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Posted in: Pro-Europe vote fragments but limits nationalist gains in EU election See in context

Nice smile there.

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Posted in: Blockbuster Queen biopic reignites Japanese fans' passion See in context

After seeing the trailer, I was looking forward to watching the movie but was quite disappointed. To me it seemed that the movie was often dragging. Sadly the trailer was much better than the movie...

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Posted in: Aum cult founder Asahara, 6 followers hanged See in context

Regarding the suggestion for paying back their debts by performing menial tasks for society, I think that would be pretty difficult considering that he was "refusing to use a toilet in the cell, he always wore a diaper and was seen sometimes with rough skin" etc. Was there such a practice at all, most likely convicts would find clever ways like that to evade.

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Posted in: Police identify first body in serial murder case See in context

Despite appearances, there are lots of seriously messed-up people in Japan (as well) and even without guns, they easily find their ways to murder others.

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Posted in: Trump, Abe play a round of golf diplomacy See in context

Nice pictures.

I kinda wonder what the "full of spirited conversation" consisted of :)

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Posted in: Trump vows to win 'battles' ahead, at home and abroad See in context

"Mr. President, the media is not fake news," he said. - Indeed, it is just various ways of looking at and presenting the same thing, depending on what your agenda is. So in a way, everybody is right, and each and every perspective will be a little different.

As for results, after the Flynn incident and with the Syria bombing it became apparent that Mr. Trump's original foreign policies were stopped and turned around. From that point on, whatever the DS wants is happening. It seems that he is still allowed to do some internal US stuff... Kinda sad. I was hoping he could make it.

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Posted in: Senator says GOP colleagues question Trump's mental health See in context

Basically anyone who thinks differently from a group of people will be termed a nutter by the members of that group ("How come they dare to deviate? Let's ridicule them."), so that is no wonder. Nothing new here.

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Posted in: Canada's Trudeau talks trade with Trump at White House See in context

” But he said “the last thing Canadians expect is for me to come down and lecture another country on how they chose to govern themselves.” - Goody. Thank you for the healthy common sense approach.

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Posted in: The new civics course in schools: How to avoid fake news See in context

@Kuya 808: Very good quote there about the interpretations. I usually say that unless we were there in person, we really have no way of telling whether anything is true or not, or what really happened. These days anything can be easily fabricated and presented as "evidence", also depending on how something is presented, it can be two completely different stories. Furthermore if a number of people observe any event, it can be reported in as many ways as many people were there, for each and every person will experience it in their unique way. So it's kinda difficult. Too bad we cannot distinguish between fake and true with our hearts (yet).

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Posted in: Trump's border wall faces reality check See in context

Perhaps the paying for the wall is not to be taken directly, but in some other form for Mexico to pay. Trump has an open mind and unique solutions so I'm sure he will find a way that might even be surprising.

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Posted in: Trump's 'war with the media' raises questions of trust See in context

Well, unless you were there in person, it's always useful to look up both sides of a story. Of course it is always just easier to take whatever is offered on the silver platter...

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Posted in: Tokyo’s cat pub - the cat cafe for grown-ups See in context

On the external link under the article there are a ton of pictures, and I did not see any ashtrays anywhere so I'd say it's probably not one of those smoke-filled izakayas.

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Posted in: Abe to step up nuclear technology export drive See in context

Boooooo! "Czech national power producer CEZ AS is looking to start operating the new reactors in 2020 or later." - hopefully there won't be any need for this risky technology any more at that time!! It is too bad that they are getting together to promote nuclear, they should rather be getting together to discuss how to start using free energy technologies on a mass level scale!

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Posted in: Fears grow of Israeli attack on Iran See in context

@WilliB: so you are a media believer. You believe what the media tells you. Have you seen the bomb with your own eyes? If someone tells you they have a bomb, you blindly believe it. The media can talk whatever they want in order to manipulate us and our thinking. Believing in them is optional. Pls keep in mind that they also work for someone and are not doing this out of charity (unfortunately). If they were telling the truth, they would be saying "we have no idea whatsoever if Iran has any nuclear weapons or whether they are into the stuff at all". That would be more accurate.

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Posted in: Only one TEPCO nuclear power plant currently in operation See in context

I also wonder why there are nuclear plants at all if electricity needs can be covered from other power sources, hopefully more and more solar, geothermic, wind and sometime in the future, free energy.

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Posted in: Docomo services disrupted for 4 1/2 hours, affecting 2.52 mil users See in context

I would've thought that was caused by the geomagnetic storm from from yesterday's solar flair. Apparently transmissions could've been influenced.

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I was wondering why it was prohibited to swim in Odaiba, the signs are there but they offer no explanation why. So it is about the pollution. The water sure looks dirty... But there are still many kids & people going into the water to play, especially now that it is summer. Each time we go there, I see people in the water.

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@sfjp: I tried to explain this to my boss but he quickly gave me an official list of excuses of why they don't want to do it. I personally think it is ridiculous especially since there is nothing on the roof at the moment. There would be plenty of space to install solar panels. It's just troublesome to look everything up and get it done, hence the list of excuses. What a miserable bunch of sheeple.

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I have no idea why more lights in the train cannot be turned off. Typically in one car only two of the neon lights are removed. I'm sure most people would prefer a more bearable environment temperaturewise, compared to bright lighting. At least during summer.

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Until we are able to get free energy from cold fusion or something, I will be very happy to have a solar panel and a windmill on my house. Why can't others do the same? And every company too? At least part of the electricity could be covered from these! Would be a huge difference! Why doesn't the government start encouraging people to set these facilities up ASAP, so that we won't have to have any rolling blackouts in summer?

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Posted in: Yahoo ready to deliver on promise to upgrade email See in context

I also like Chrome and it IS much faster than IE, which becomes apparent on using older computers. I now use Chrome only for my internet usage. I'm also happy with my hotmail account that I've had like forever.

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Posted in: Al-Qaida vows revenge for bin Laden's death See in context

And now we can enjoy more and more safety regulations because of this. Who wants to fly any more. This is only good to force more control on innocent people, assuming that anyone can be a terrorist. Thank you very much.

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Posted in: Sightseeing boat still perched atop Iwate hostel roof See in context

That's funny about the Egyptian comment, I also wanted to say in this context that if we knew exactly how the pyramids were built, it would be piece of cake to lift this ship off from the top of that building.

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Wow, this thing is huge!

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Actually the proper word should be "acquaintance" or "people I know" instead of "Friends". Maybe "contacts"? But "contacts" does not necessarily mean really knowing that person... I think this is a huge misconception with the Facebook usage of the "Friend" word. I have 84 "friends" but they are not all my friends, in the real meaning of the word, they are just people I know, and I can tell about each one of those people how I know them. I will also not accept any friendship requests from people that I DON'T know.

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Posted in: What is the fairest way to deal with the expected summer power shortage? See in context

Unnecessary neon lights (like ads, store banners etc) should be turned off and there should be actual checkers going around, making sure that this happens. Implement some fines if necessary. Definitely better than raising electricity prices for the average consumer. Even with train stations, public facilities etc obviously making efforts to save electricity by turning off some lights, stopping escalators etc, I'm still amazed to see many lights that could be turned off without causing inconvenience. Why are those still on??? Then of course free energy is available so how about giving it a try? Like that will happen :(

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Posted in: In the future, what should the government do about Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO)? How do you think that company should be run? See in context

Farmers in the vicinity whose businesses have been ruined should be given a hefty compensation. Also, free energy is around. Maybe it is time to start using it?

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Posted in: Tiny amounts of radiation from Japan reach Nevada See in context

What is it about toilet paper that makes people buy it up? Sorry if I'm missing something, but in a disaster it would not be my first priority to stock up on toilet paper.

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