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Cancel the Olympic Games!!1 It was just something to "hide" or distract from the poor management done about the radioactive disaster that stills goes on in Fukushima and all the Tohoku Area.

Please, you don't need this distraction anymore, the Covid is here.

Better use that money to support all the people directly affected by the Covid.

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Posted in: Okinawa urges U.S. to do more to stop virus outbreak at bases See in context


Even YOU must totally admit that the US Military is doing a far, far, better job of testing and identifying people who are infected, and tracing their contacts with others to test and quarantine them as well.

No, they are not, otherwise they would had contacted the taxi driver who got infected when transporting people from Hansen to other places. OR you mean they are only tracing US personnel? and locals are not of their concern?

Also you MUST lastly admit with no reservations too, that with the military, EVERYONE who comes in and out of the country is placed in quarantine before being allowed any further movement within the country, or to leave.

This is what you say... but what it seen is different.

With the people who came in kept in quarantine in Hotel outside base, in Chatan. Are you sure they did not came down to the beach on July 4 to celebrate? with all fireworks there and the BBQs? Was there any military police checking it? No.

By your statement here, everyone who travels out of Tokyo should automatically be placed into a 14 day quarantine before being allowed any further movement.

Yes, this is what many people have been doing. Is it easy? NO, but it is better than an massive infection at your workplace or community? YES

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Posted in: Okinawa urges U.S. to do more to stop virus outbreak at bases See in context

This exposes the problem of just how weak the Japanese Govt. is when it comes to dealing with the U.S. Military. Japan allows massive U.S. Bases on their soil but have absolutely zero control over them. Hopefully this will lead to a proper revision of the SOFA Agreement and allow Japan more control over these bases but I have my doubts. In the 1990s, both Germany and Italy demanded and got major revisions to their SOFA Agreements and you should look at the link below and compare the controls that Italy and Germany have versus Japan.

you are right!!!

And specially Okinawa is very weak since Tokyo is not supporting them at all.

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Posted in: Man arrested over ex-wife’s murder in Tokyo See in context

What are you doing with your ex? If you got rid of him/her must be for a reason.

It looks like they have been on a sick relationship for long time. It seems that it was a matter of time that one of them end up dead.

Poor guy

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Posted in: Experts meet on how to prevent Go To campaign from spreading coronavirus See in context

They should not be promoting tourism, even domestic tourism, until Tokyo gets control of the pandemic. And it seems impossible to happen.

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Why is so difficult for all people to understand that this SARS-Covid 19 is a flu?

You DO NOT get immunity after been infected once. You can get flu many times in your life.

That is exactly the same for this virus

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Posted in: Kono: U.S. military coronavirus policy has multiple problems See in context

The rest of what you wrote is pure speculation, and any further safety measures from the government will not be because of the military, it will be because of Japanese from mainland screwing things up by importing it here from there.

have you been in Chatan? have you noticed how many establishments are not there any more? For example a drug store, Matsumoto, they sold everything, they were on bargain for a month, the last day they even give you a lot of food products as a present when you bough more that 2000 yen. Why,some of the products were about to expire and they needed to get rid of everything , they closed the local, the same with the clothes store next it. And another gift shop, just opened to sell everything and get ready to vacate the place.

A restaurant of soba, that i really like, they sell to go, and did not fire out he personnel but they decreased they working hours and payment.

This is not speculation.

Do you know how many people couldnt work due to the restrictions to enter to the Bases?

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Posted in: Kono: U.S. military coronavirus policy has multiple problems See in context

Yubaru, I do live in Okinawa city.

At beginning , okinawa was reluctant to take actions but after the girl that came back from Spain and cases increased, Okinawa Gvnt. started to improve their actions. I dont where have you been, but Rycom was closed since April until June, except for Max Value. Shopping places like "ishibas" and some other markets reduced their working time, a lot of restaurants changed their service for "to go or take out". In every establishment that I go they encourage you to wear a mask and all the employees are using it (this is mandatory). They also provide alcohol/chlorine solution for hands and for cleaning the baskets. On the floor they have stickers showing social distance. The gyms also were closed, both those from the government and privates. The cinema in Rycom opened recently, the one in Chatan was still closed two weeks ago when I was there. The parks were closed, they even cut off all the flowers ,White Lilys, from the Athetlic Park Okinawa to avoid gatherings to have the "okinawan hanami". They also cancelled a lot of events.

The locals at the airport were almost closed when I flew on March.

After they opened, they counted the number of people who enter to some establishments: Uniqlo, Kaldi, Nittori, Gu, etc. The caffes like Tullys, the food court of Rycom, some others in Takahara, etc. they have their tables separated and with fewer chairs. The used to take the temperature. And they also have "stations " to take the temperature and use alcohol.

The measurements got relaxed after 50 days of no new infections, and just this month of July, they stopped counting people and taking the temperature, because Okinawa was kind of free on new cases. And yes, the attitude towards the covid turn into a more relaxed , because we have been free of new cases for more than 60 (sixty) days.

You may be did not have the opportunity to go around, or read Japanese news papers, or go to the hospital, because it is hard to believe that you did not noticed any of this.

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Posted in: Tokyo lifts coronavirus alert to highest level; 165 new cases reported Wednesday See in context

Tokyo will not change the way is handling the pandemic, since the beginning the strength of the infection has been neglected.

Currently people are desperate to get their lives back: economy, social, just feel free again. So, they're unlikely to follow the "recommendations" which at the end are suggestions.

Had they completely locked down the city and set correct measures , people will be more responsible and take care of themselves by themselves. Instead they encourage traveling and gathering together.

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Posted in: U.S. base on Okinawa confirms 36 more coronavirus cases See in context

no Yubaru, the numbers are increasing because inside bases the management has been deficient. It is not a coincidence that 2 weeks after celebrations an outbreak happened.

Okinawa was free of new case for more than two months, everybody followed quarantine measurements, used masks correctly, keep social distance, etc. and everyday people were tested and the numbers were reported too.

I cannot talk about all Japan but at least Okinawa did well, and Sendai, where I recently traveled.

military is doing tests , yes but it is nothing remarkable or extraordinary is a must with the number of cases they have. But that is not enough, the problem was in 2 bases now it has spread to all.

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Posted in: Japan defense review slams China's virus 'disinformation' See in context

Not freedom of speech

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Posted in: Kono: U.S. military coronavirus policy has multiple problems See in context

It is not about testing, Okinawa was doing everything well since the beginning the of the pandemic of Japan, Okinawa really locked down, not partially. And every body were using their own PPE, mostly masks and keeping social distance.

Fortunately, Okinawa only have just a few deaths due to Covid, but on the contrary Okinawa's economy was significantly impacted because of the lock down. A lot of businesses, specially local business have to close, some others "survived", but if there is another lock down, they will disappear. It is not fair that because USM ilitary did not follow the rules Okinawa's economy and health system get strike again. Okinawa cannot afford another lock down, and as Deny said, health care system may be will not be enough if the pandemic spreads as sharply as it has been among Bases.

I think USMilitary, should be treated as any American citizen, who are currently not allowed to enter to Japan or make them mandatory to keep the quarantine (in a facility inside base).

Currently the hotel they're using for the quarantine is off-base, in Chatan. and Chatan /Okinawa govnt. is testing lots and lots of people there.

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Posted in: Olympics must go ahead next year as symbol of overcoming COVID-19, Koike says See in context

Japan should not have this Olympic Games since the beginning, they were planned just to cover their failure with Fukushima. The fire enter by Matsushima, which hasnt be that bad because of the tsunami but it was for the preparation for the OG. (they killed many trees).

Then, they were very stubborn to try to keep the Games, they even hide the numbers of Covid infected people until the Olympic Committee said ok we will move them to next year, the next day an actor was dead of Covid (that info was kept in secret ) the graphics showed the high numbers of ill people.

And why do they want that international event, if Japan doesnt care about foreigners, they treated very bad the people on the cruise.

Finally, this OG are very expensive, for those who pay taxes, we want to see our money in other useful things rather that OG.

I hope they get completely cancelled

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Posted in: Okinawa marks 75th anniversary of fierce WWII battle See in context

Living in Okinawa.

Okinawans love Matthew Perry.

What would Okinawa be if US wouldn't won? Mainland was ready to kill them all, actually Americans helped to reconstruct Okinawa, more than real Japan.

Currently, Okinawa's economy depends on Americans (construction and tourist).

Japan government sees as a victory in the relocation of Futenma to Henoko but the environmental impact has been ignored. The destruction of that area is terrible, but many okinawans support the decision because they think it is far and they'll get jobs and development. The most important water resources are in the north, Nago, as well of some other natural resources.

Okinawa government should enacted its own regulations and get agreements with American Military Forces, otherwise they will always lose. Mainland, "Naichi" is not interested on Okinawa's well-being.

And kick them out, is not an option, okinawa's current culture is a syncretism among Americans and Okinawans with a little bit of Japanese. A lot of people have American military relatives, are you going to kick them out too?

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