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The “every death is one too many” narrative is so disingenuous it’s not even funny. People die everyday of a multitude of causes, Covid being a tiny drop in that bucket. But those promoting this narrative keep advocating that everything should be done to avoid every single one of these deaths, regardless of other consequences.

This narrative holds the belief that Covid is the only cause of death that matters. Kinda like what’s happening in China… who cares how many people die from the draconian policies themselves? As long as we can prevent 1 death from Covid, doesn’t matter how many people suffer or die due to the policies themselves.

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No doubt they’re thanking their lucky stars that they’ve been vaccinated. Otherwise, we might very well be reading about 7 dead bodies.

Oh so Covid had a 100% fatality rate prior to the vaccines? I must have been looking at the wrong data then.

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”Well, 20 souls moved on today. Tomorrow will be more, so no need to show any minor concern for the people around you.”

I have news for you: People die everyday for all sorts of reasons. Shockingly enough, even before Covid came on the scene.

Your response sounds like life everywhere should all stop until deaths drop to 0. Because humans were immortal prior to Covid, right?

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Steven why are you using cumulative numbers as if they are active numbers? Intentionally disingenuous?

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I hope this will finally stop people pointing to Australia as an example to follow with regards to their draconian lockdowns.

“Look at Australia” should no longer pull the same weight it used to, hopefully!

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Love all the comments reeking of jealousy, begging Japan to go into lockdown like the countries they’re probably posting from.

Here’s a novel concept: let it be a choice. You are scared? You don’t indoor and outdoor gatherings? Stay at home? Stop calling it selfish if people wanna live their lives.

What’s really selfish is asking everyone to be imprisoned at home and forcing businesses to close (and all the consequences that come with it), just because you believe the fear mongering.

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