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Posted in: S Korea beats Japan 2-0 to win soccer bronze See in context

The men mailed that one in. I assume they'll be carrying the bags for the women's team on the flight home.

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Posted in: Canadians accuse referee of bias after soccer defeat by U.S. See in context

Note that the "Rune Pedersen" who is defending the ref with such enthusiasm also happens to be her father.

Brings to mind the advice of a Japanese friend who said, "Never choose a doctor here whose father was also a doctor" implying that chances were he'd bought his son's way into medical school.

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Posted in: Canadians accuse referee of bias after soccer defeat by U.S. See in context

@bass4funk How many times have you seen a goalkeeper called for this, at any time in the game and at any level of play (let along in a tight game in the Olympics)?

I'm thinking never, right?

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Posted in: Mexico beats Japan 3-1 to set up men's soccer final clash with Brazil See in context

Actually, more interesting than the Brazil-Mexico final is the Japan-Korea bronze medal game. I'm thinking there might be a bit of passion there.

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Posted in: London wonders what happened to all the tourists See in context

It was a problem during the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics as well. It's also one reason why some of Europe's better known ski resorts such as St. Moritz aren't interested in hosting the Olympics again. Why mess up a well-tuned money-making machine?

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Posted in: 8 women badminton players disqualified for 'throwing' matches See in context

@Sky Cao

You seem to have missed the fact that this is the Olympics, not professional sports (whose primary goal is to win at all costs and make piles of money for all concerned in the process).

If you look at the Olympic Charter, it says nothing about winning, but a lot about the Olympic spirit, friendship, solidarity, and fair play. While these terms aren't clearly defined, I'm pretty sure they don't include throwing matches.

Usually, I'm cynical about the Olympic movement, which at times seems to be an unfortunate alliance of out-of-control commercialism and nationalism, so I was pleased to see that the BWF was willing to take such decisive action.

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Posted in: Summer in Japan: A survival guide See in context

Japanese summer is hot and humid, just like summer in every country in SE Asia. What's different is the beaches in Japan suck.

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Posted in: Japanese appeal bantamweight defeat See in context

Japan appears to have a lock on the gold for whining at these Olympics.

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Posted in: Farcical scenes in Japan-Korea judo quarterfinal See in context

Watched the re-broadcast on Canadian TV, which should make it fairly neutral (unlike some of the posters here). The colour commentator, a former Olympian in judo, was surprised at the original decision that awarded the match to Cho. He seemed to think the reversal was justified.

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Posted in: Which decade do you think was the most creative musically? See in context

The perceived quality/creativity of popular music is directly related to the memories associated with it, which is why the music we encounter in our youth tends to be "better" than the "crap" they're recording these days.

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Posted in: 'Non-existent children' fall through cracks because they've never been registered See in context

For those interested in a more comprehensive discussion of statelessness in the Japanese context, the UNHCR has produced a lengthy, but readable document. Skip to p. 23 to get to the part directly related to Japan.

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Posted in: 'Non-existent children' fall through cracks because they've never been registered See in context

A further issue that this article doesn't touch on is the case of children whose mother is in the "fuzoku" industry (and who is likely from another Asian country). Even if the mother wants to register the child, say to facilitate adoption, because the Japanese father, in most cases, doesn't want to be linked to the child or mother, the Japanese government says there's no proof that the child's Japanese and refuses to register him/her.

The mother's home country may also refuse to register the child, with the result that the child is in effect stateless and can't do anything. That's a real tragedy.

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Posted in: Tokyo Sky Tree elevators halted due to strong winds on opening day See in context

I wouldn't call not being able to descend for 30 minutes because the elevators were stopped "stranded." Unless I was trying to sensationalize a minor disruption.

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Posted in: Obama assets valued between $2.6 mil and $8.3 mil See in context

Who's his financial advisor? It doesn't seem to make much sense to have between $500k and $1 million in a chequing account presumably earning almost no interest, while he's paying 5.625 % on a mortgage of about the same value as what he's got in the bank.

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Posted in: What are some of the things you like most about living in Japan? See in context

Hiking - There are trails everywhere and great maps that help you find them. Plus people you meet at the top of a 3,000 metre mountain don't do a double take when a foreigner shows up. 2. Clear November days. Not too hot, not too cold and lower humidity. 3. Clean, timely and predictable public transportation system. 4. Interesting little family-run restaurants with good reasonably-priced food. 5. The smell of tatami. 6. Sleeping in a futon on tatami. 7. Onsens in the winter - especially after a long hike or bicycle ride. 8. Tonkatsu - I've never had any good tonkatsu outside of Japan. 9. The smell of orange blossoms and freshly picked tea leaves. 10. Not having to live in Tokyo, Osaka, or any other big city.

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Posted in: Brains of drug addicts inherently abnormal: study See in context

If the "inherently abnormal" part is a predisposition to drug addiction and if we don't know who has this predisposition, then it makes sense to stay away from potentially harmful addictive substances. Of course, if part of the abnormality is poor impulse control, then there doesn't seem to be a lot of hope.

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Posted in: Afternoon delight See in context

I don't think napping in the park is what the writers of the song had in mind when they wrote "Afternoon Delight" which popularized the expression.

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Posted in: Is Internet sex cheating? See in context

A scenario they didn't mention, but which blurs the lines even more is the case of virtual worlds such as Second Life. If your avatar does something you wouldn't do with another avatar, is that the same as cheating?

Another way of looking at it might be the same as the discussion that goes on about how much of a book's characters actually reflect the opinion of the author.

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Posted in: What makes conspiracy theorists tick and what is the best way to combat their beliefs? See in context

It's pretty hard to argue with someone who believes that a lack of evidence supporting their theory is actually evidence of how good a conspiracy it is.

No evidence = a perfect conspiracy.

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Posted in: Apple upgrades iMacs with quad-core processors See in context

The iMacs were last updated in July 2010. The new Intel Sandy Bridge quad core processors in this update were released in January of this year.

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Posted in: Popular curry restaurant runs out of stock due to quake shortages See in context

My favourite Japanese curry powder was the "Red Indian" brand that came in a jar, complete with a picture of an Indian of the North American variety in a full feather headdress.

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Posted in: What would you say are the main differences between the way the Japanese and foreign media are covering the aftermath of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami and the ongoing nuclear crisis? See in context

Here's a typical bit on the earthquake from Canadian TV: Announcer: We've just been watching footage of the worst earthquake to ever hit Japan. We have on the phone, Phil, an English teacher who's lived in Tokyo for a year. So, Phil, tell us, Japan gets a lot of earthquakes, but have you ever experienced one like this before?

After about five moronic interviews like that, I turned the sound off.

The best part was watching an eager interviewer trying to get a cautious academic to say something headline-worthy about the nuclear situation. All he would say is, "I don't have enough information to comment on that."

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Posted in: Scanners and pat-downs upset airline passengers in U.S. See in context

I flew through London in 1980, when the IRA was alive and well, and was patted down as part of airport security procedures. It was neither invasive nor traumatic. Some of the hysterical writers above need to get a grip -- or find something truly outrageous to get excited about.

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Posted in: Grounding the JETs See in context

Perhaps before commenting on whether the JET program has been a success or not, writers would do well to have a look at the goals of the program:

"The Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme aims to promote grass roots internationalisation at the local level by inviting young overseas graduates to assist in international exchange and foreign language education in local governments, boards of education and elementary, junior and senior high schools throughout Japan. It seeks to foster ties between Japanese citizens (mainly youth) and JET participants at the person-to-person level."

I don't see anything about improving TOEIC or TOEFEL scores, or improving language education at school, so it seems unfair to criticize the program for failing to succeed in an area in which it never set out improve.

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Posted in: What do you think of the banking system in Japan? What are the pros and cons? See in context

Back in the late '80s I wanted to cash yen traveller's cheques (issued by a Japanese bank), but the local bank couldn't do it. I had to go to a "bigger" bank in the next town. All the while I'm thinking that a grocery store at home is capable of more sophisticated financial transactions than this bank.

I know that 's a while ago, but I wouldn't bet they've changed.

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Posted in: In Japan, the customer is not king See in context

This dates me, but I remember trying to get the Japanese Post Office to allow me to put an extra sheet of air mail paper in an airform (remember those?). It didn't weight significantly more, but it was the fact that there was something extra in there that resulted in an impasse.

My long-suffering Japanese colleague who interpreted all of this must have thought I was nuts (although perhaps it was entertaining watching a foreigner try to do something no Japanese would ever attempt). The discussion ended when they photocopied the page out of their manual saying that nothing extra could be in an airform.

The up side to this is that the Japanese post office generally provided much better service than Canada Post ever has (I realize that's not much of a standard to beat . . . )

The best part of service in Japan is developing a long-term relationship with a small shop owner (in my case a bicycle shop) and getting second-to-none service.

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Posted in: What are some of your favorite examples of the way English is misused in products, advertising and pop culture in Japan? See in context

The restaurant with "Fine dinning" on its sign. Makes me think family restaurant.

The driving school named "Flushyou."

And my all-time favourite on a glass given away with Blendy Coffee -- "I wonder why coffee tastes so good when you're naked with your family?"

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Posted in: Stallone back to big action in 'The Expendables' See in context

At 64, Stallone is still a tough guy

He's an actor. He only acts tough. The only one who qualifies as tough is Couture.

Just because they didn't use CGI doesn't mean the fights were real. Actors seem to live in this universe where they figure just because they play a part in a movie, it somehow counts in real life. How would you feel if you were injured in an accident and the first person on scene said, "Don't worry. I played an emergency-room doctor on ER, so I know exactly what to do."

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Posted in: Blatter apologizes for referee errors; says FIFA will reopen debate on video tech See in context

Review of goals is a must, review of off-sides that result in goals is a close second, and retroactive red cards for players who embellish fouls would help to clean up the images of a game that has far too many divers.

PS Blatter is a corrupt old fool who should be sent off permanently for doing such a poor simulation of an executive.

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Posted in: Portugal pulverizes North Korea 7-0 as N Korea broadcasts game live See in context

Perhaps the NK players can defect to SK, or better yet to Canada -- our team didn't even make it that far.

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