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But depression is all encompassing. It's a very real pain that manifests itself not just through emotional and mental issues but pain throughout your very being. People say that suicide is selfish. People who say that don't have a clue.

You can't use logic with depression. It's not selfish and I am pleased that you don't fully understand that.

I absolute agree with your whole comments but I quested only part of them. It's a very wise reply to people who use words "selfish", "murder" etc. Of course maybe someone could think that it doesn't matter what we all write here. It doesn't change anything... NO! Because who knows? Maybe a person with suicidal tendencies just read it now. Even only one and see these beautiful words which Heda Madness wrote before:

that you are not alone. You are not the only person suffering from depression and that there is help out there...

These words are so much better than another which some persons used.

And the most important, we should more take care of people who surrounded us. Because someday we can be in shock thinking: "Why did she/he do that? She/he seems to be so nice person...". Yeah, I know, I know... everyone of us is busy, have own life and it's hard to find time to another person. But sometimes even short talk can help us understanding what this person thinks. And maybe it can help us to realize that someone needs help. More empathy, and less judge...

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