopping in total is listed as 34.7% of total spending, and some of that shopping will still be subject to taxes, that's a lot of tax being paid.

Consumption tax on food, airport taxes, hotel taxes, onsen taxes, and now the departure tax.

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Posted in: Lavrov asks why Japan only country in world that can't accept results of World War II See in context

Japan is lucky that the war didn't end wit Hokkaido in Soviet hands - in fact they are lucky there wasn't a Berlin wall drawn through Tokyo.

It's extremely obvious that the best possible result for Japan is the split that has been proposed by the Russians several times and that pride is getting in the way of that is really unfortunate.

It's been 70+ years. No Japanese people live there. The people who live there are Russian, and in many cases have been living there for generations now.

Russia may not have a moral case for keeping the islands but from a pragmatic perspective it is time for Japan to wake up.

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Posted in: Automatic train operation test conducted on Tokyo's Yamanote loop line See in context

Indeed - I for one am looking forward to the day when my driverless car will have seats that face each other instead of facing forwards, and I can enjoy a beer with my fellow passengers. Nothing anti-social about that!

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Posted in: Judge says Ghosn being detained due to flight risk and possibility he may conceal evidence See in context

@TonyW - he works for a global auto alliance with manufacturing operations in 20-odd different countries. He speaks 5 languages fluently. Regardless of what you think about his guilt/innocence, or the way he has been treated, I think we should probably excuse him for not being able to read a Japanese legal document sufficiently well to sign it.

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Posted in: Automatic train operation test conducted on Tokyo's Yamanote loop line See in context

@sensei258 - I imagine the same as when it happens to a human driven train. An attempt will be made to apply the brakes, but it will be too late, you can't stop hundreds of tons of metal and flesh very quickly.

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Posted in: Ghosn set for court hearing Tuesday to hear reasons for his detention See in context

He has not (yet) been accused of tax evasion. The under reporting is related to the obligation of Nissan, as a public company, to disclose CEO compensation.

(The embezzlement accusation is another matter).

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Posted in: Nissan document signed by Ghosn said remuneration 'determined' See in context

They were suspended sentences:

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Posted in: Nissan document signed by Ghosn said remuneration 'determined' See in context

Several people are talking about tax. As far as I understand it, this is NOT a taxation issue, it's about Nissan's reporting requirements as a public company.

(That aside, it is ludicrous that he has now been locked up for a month and counting over this - in any civilized justice system he would have been bailed long ago)

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Posted in: Ghosn denies allegations against him: NHK See in context

@Yubaru: Indeed - however the wording in the article very much implies that he has chosen not to comment, which invites the reader to speculate as to why he hasn't done so.

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Posted in: Ghosn denies allegations against him: NHK See in context

"Ghosn, who has not spoken publicly" is an interesting way of saying "Ghosn, who has been held for a week without charge and is completely unable to speak publicly whether he wants to or not"

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Posted in: How to prepare for Japanese drinking culture at work See in context

These days non-drinkers can usually get away with a non-alcoholic beer, especially after the initial kampai.

Hoppy is also a good option - it is usually served to mix with Shochu, but nobody will notice if you just have the hoppy by itself, or after having one with booze just ask for the hoppy and top up your glass.

This doesn't mitigate against some of the other problems mentioned above though!

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Posted in: Mother indicted after 1-year-old son dies after falling off electric bicycle See in context

I'm not sure if there is much point in prosecuting someone who is undoubtedly spectacularly remorseful for her carelessness - though of course it may encourage others to take a moment to think about how they cycle.

I am astonished that we don't have more accidents involving these machines, and small children simply MUST wear helmets if they are passengers. Once they are full loaded (parent, 2 kids, shopping, umbrellas etc) those things are heavy. That's OK while they are moving forward unimpeded, but as soon as they start to tip for any reason (e.g. rider has to brake unexpectedly and doesn't get feet down in time) they are VERY hard to stop from falling. For that reason alone, they absolutely shouldn't be allowed on pavements - and that's without even considering the dangers they pose to pedestrians.

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Posted in: Head of 2020 Tokyo Olympics supports daylight time for Games See in context

@Ganbare - of course it is not nature. The sun rises when it rises and sets when it sets, but humans decide what time we should call it. Japan could change their time zone tomorrow if it wished to do so, and nature would be completely unconcerned and uninterested.

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Posted in: Japan's deadly summer: Floods, typhoons, earthquakes, heat See in context

Feeling pretty lucky in Tokyo this year. So far.

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Posted in: Trump accuses Google of promoting negative news articles, hiding fair media coverage of him See in context

Brilliant - the right has managed to elect the least qualified candidate in history, at least in part through the extraordinary amount of media coverage he received during the campaign, and this fool sees bias AGAINST him!

There is a very simple way to make conservative sources appear higher up in search rankings. Search more often, look at the second page of results, and click on the ones that appeal. Miraculously those sites will rise up in the rankings and will appear more frequently. That's not bias, that's customer choice.

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Posted in: His name is Idris Elba, but will he be first black Bond? See in context

@Belrick, I'm not familar with Black Panther other than from the movie trailers, but I think the point is that whiteness is not one of Bond's defining characteristics. British-ness is (though even that has already arguably been stretched with an Irish actor); womanizing is; killing bad guys is; enjoying a martini and gambling is. A black Bond can be all of those things, without disturbing any of Bond's foundations.

I'd be far more upset if he was played by a white American as a peace-loving, no-risk-taking, asexual consensus builder.

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Posted in: His name is Idris Elba, but will he be first black Bond? See in context

If I remember rightly, the James Bond character was orphaned at 11 and went to boarding school. I don't recall his whiteness ever being referenced in the books (though admittedly I read them a VERY long time ago).

Given when they were written, it was perfectly reasonable to assume that Fleming had a white man in mind. However, the movies are not set in the 1950s or 1960s, they are set very firmly in the 21st century. I can't think of any reason why he couldn't be a black or asian british character, as long as the character has the fundamental attributes.

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Posted in: Japanese exec pleads guilty to raping colleague in New York hotel See in context

@darknuts - that's not the timeline at all, it takes time for a case to work through from arrest to guilty plea/conviction/sentencing.

He was arrested back in November, within a few days of the incident.

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Posted in: Tokyo residents may say 'Oh we know and are used to the heat'... but how many of us in Tokyo spend hours outdoors in the peak of August heat? See in context

I predict that the biggest issue will be with the volunteers. Athletes have time to train, acclimatize and moderate their performance to fit the conditions. Spectators have the option of going home. Volunteers, I suspect, will have that "gaman" sense of duty.

I know 4 people who have signed up already, and they are all aged around 70 already. It's likely that a large proportion of the volunteers will be retirees, and it's also likely that a large amount of the volunteering will involve standing outside. This needs to be managed extremely carefully or there will be a body count.

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Posted in: Aspiring Canadian cosplayer living in Tokyo arrested for sham marriage See in context

@paradoxbox - not sure why you seem to think that Canadians should get a free pass on visa fraud. People from all of the countries you mention get deported all the time. This story is news because it's relatively rare for someone from a developed country to get caught, that's all.

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Posted in: Murakumi says he can't publicly oppose death penalty for sarin gas attackers See in context

@Laguna - are you sure it was Britain? No death penalty there.

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Posted in: Murakumi says he can't publicly oppose death penalty for sarin gas attackers See in context

Not sure why the criticism of Murakami here. He's surely far from the only person who is opposed to the death penalty in principl, but who finds himself conflicted when faced with some crimes. You can count me in that camp too.

Also worth noting that, as @Madden and @Bigyen have pointed out, his comment is not without context. His book on the subject is probably the best known, and is composed almost entirely of the voices of people involved/affected.

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Posted in: Japan's push for telework hoped to ease traffic during Olympics See in context

@Mike James, I think it means that they are going to school and she then starts working.

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