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Posted in: U.S. drops atomic bombs on Japan in 1945: How AP reported it See in context

Japan has paid heavily in the terrible nuclear catastrophes suffered by its people at Hiroshima & Nagasaki. It was a very heavy price paid for the atrocities committed by the Japanese Imperial Military Forces during WW II. Apologies had been made by a previous Japanese Minister, so it would be ridiculous for current PM Abe to keep on repeating a similar apology. Japan is now facing a Nuclear China and a Hostile North Korea that has Nuclear bombs with delivery systems supplied by the Chinese. So Japan must be prepared, and NOT suffer another nuclear holocaust. NEVER kow-tow or show that Japan fears Nuclear China. Japanese Peaceniks, understand the potential threats to your country when you protest against your PM, when his administration voted to change the Constitution relating to Defence & Security of the nation & its people..

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Posted in: Pacific trade ministers announce progress in Hawaii talks See in context

TPP is not going to be implemented any time soon if there are no realistic trade-offs by the US, Japan, Australia et al. It is going to be strenuous efforts by the parties concerned to eventually reach an agreement. During the continuing difficult negotiations on some trade issues, the countries effected should be realistic based on mutual benefits. Obama's "Pivot to Asia" that placed strong emphasis on TPP could succeed BUT when? OR will it fizzled out? "Time waits for no man".

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Posted in: China, Russia to hold military drills in Sea of Japan See in context

Birds of a feather flock together. Perhaps China & Russia should have invited their ally North Korea. It's OK. Now South Korea has to be decisive and STOP being a fence sitter. The Americans have stationed troop for decades to protect the country. The UN fought the North Koreans supported by Chinese troops & indirectly USSR (now renamed Russia). Now is the time to have a formal defence pact: Japan, South Korea and the US for N E Asia. Similarly, a SEATO-like military pact in South East Asia and perhaps the Indian Ocean: US, Japan, Philippines, Australia, India and other interested parties who want to protect themselves against an aggressive China. Only with this balance of power will there be PEACE.

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Posted in: Japan shouldn't cave to foreign pressure on PM war anniversary remarks, says aide See in context

The Emperor and PM Abe must not appear to be giving dissimilar statements about Japan's WW II involvement in the War, and the sufferings it caused to the people of Southeast and East Asia. An apology (the FINAL one) would be welcomed. It could also include the sufferings of the Japanese people (especially the innocent civilians) caused by the Atomic Bombs dropped at Hiroshima & Nagasaki. Japan is the only country to date that suffered the nuclear holocaust, and this could also be highlighted in the statements. There are a Asian few countries, including an unpredictable nuclear North Korea that could be serious threats to Japan and other countries, and they must be checked by the UN and regional countries.

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Posted in: China shows off victory over Japan logo See in context

China can show off, BUT others can also remind them about their "Cultural Revolution", Tiananmen Square massacre by PLA troops. As Japan must be take account of WW II, China MUST take into account of these 2 relatively recent events & accept criticisms for the dastardly Communist acts. Also, let HK have a democratic legislature as agreed in the One Country Two Systems.

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Posted in: China says it has every right to drill in East China Sea See in context

Examine Joint Explorations as agreed upon a few years ago. Take the Owlish Approach, NOT the Hawkish stance, or be a Dove, susceptible to being bullied. Negotiate Wisely & Fairly aimed at a Win-Win Outcome - Not easy but the best solution to ensure Peace in the Sea of Japan/East China Sea.

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Posted in: China says Japan's East China Sea pictures provoke confrontation See in context

China provokes not only Japan but also the other claimants in the South China Sea. China speaks with 3 tongues: - 1) diplomatic manoeuvrings 2) Threats 3) peace promoter. It chooses a tongue that suits its devious purpose.

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Posted in: Japan posts photos of Chinese platforms in East China Sea See in context

Well Done Japan. Speak your mind & carry out defensive measures. What has Peaceniks got to say now - keep on kowtowing (bowing) to China? Wake up those who have not supported PM Abe's tough stand against China. Remember who has the Nukes NOW - they are China & their close ally North Korea. The US can counter balance these countries' nuclear threats - so help yourself (the Japanese people) by helping the US and also others (in the South China Sea disputes). Action speaks louder than words. IF China wants a peaceful rise than BE PEACEFUL and do not pose your threats and garb territorial waters.

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Posted in: Japan demands China halt oil exploration in part of East China Sea See in context

Yes, only right to tell any aggressive party to stay away from Japanese territorial waters. Japan can do this now because it has become realistic & have a strong Armed Forces; also with US security partnership in the Western Pacific region including East China Sea. So what PM Abe did to push thru' amendments to the Constitution re: defence & security is correct. Unless those Japanese peaceniks believe in "kowtowing" to China.

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Posted in: Japan's defense paper slams China's maritime claims See in context

Well Done Japan. Anyway the actions of China is pre-determined i.e. to control the waters of the South China Sea & to get its hands on the rich raw materials & oil in the disputed waters.

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With China and aggressive Russia conducting naval exercises in the Sea of Japan soon, the Japanese peaceniks better think very carefully about PM Abe's pragmatic defense intentions. If Japan is not going to help the US in joint operations, than why should the Americans & others help Japan if China and Russia make aggressive moves against Japan? Goodness gracious me, where is the Samurai's noble spirit of helping others, & also defending the Japanese people. Stop all the politicking and be serious about acknowledging the serious threats facing your country.

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Posted in: China says Japan complicating regional security with new bills See in context

China MUST STOP complicating issues regarding the South China Sea & the Shengkaku Japanese Islands BEFORE criticising Japan's new security amendments to its Constitution. Also, why is China so adamant to have a 1 Communist Party Rule ?, Why is China going back on its promise on 1 Party 2 System for Hong Kong? Why is China still supporting the Terror State of North Korea? There are many more Chinese faults that can be brought up including Chinese Ant-Japanese propaganda over CCTV since 2005. Now that China realises that Japan has a strong Armed Forces that will no longer "kow-tow" to Imperial Communist Power, the Chinese is trying to show they are becoming friendly and accommodating Japan. Look what is happening in Europe - Putin's Russia is continuously usurping Ukraine and forcefully annexed Crimea, & eyeing other Eastern European countries that were under the "boots" of the former USSR. China is following Putin's example. Now the Chinese has Economic power they want to flex their muscles and bully smaller South East Asian Countries who are also claimants to their own territorial waters. China has adamantly refused to be involved in the International Court of Justice with the Philippines re" Spratly Islands Disputes. The Chinese disregard UNCLOS and used 2,000 years of history to claim 90% of the South Chinese Sea. Damn Ridiculous - as the British, Spanish, French & Dutch could also stake their historical Colonial claims of the South China Sea. Please WAKE UP Japanese Peaceniks as I am sure u don't want Japan to be dominated by Imperial China - a few of Chinese Generals had also in the past threatened Japan with Nuclear weapons. PM Abe is has made the correct moves for the defence of Japan & the Japanese People & assist US, Australia, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia etc. to keep the South China Sea, as well as the East Sea free from the aggressive Chinese Navy.

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Posted in: Japan's military chief says South China Sea surveillance possible See in context

The Japanese Admiral made correct analyses of the security implications in the South China Sea & Western Pacific. China is definitely the threat to the security of the region. That's why PM Abe had the foresight to push through changes in the Constitution, to allow Japanese Forces to assist US and other forces in the region where threats exist. Abe knows the Chinese threats to Japan full well, & also knows China & its staunch ally North Korea are aggressive nations. The combined Forces of the US, Japan, Australia, Philippines will ensure the bullying tactics of the Chinese will not in work, as they will have to face a United Military front. War will therfore be avoided.

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Posted in: Lower house OKs security bills despite opposition boycott See in context

PM Abe should be given credit for pushing thru' the security defence bills for the sake of (1) Japanese interest in the Sengkaku Islands because the China is antagonistic and aims to take over the islands which it claims to be theirs. (2) Helping those who need help like in the South China Sea disputes. (3) The US encourages Japan's involvement in keeping the region peaceful together with the US Forces and other friendly allies like Australia & the Philippines. The Japanese Pacifists better wake up to realities unless they prefer to "kow-tow" to China and its strong ally North Korea.

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Posted in: China stresses nationalism in war anniversary propaganda push See in context

Time for China to look at its own skeletons in its cupboard: Cultural Revolution & Tianmen Square i.e. incidents against its own citizens. The Chinese has been using geo-political strategies to bulldoze its ways in recent times: e.g. change it made to the agreement of 1 Party 2 Systems for HK; bullying smaller claimants of territorial waters in the South China Sea. China's claimed 90% of the South China Sea based on "Chinese historical 9 dotted lines", and had refused to go to arbitration with UN legal body (UNCLOS) when Philippines presented its case to the UN. What does this mean? Most of Asia including Japan are not stupid - they know China's motives: (1) perpetuate the legitimacy of the dictatorial Chinese Communist Party & continuously encouraging animosity against Japan for WW II atrocities & now others (inc. US). (2) Wanting to be recognized as the "magnanimous" Great Power and the same time (3) make the rest of Asian Countries its "Tributary" States to kow-tow to Chinese Economic Power & Military Might. Asian nations except some subservient States are NO FOOLS. That is why it was wise for Japan to join US, Philippines & Australia in Military Exercises recently, to safeguard security in the effected maritime areas. The truth is always bitter for China. Hopefully this will change: "Better for the Chinese to take the OWLISH approach & live in peace & be respected, than using the HAWKISH bulldozing approaches that trample on the small countries.

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Posted in: Flags stir intense emotions, but meaning depends on beholder See in context

The flags of all countries must be respected, and it shows the mentality of those who disregard this consciously or unconsciously. Good numbers of the younger generation in democratic countries tend to think very lightly about the symbolism of the national flags & other National Symbols. It's is revolting to see printed shorts with the national flags being worn by some young Americans, British, Europeans & Asians. We must beware of the growing "copy cats" by some young Asians in clothing etc., that show disrespect of national pride & symbols. This degrades not only the countries concerned but also their people. NEVER BE AN APE & APE OTHERS who have no sense of national pride & loyalty.

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Posted in: Japan may consider South China Sea patrols See in context

Welcome Japan to conduct naval patrols not only in the East China Sea but also the South China Sea to ensure no harassment by the Chinese Navy & Coast Guard. South East Asian waters Joint naval patrols with the US, Philippines, Vietnam and other interested nations would be highly favorable. This is NOT to contain China but to show UNITY against bullying & aggression.

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Posted in: Japan's navy drill in South China Sea may lead to larger role See in context

BZ (Well Done) Japan in cooperating with the Philippines and others to keep the Freedom of Navigation and Air Space free from bullying by an aggressive China who disregards UNCLOS and the UN legal arbitration over territorial waters claims. The Japanese know this well enough in the Sengkaku Islands dispute with China. It is time to take necessary actions in order to show unity and determination of a united and cohesive defence front by friendly nations of SE & NE Asian Region. Japan, Philippines, US, Australia and others can now closely examine such a Defence arrangement. Once a bullying nation shows it can take advantage like Nazi Germany, and in recent time Russia over its forceful annexation of Crimea, nothing will stop its further aggression. It must be stopped to ensure Peace - real Peace not mere lip service as the Chinese has craftily been alternating its Diplomatic Manoeuvrings and Military Might to suit its purpose as a new super power.

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Posted in: Universities asked to raise flag, sing national anthem at ceremonies See in context

Why Not? Are the Japanese young people ashamed of their flag and their National Anthem? Most nations give due respect to their flags and National Anthems. Even Russia and Germany use their old anthems. If University students are disrespectful and wary of singing the Japanese National Anthem and salute their flag, then these future leaders will face serious problems including being subjected to future "kow-towing" to the whims and fancies of the BIG BULLIES!

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Posted in: New security bills threaten constitution: experts See in context

Is the Japanese Pacifist Constitution written in the late 1945 relevant today in the midst of hostile and aggressive nations? North Korea and China are the potential aggressors of Japan. Get real Japanese pacifists; Japan is facing very serious military threats and unless PM Abe is successful in amending/updating the defence and security aspects of the Constitution, you people will have to "kow-tow" to Red imperialist super power. Japan must show it is prepared to face any aggressor together with its allies with the US as an important partner.

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Posted in: China says it lodged repeated complaints with Japan over South China Sea See in context

China has no business to complain about Japan when it acting like a big bully in South East Asian Waters. One way to deal with this strong "imperial Chinese" military/naval power is to band together to face China's brash intimidating acts in these waters. The US, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Australia and other concerned nations in the region should seriously consider a Defence Treaty to safeguard Peace in the region. Those who believe that China is a peaceful nation must have their heads examined. Just observe their assertive strategies in their 90% territorial claimed South China Sea, & not wanting UNCLOS to do the arbitration involving aggrieved claimants i.e. Philippines and Vietnam in particular. China says it is law abiding & yet it blatantly avoids any peaceful resolution in International Court. China must change if it wants respect. It must not expect the other Asian nations to "kow-tow" to its whims and fancies.

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