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Posted in: False giant quake alert sent out; lightning may be cause See in context

well, how a parallel world, there was megaearthquake in Tokyo, but we are part of another reality, where this did not happen? we can count ourselves to be lucky in this case. (I love quantum mechanics! :)

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Posted in: 10 vegetarian foods you can order at almost any Japanese restaurant See in context

Even the wonderful "shojin ryori" in Kyoto is made with fish stock, i.e. Bonito flakes. Being vegan, I make my soup stock with powdered kelp or powdered shiitake mushrooms. Why is this so hard to get ?

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Posted in: Rabid animal rights activists go head-to-head with tradition See in context

I think people should let go of old customs which are no longer suitable for the new generation. Imagine some very cruel festivals from the dark ages in Europe, like "a burning man" for example, which would still be here if human rights activists had no say in the matter. The language used in the article is disconsiderate towards the animal rights activists, which tells me that perhaps the writer might actually enjoy the abuse of the poor creatures s/he writes about. So sad!

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Posted in: Skinship with a pet may make you ill See in context

Right... and lack of skinship with pets (or other humans who may also carry We Don't Know What, may cause coldness of heart.

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Posted in: Taiji fishermen vow to continue dolphin slaughter See in context

That's simply evil and disgusting.

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Posted in: Battle of the burgers: McDonald's Japan See in context

Could you please introduce vegan burgers?

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Posted in: Princess Noriko to marry son of Shinto shrine's chief priest See in context

I wish them Happiness. May the Sun and the Moon bless their union.

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Posted in: RIKEN splashed cash on luxury furniture to use up budget: magazine See in context

I have a feeling this ... preocupation with Riken actually is a way of distracting people's attention from some very important points:

Who is interested in putting a break on this particular research? Who is interested in putting a break/end on the successful research that Japan has already accomplished? What other trivial matters can be brought to the public eye, so that the public opinion can be manipulated to self-sabotage an entire country? Good scientists are a national treasure, and a national institute should have decent furniture. Tired of success? Then keep on bullying the ones who brought - or are trying to bring success to Japan.

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Posted in: Virginia vote on Sea of Japan hands victory to South Koreans See in context

How obtuse! That cannot be the East Sea for Japan, since it's still in the West of Japan.

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