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@drlucifer - not sure why the "if you had bothered to read the story" attitude. I don't doubt that they were dubiously handed the contract - perhaps you could have bothered to read the part where I said "raises legitimate alarm bells"

As to the issue of why an advertising company - well, they aren't only an advertising company, they do all sorts of things. Why not local governments? Well, one reason is that local governments appear to be unable to distribute the individual 100,000 yen payments in a timely manner.

I'm certainly not sticking up for the contract process, about which I only know what I have read in the news, which does not sound good. But it is not strange to outsource big jobs like this (which, of course, is why this cabal of companies have gotten together to bid for the work in the first place)

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Well we now know why the stimulus payments are so foggy. 50/50 chance the people will never see their payment.

You say that, but my company's SME support claim was processed and paid in full quickly and efficiently. There was nothing foggy about the process, or the administration of it.

In fact, the whole thing was completed before I even received the application form for the individual stimulus money. It would appear that Dentsu is doing their job significantly faster than the government.

Also worth noting: there may or may not have been impropriety in the bidding process (and certainly the fact that there were half-a-dozen intermediary companies raises legitimate alarm bells), but Dentsu are being paid to perform a service. They aren't being given the money for nothing, which is what a lot of news stories such as this are implying.

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Posted in: Drawing that parodies Tokyo Olympic logo pulled from FCCJ website See in context

Many Japanese organizations (especially government-related ones) seem to misunderstand the likely effects of their complaints. By complaining about this, they have created a news story where none existed, and have ensured that the offending image is shared far and wide. Sometimes it really is better to just ignore stuff like this.

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Posted in: 2 love hotels reprimanded for denying room to gay couple See in context


Love hotels are private establishments and should be allowed to decide which guests to accept and which to turn down.

Your house is a private establishment. A hotel is a licensed business, required to operate within the laws governing that business. In the case of hotels, the law states that they cannot reject someone on the basis of sexual orientation. The end.

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Posted in: Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, there has been talk of a basic universal income. Do you support the concept? See in context

@mikeylikesit the New Scientist reported that people on UBI in Finland worked more, not less, than people on unemployment benefit.

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It is long overdue to stop this ludicrous practice of ambulances calling individual hospitals to ask their permission to bring a patient there. It is surely not beyond human capability to centralize this so that the ambulance is IMMEDIATELY told where to take the patient.

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Posted in: ANA reprimanded over pilot drinking alcohol before flight See in context

@Noriyon - you are aware that there are places to drink other than airport bars, right?

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@Tokyo-Engr WHat I was trying to say is that even if the government wanted to stop citizens from re-entering the country, this is likely very difficult and may even be legally/politically impossible. It certainly can't just done on a whim - aside from anything else, it creates a "well, where should they go?" situation. In your case, Japan's answer if they refuse you entry is that you should go to the place where you are a citizen. This is not entirely unreasonable, but would be completely unreasonable were you Japanese.

I do think the rule is a bit pointless as it is very much predicated on the rest of the world being rife with the disease whilst Japan has only a handful of cases. This is surely nonsense. But I have no particular problem with the rule on discrimination grounds (despite being a foreign resident myself) and I don't agree with your assertion that it is separating families. This will only happen if you choose to make that trip; I'm British, and back home regardless of nationality the restrictions are far, far greater.

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@Tokyo-Engr I sympathize with your situation (and also have aging parents in another country). However, the simple fact is that it is legally and politically extremely difficult to prevent citizens of a country from entering that country. This is not a uniquely Japanese phenomenon.

If the new rules did apply to Japanese nationals too, this would not improve your situation.

(It is all kind of pointless now anyway, given that the virus is clearly already all over Japan - this is clearly no longer a threat from overseas)

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Pachinko is just a business, same as all the other ones. I don't like it, have no interest in it, but think they should be subject only to the same rules as every other business. At the moment that means a REQUEST to please close, with no apparent sanctions for not complying.

A cycle around my Tokyo neighborhood at around 6:30pm last night showed around 60% of izakayas and other food establishments open, and all of the open ones at street level had customers (albeit fewer than usual). None of these are essential services, and all require the gathering of unconnected people in enclosed spaces for extended periods of time. So why the bashing of pachinko? There is no point in closing pachinko down if we're not also going to close down similar, far more prevalent forms of gathering.

What is actually happening here is people are picking on an activity that they don't personally like, or think is immoral. Those are reasons for campaigning to close down pachinko full-stop, but don't really hold water regarding the coronoavirus.

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I've said it before here, and I'll say it again - the outdoor weekend activities are a complete red herring. If most people are still going to work (and on Monday JT reported that over 60% still are) then people enjoying themselves outside at the weekend is more or less irrelevant.

I suspect a lot of those out at the weekend have reached the same conclusion - they are required to go to work, so are already being exposed, so there is no point in punishing yourself at the weekend.

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I'm really struggling with the logic of this. Seems to me that by staying home in the evening, all we're doing is bankrupting our favourite bars and restaurants and putting one particular segment of employees out of work. Meanwhile, the virus will spread during the daytime in the morning rush hour, at companies, in schools (when they open, which they are currently scheduled to do), and in the evening rush hour (which I'm guessing will be worse if everyone just goes straight home).

I'm all for a lock-down, but either we're all in this together and almost all need to stay at home, or we agree that the economy is more important and tell everyone - including restaurants - to go about their business. Picking some sectors and asking them to make a sacrifice (for minimal benefit) while others carry on as normal is ridiculous.

I have some sympathy with Koike as she doesn't have the power to do much more than she has done for the public at large, but would have preferred a much stronger "don't go to work" message, and she could have set a powerful example by sending a load of non-essential (i.e. most of them) Tokyo bureaucrats home.

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The "young people" thing is nonsense - since this whole mess started the oldsters have by and large been every bit as active as the young. Moreover, the people with decision-making power - who could actually issue stronger warnings, declare a state of emergency, close down offices (even if only their own) or even appear on TV remotely instead of in a press conference surrounded by flunkies - are all old.

The cherry blossoms is a complete red herring too. If you have to take the train to work every day - as about 70% of people seem to have been doing, at least prior to today - then having a picnic under a tree at the weekend is way, way down on your list of infectious situations. Get people working at home (or just staying at home) ON WEEKDAYS or just let everyone go about their evenings/weekends as usual. This middle ground is completely pointless.

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Posted in: Pompeo says G7 agrees China spreading virus disinformation See in context

This is rather rich given that his boss spreads virus disinformation LITERALLY EVERY TIME HE OPENS HIS BIG MOUTH.

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Posted in: Natto -- does the slime that's sublime really protect from the coronavirus? See in context

I'd rather get the virus. Wish I could stomach the stuff as it's healthy, cheap, easy to prepare but it remains the worst food I have ever tasted in my life.

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Posted in: Australia declares emergency; invokes new powers to fight coronavirus See in context

@Mike H

Interesting points, though I'd question what evidence you have for the assertion that hospitals will prioritize Japanese over foreign residents.

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Posted in: Rooney criticizes England soccer authorities over coronavirus response See in context

To be fair, his suggestion of having the next couple of seasons start in winter isn't a bad one.

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Posted in: Takanawa Gateway station unveiled See in context

That's the Yamanote line, trains are every couple of minutes. How long do you want to sit and rest on the platform?

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@Beanie - don't forget that a lot of cases where people survive will go undiagnosed and unrecorded. My plan if I start getting flu-like symptoms is to stay at home and wait it out unless it gets super bad. The likelihood is that I will never know whether I had it or not.

Also, someone dying from it automatically shifts them from the "active" column to the "resolved" column. It takes longer for a survivor to be moved over.

Overall, based on the information we have, it is highly unlikely that the death rate will be anywhere near 8%.

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Posted in: Junior high school students filmed up skirts of female classmates, sold images See in context

Well done to their classmates who, I suspect, were offered the pics and did the right thing.

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Posted in: Inside the rogue 7-Eleven, a convenience store completely cut off by its company See in context

@JeffLee - Trump waffles a lot about predatory capitalism, but so far all I can see that he has DONE about it is trillion dollar corporate tax cuts. He's basically a harsh critic of anyone who doesn't kiss his a$#, nothing to do with economics, of which he plainly has no real understanding.

You are of course correct that this particular issue isn't Trump's fault, but Matsumoto didn't blame him, he simply made a high-profile comparison. Re-read what he actually said - is he blaming Trump?

"This is the way things are getting nowadays: people in the highest levels are just interested in getting as much for themselves as they can. You see it everywhere, like Donald Trump in America, these people at the top are only looking out for themselves. It’s the same in Japan and elsewhere too, but it can’t continue like this."

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Posted in: Usain Bolt brings his e-scooter to Japan despite regulatory road bumps See in context

I have nothing in particular against these, but the environmental claims are pretty disingenuous. Unless they are replacing that would otherwise be made by car/motorbike, they are having no positive environmental impact at all. In fact, given that Japan seems to be moving back to carbon-based electricity generation, they're arguably going to be a negative. As @crazyjoe pointed out, it seems quite likely that they will mostly be used to replace walking and cycling.

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The data about the monks is from 1926 to 1979.

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There are lots of good reasons to phase out the 1 yen coin, but the shift to 10% tax has no bearing on this whatsoever. Do people think that with 10% tax, their bills are now magically going to end in a zero??

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Many years ago I used the "I don't understand anything" approach. A while later they sent an English speaker. He seemed very pleased with himself as he explained the situation in great detail (in very good English). He was extremely deflated when I told him in French that "I don't understand anything". They didn't come back for a long time.

I quite like the comedy approach of the fire extinguisher approach though.

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@Blacklabel - if you live here, you can get a ticket. It might be for a less popular event, but them's the breaks. The article even tell us some of the sports which fall into that category.

@HBJ - the reason why there are 680,000 tickets left is that many, many sessions were under-subscribed. You can reasonably assume that all of the opening ceremony tickets sold. You can also reasonably assume that there are plenty of tickets left for the women's hockey group stage matches, for example.

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So the EU countries are going to try and overthrow Boris. Interesting strategy. But what do they gain from their attempt to help generate further political instability in the UK? The people voted to leave. The Europhiles are acting like they don’t like the democratic process. Hmmm....

No, the EU countries are not going to try and overthrow Boris, nor are they preventing Britain from leaving the EU. They're simply saying that there is no room for negotiation on issues such as the backstop - as is their right. Britain is free to walk away without a deal if the deal is unacceptable.

I suspect the likeliest outcome is a no-deal Brexit on October 31st, quickly followed by Boris being "overthrown" in a general election.

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@Disillusioned - Strava tells me I have cycled about 2,000km this year, combination of commuting in Tokyo and weekend country rides. So I'm on the road often enough to have an opinion.

All of the things you mentioned are undoubtedly true of some people (I'd suggest the minority) but are also true of drivers in other countries to various degrees.

Mysteriously, despite the apparent lawless Mad Max-style conditions some people think are prevalent on the roads here, all the accident statistics I can find place Japan at roughly the same accident/fatality rate as other developed countries (and considerably lower than some).

So, in comparison to which countries are Japanese driver so dangerous?

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Posted in: 50-year-old cyclist dies after being hit by car in tunnel See in context

@Disillusioned - no, drivers in Japan are not any of those things compared to just about anywhere else in the world. You get the odd idiot, but by and large people are OK.

Did you actually cycle in other countries?

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