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Posted in: Search resumes for girl who went missing at Yamanashi campsite one year ago See in context

The lack of any traces, clothes that could have ripped or even her body, only makes me think that she was kidnapped. And that's worst than perishing of a wound or being eaten by an animal. I hope someone comes through with a clue soon or that she manages to escape.

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Posted in: Actor Iseya arrested for alleged cannabis possession See in context

I am tired of all the hypocrisy and media lies:

Putting weed dependence on the same level than cocaine and heroin, it’s all the same right?

He has done more good to society than any old bum leech at the Diet and still gets this much flak.

I feel the mass media tone could be more like “you can smoke weed and still be productive to society, more onto this after this commercial break sponsored by X and Y”

Just tired man

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Posted in: Woman arrested after trying to kill one-year-old son See in context

Japanese people really need some emotional support and know how to deal with anxiety in a non murderish way.

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Posted in: NHK to retrain staff after criticism of cartoon about black Americans See in context

The first time I saw this, I instantly knew that there were no westerners in the team responsible for making the cartoon.

When I was working at a Japanese TV station in an undisclosed TV program, they tried to depict:

Black afro disco dancer. Plume headress? wearing native american, that every japanese teamates around me were calling "apache" and "indian"

Even if I'm not that fond of PCness in mass-media, I let them know that people COULD find this depictions offensive, and that the correct term was "native american". The team leader acknowledge this and let me know that they will check with the producers before releasing them.

Some weeks later, team leader comes back and thanks me for letting him know. The producer staff agreed with me that those depictions could be found offensive and the poor lad that made them had to think of other "characters" to make.

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Posted in: Colorado bank robber throws cash in air, shouting ‘Merry Christmas’ See in context

Hopefuly this news will also get japanese coverage so those looking to get in jail do something similar to this instead of random passerby stabbing people seem to be fond around here.

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Posted in: Some local governments successfully reintegrate 'hikikomori' back into society See in context

Does anyone know where could english studies on the hikkikomori phenomenom be found? As well as any medical studies made on it.

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Posted in: 27% of municipalities concerned over surge in foreign visitors in Japan: survey See in context

It's interesting to see how your focus shapes your reality.

A “27% of municipalities concerned over surge in foreign visitors in Japan: survey” title is more news worthy and pessimist than “50% of municipalities not concerned over surge in foreign visitors: survey"

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Posted in: Abe says no need to raise sales tax beyond 10% for decade See in context

What if instead of raising the taxes, all the political party officials lowered their monthly salary by 10%? Apparently Shinzo earns around 1580man per month, that's 15,800,000 yen per month. Does he really need that much per month, when most of his work expenses and such are already paid by tax paying people?

Instead of raising taxes for who-knows what, wouldn't it had been better to avoid spending all those billions on jet fighters?

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Posted in: Trump threatens to send military, shut border as migrants head for Mexico See in context

I'm mexican and as such I really hope the talks between Ebrard and Pompeo can find a way to stop this illegal immigrants at the south border. Buuut, since we have a lot of jungle over there, I can see how it would be a big challenge to face.

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