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Posted in: How can Japan best help in Afghanistan? See in context

Need more kawaii ambassadors! Send them into Afghanistan, that should do something!

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Posted in: Mormon church to build 5 new temples worldwide, including one in Sapporo See in context

It's sad, I agree so much with many of the posters here. Though, I really dislike most religions. I enjoy being agnostic and am always polite to those that attempt to come up to me and talk to me about religion. Many Mormon temples cost an extravagant amount of money, I have no idea where it comes from either. They must really milk their followers to do it.

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Posted in: Cycling along See in context

Looks like the skirt is loose enough to allow her to still bike. Don't make your love life wait at the red light, just make a turn down the street you're near and enjoy the scenery!

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Posted in: 2-year-old boy survives fall from third floor balcony in Hyogo See in context

I think NyahK hit it right, the parents are very caring just most of the poor women are naive (just because in their society men still work and women still child rear). They need some sort of parenting class high school kids have to take before graduating school. Things have changed and kids move out of the house now. Japan used to be more of a single home for the family, now without obaasan there to help teach the new okaasan, the learning falls through.

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Posted in: Hello Work See in context

Where my lady has been the last 5 months... at Hello work, where there is little to no work. Heh.

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Posted in: Dropkick See in context

Choreography, but brutal choreography. So many wrestlers get hurt trying to preform insane stunts. I remember Shawn Michaels almost becoming paralyzed due to be whipped into the turnbuckles too hard in his match. They often do those stretcher routines, but once in a while they are real.

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Posted in: Let’s get back to worksheets See in context

Take the calculators out of the classroom until junior (3rd) year in college. Calc can trig can both be learned and taught without calculators. My class was the last class in high school to be taught calculus without calculators. I thought they were a blessing but as I got my first job at K-Mart years ago and none of the other cashiers could figure out a basic % off, I was just stunned.

I agree with some of the article, but agree with rgetty as well. I was nearly a year behind in my math skills in elementary, but my mom had me drill every single day when I came home. Geez I hated that, but when I look at something and can compute it in my head faster than someone can pick up a calculator I sit back and have to thank my mother for making me do exactly that.

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Posted in: Duck! See in context

What a cute duck. =D

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Posted in: Tattoos See in context

Annoys me when people use the age thing to say the tattoos will look horrible later. Well, if I'm going to be old and wrinkly, heck, I know I'll look old and wrinkly. My tattoos won't change that, they'll only look old and wrinkly with my old and wrinkly skin, which no one is going to admire anyway.

It's like saying "Don't paint the house because the wood is going to get old after 100 years causing it to crack and warp." No duh, it will get old and some of it may even have to be replaced after 100 years or sooner.

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Posted in: Tattoos See in context

Having to wipe the drool off my face! Wow, don't see many female Japanese women with one tattoo let alone the whole body covered!

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Posted in: Singalong See in context

Lots of girls in the picture! Very few boys. This is great, yay happy times. :)

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Posted in: The age of the disposable male See in context

A severe lack of honor and pride in the one you are with. Honor needs to make its way back to Japan... It's become common place to use one another and toss each other away. Living the good life like hostess girls servicing men, practically for free.

Yeah, it's great if you're a guy who doesn't care and wants to enjoy as many women as you can before you marry, you can get married to a girl 15 years younger than you and still have kids. It doesn't go well vice versa though, and is why women must be careful. I'm not saying its right, I'm just saying that's a fact and has been a fact for millions of years. Japanese women are now finding themselves at this dead end.

Women keep men in check by keeping themselves in check. Removing that ideal creates a bunch of chaos.

Strange thing is, people seem to be on one end of the spectrum or another. Either get into relationships and have sex the first date and keep bouncing around from person to person or they don't have a relationship at all and are alone. I don't know which is worse!

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Posted in: Beware Japan’s new political beast See in context

DS, a population that is shrinking and a government ready to spend money to make some changes. No one has any ideas when it will be paid back, the party inherited a huge mess and if they don't make the right changes they'll screw things up even more. Guess the world is just in for some big change and power shifts.

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Posted in: Ringaround See in context

Good luck to them.

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Posted in: Why do you think so much media coverage is being given to Noriko Sakai's case? See in context

My girlfriend and I talked about this one day and this is all we could come up with after watching the news and they spent an hour on her and 10 minutes on the government's first day in office.

Japan actually has one of the highest rate of newspaper readers in the world. I would guess that most of the more intellectual people read the newspapers and those that are more into gossip and celebs watch the TV. One TV in the house and the rule is, as soon as I come home from work - it goes off. Only time it really is watched is for movies on the weekend.

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Posted in: Junichi Ishida talks about girlfriend's great legs See in context

He's 55 and has a hot girlfriend, I would be bragging about her too. My girlfriend is only 5 years younger than me and I brag about her all the time. She's really short, but has great hips and knows how to sway them, I also like to walk 3 steps behind her. ;)

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Posted in: Proxy wedding means Marine's Japanese widow, baby unwelcome in U.S. See in context

This poor young woman. This family's son is gone, she's living with the family and has his baby. The family wants to keep her and the baby there to live, well do it. Send her to a local college as a foreign student to get a degree in something basic and easy to land a job in, pay to have the visa upgraded to a working visa based on degree, and then work 5 years. She'll be able to stay there, support the baby, and be an American citizen.

I would start on this and continue fighting to keep her there without having to go through all those steps. It will make everything much easier.

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Posted in: Tokyo 2016 See in context

I'd like to see the Olympics in Tokyo and may even attempt to go watch for a day.

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Posted in: NEC has seen the light See in context

NEC projectors are great and affordable, this however, is... not so affordable.

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Posted in: Flower expo See in context

Huh... what the heck. These poor women should not be subjected to this!

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Posted in: 8-year-old boy dies after fall from 4th-floor Saitama school balcony See in context

Yeah, kid just being stupid probably. I did the same type of things, always pushed my own limits. It's what we do as humans, especially males. If we did not take these chances we would not have the technology we do today. My brothers and I would jump from a tree as high as a second story to the ground below, usually over and over again and would keep trying to jump from a higher spot.

In other words, his little gamble did not pay off. His parents will be horribly hurt but in the broad view of things he only did what a kid normally does and that is be curious and stupid, which all normal kids are.

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Posted in: Aki Hoshino denies reports of marriage to 19-year-old jockey Kosei Miura See in context

Beautiful woman and a lucky younger guy! =D Her mom has a right to be asking if she's getting married soon. Else she won't be having any grand children!

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Posted in: Kumamoto man arrested after fatally stabbing his daughter’s 38-year-old boyfriend See in context

My girlfriend dated a 35 year old guy when she was 19, not a big difference. I dated a 37 year old when I was 21. I've been to parties where there are 18 year old girls with nearly 40 year old guys. Sometimes people just want to have some fun.

I can understand why the dad was upset. I would be too if my daughter was dating a 38 year old bum. Killing him is ... was just a bad idea. Geez, smack him around and toss him out and tell him never to come back until he gets a job. Don't slice and dice him and leave him to bleed to death.

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Posted in: MSDF member arrested for having sex with 13-year-old girl See in context

Legal age, but not in Tokyo. Idiot. Stay away from young girls wanting to do any sexual acts with you, I've been approached by a couple myself online. A young girl acting like that is can be arousing (usually because it is just so wrong), but I have enough sense to hit the head that is supposed to be thinking and give it jump start again.

Guys really need to be careful about this kind of thing. It's out there and obtainable, but someone needs to point out to them that this is a BAD idea no matter what all the other manga says.

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Posted in: Legal loopholes give rise to bars, salons employing underage girls See in context

...unfortunately noborito has it right. My Japanese friends and girlfriend agree too, a good many Japanese girls are sluts. I think girls in Japan have more freedom than most give them credit for. Look at the cash these girls are making and they're willing to do extra to make some more ¥.

Society's focus on money has become a curse. Money is worth more than pride these days, so "services" are just one more way to make some quick cash, no matter what the age.

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Posted in: 350: The magic number See in context

The majority of people do not care, those that do are a minority. Most of us are stuck in the problem of simply trying to get by day to day dealing with our personal lives, our job / economic situation, or trying to do as little as possible to get by (lazy peoples!).

One day the Earth will protest. I try to use as little as possible to do my daily routines. My family only has one car, it gets 35mpg. I walk to work and don't mind it. We have one TV and open the blinds to let the sunlight in over using the lights.

Overall, we're in trouble. I often discuss with my friends about which will happen first, the next world war or natural disasters on a global scale?

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Posted in: OK, Mr Hatoyama, you're in -- now govern See in context

This will be fun. :)

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Posted in: Woman arrested for dumping unwanted newborn on Gunma road See in context

This poor woman. This is incredibly sad. The poor child that was unwanted, the poor woman that has severe problems in her life and probably unwanted as well. Just no good overall...

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Posted in: Baby boy dies in locked car while mother plays pachinko in Akita See in context

Stories like this makes me ANGRY really iwishicouldsaybadwords angry! What a lousy no good mother! Leave her little one, 11 months old? He knew probably knew how to say "mama." He was probably crying for mama as she let him die in the car, all alone!!! I'm sorry, but I really truly think that something like this... the woman should be locked in a car until she dies as well. There is NO excuse for it, never NEVER leave your child alone in a car!

Then I read nemoflow's response and .... kind of agree. Still angry... and grrr....

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Posted in: Japanese society going over to the 'Dark Side' See in context

Every culture and country has a dark side. No different from the US and its gangs, drugs, and illegals (I just pulled those out of the air) than Japan and its issues.

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