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Posted in: Doctor arrested for kissing teenage girl during medical examination See in context

Why would a medically trained doctor put himself at such a huge risk of catching the flu by kissing this girl who had it?

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Posted in: Google debuts Pixel 4 phone, wireless earbuds with AI See in context

when i saw multiple lenses i got excited. When i hear that its a useless Zoom lens, i will pass. Who uses zoom on their smartphone? Who wishes they could get more scenery in the frame when taking pictures? I am sure wideangle is far more desirable than zoom.

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Posted in: Typhoon victims felt worst was over; then floods came See in context

The flooding from Chikumagawa went several kilometers inland, distance from the river probably doesnt matter so much. Stilts means stairs... But almost all houses in Japan are at least 2 stories high, so old people will have stairs regardless. Plus there are lifts and those wheelchair lifters to help you get up stairs like that.

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Posted in: Tax hike adds to woes for low-income households in Japan See in context

I received two of the voucher sheets, since i have 2 children. My childcare costs will go down by 10,000yen a month. I stand to be much better off after this tax rise, and i suspect many others will too.

I have spoken to my friends in Australia and over there the cost of raising children is possibly 10x the cost of what i pay out of pocket, yet they do not have problems with depopulation. The problem is that society here expects parents to put their kids into expensive primary/secondary/high schools and universities, and pay for it out of their own pockets - thats the REAL childcare costs.

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Posted in: Gov't to require mobile carriers to lift SIM locks immediately See in context

They already have the ability to 'network lock' handsets where the buyer skips out on monthly payments. The The ability to unlock a handset that has been paid off, seems very reasonable.

All 3 companies have differing policies, and most annoyingly, Docomo and AU had further restricted their unlocking policies after the last government mandate to allow unlocking (restricting it to the original phone purchaser, so phones bought secondhand could no longer be unlocked). This technically was in line with the mandate, but made it HARDER not easier.

I look forward to seeing how they react to this mandate - what ways they can make it harder for us, while keeping in line with the specific words in the guidelines.

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Posted in: Revised law aimed at mobile phone fee cut in Japan comes into effect See in context

Nator, this is because they have auto-renewing contracts here, which is what i think is the real problem. This is why so many people get caught out with that cancellation fee.

Another major bug-bear i have is that rather than cancellation fees, i think it is the JOINING fees which need to be looked at. ALL carriers, including MVNOs still charge 3240 yen for a sim card, plus 3-5000 for joining. On top of that, they usually also want 5000yen or so to let you take your number with you when you switch to another carrier. That there is already more than the 10,000yen cancellation fee (which IMO is actually quite reasonable, since you are BREAKING a contract, which was promising to pay 8000 yen for 2 years).

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Posted in: Revised law aimed at mobile phone fee cut in Japan comes into effect See in context

People who dont understand contracts (both foreign, and Japanese) will be happy about this.

For others, it just means handset costs are going to go up, a lot. There were already provisions in place to have your discounted handset unlocked, for free in most cases.

Due to the increased handset prices, even with discounts on monthly fees the total out of pocket expenses will stay the same for most people; and go up for those who were able to use the current system to their advantage.

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Posted in: Registers, rates and points: Tax hike woes for Japanese retailers See in context

I really feel sorry for the teenager at the cash register that has to ask this question, "Is it for here or to go?" then have someone say they are taking it away, then go and sit down at a table and start eating.

Most fast food restuaruants already ask this question so they can put the stuff in a bag for you. If the person says "to go" but then sits down, the cashier has done nothing wrong, and it is the customer who is doing the tax evasion. But nobody will care, especially that teenager earning 900yen an hour.

In three of my neighborhood convenience stores they removed the cafe/seating areas to eliminate any confusion for the customers or employees.

Removing 1.5m worth of seating, and a potential business generator, just because you cant ask the question of whether it is to go or not? Somebody is making far too much of a fuss over this.

I'm not happy with the dual tax rates, i think it should just all be 10% for calculation simplicity, but i dont get what the big fuss is about asking customers if its to go or not. So many fast food places will already ask you, and as a consumer you can just think of it as a convenience fee for using their seating areas.

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Posted in: Health experts back treatment for kids with peanut allergy See in context

extanker, but from my (albeit limited) reading of allergens listed on foods here, Peanuts are in a lot of foods, and it is highly likely that kids here will have had exposure to it by the time they are 3-4. I believe its something else, another food or chemical which causes it (no, i am not a conspiracy theorist, but in my mind its feasible that one of the pesticides used there, or perhaps common kids medicine or vaccines which are prevalent there but not here).

I hear now that the advice is to expose kids to peanuts as early as possible. If thats the case, and peanuts are everywhere in the US, then they would have been exposed from conception (I know my wife ate peanuts/peanut foods while pregnant with my kids - and they have no issues).

Either way i really feel for those kids (and adults) who have allergies to common foods; and their parents who have to watch out for whatever they eat. Hoping that they find a definite cause, or cure during our lifetimes.

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Posted in: 13-year-old Japan skateboard sensation cools Olympic talk after world title See in context

Ah, this explains why all my bids for tickets to the skateboarding events at the olympics fell through. Figured its a minor sport, should only be a few skater diehards wanting to watch it; but no, its gonna be full of people who have no idea what an ollie is, but are desperate to hear kimigayo being sung on the podium.

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Posted in: Health experts back treatment for kids with peanut allergy See in context

I find it interesting that you almost never hear about peanut allergies here in Japan. It just isnt a thing here.

But in the US, and also Australia it seems to be a major problem? Surely they can look at environmental differences to see why that is the case?

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Posted in: Police issue arrest warrant for driver over air gun incident on expressway See in context

Can she be arrested for aiding a fugitive?

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Posted in: Koizumi seeks further innovation in Japan to fight climate change See in context

Everyone complaining that he was selected only because his dad was a prime minister; did anyone even read what he is promising? He sounds like the kind of polititian that they need more of in this country.

Is it possible, even in the slightest bit, that he got into politics not because of his dad's connections, but because he looked up to his dad and wanted to do the same thing? I know I wanted to follow in my dad's footsteps to become a doctor; unfortunately i didnt have the discipline for it and ended up in IT.

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Posted in: Apple reveals triple-camera iPhone; $5 monthly streaming TV undercuts Disney See in context

That bump, a square with three lenses in it disturbs me more than it should. 3 lenses, make it a triangle, or make it a circle or do anything to make it symmetrical... but no a square with three lenses in it. Very un-Apple-like to ignore basic design issues.

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Posted in: Everything you need to know about Disney Deluxe See in context

Does anyone know if the disney content can be displayed in English with Japanese subtitles (or no subtitles at all?) Netflix and Hulu both often only have the dubbed titles, which makes it VERY hard to find English kids content here in Japan (except Peppa Pig and Sesame Street on Youtube).

Sucks when all you have available to show the kids is in Japanese.

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Posted in: Father's story about parenting on a train highlights Japan’s hidden prejudice against male parenting See in context

“I mean, you don’t need to hear this but, there’s the argument that if you were raising your kid well they wouldn’t cry in front of people or in public places. That’s probably why they called the cops, because their kids don’t act like that in public.”

That is terrible. A 2 year old kid is struggling with all sorts of new feelings and emotions without proper speaking abilities to communicate their stresses. Tantrums are unavoidable at this age and forcing your kid to suppress these feelings is most likely going to mess them up internally. Of course there are ways to avoid it and calm things down; but toddlers cry. Its a fact of life.

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Posted in: Record 832 foreigners in Japan lose residency status in 2018 See in context


Could "Child of a Japanese National" be a 45 year old born and raised elsewhere? Is there a special visa for those people, so that they can look after aging family, etc?

A Japanese person can adopt you as their child (普通養子), no matter what your age. Question is, would this make you eligible for the child or spouse visa? Not sure, but i guess so? It isnt the easiest thing to do though (paperwork, and also informing your real parents), probably easier to find you a desperate middle aged woman to marry for that visa

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Posted in: Record 832 foreigners in Japan lose residency status in 2018 See in context

Norman, once you are married to a Japanese spouse, and especially if you have children, you can apply for permanent residency (which reminds me, i should do that!)

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Posted in: Record 832 foreigners in Japan lose residency status in 2018 See in context

I am pretty sure that the "Child or Spouse of a Japanese National" is considered one residency status. So 80 people who were either a child or a spouse, but i bet that all 80 of them were here as a 'spouse'

Last time i was on the bus heading to the hell-hole in Shinagawa, i remember an older Japanese man with his (newly wed?) slavic wife, they were posing for pictures to be used as evidence of a real relationship for their marriage visa. Did they just marry 30 minutes earlier? how do you not have enough pics for that?

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Posted in: For our readers who live in Japan, what are some items you always make a point to bring back to Japan after you return from a trip abroad? See in context


Anything mexican or tex-mex because the crap they sell here is overpriced and underflavored.

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Posted in: Return rush See in context

We unfortunately tend to visit the in-laws during new year; at least the shinkansen doesnt price-gauge. But Obon and Golden Week is either working, or staying put.

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Posted in: Road rage suspect arrested after dashboard camera records assault See in context

Strangerland, i totally agree. Of course there is some aggression here or there, but most drivers happily wait while someone is double parked or blocking the road (where i am from the whole line of waiting cars would be on their horns).

Having said that, i think its time to invest in a dash cam.

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Posted in: Return rush See in context

While it was a bit frustrating seeing all the families with their backpacks heading off for their vacations last week, i am glad that i worked that week, and that my daycare is open during Obon. I much prefer to take my summer holidays at a time of my own choosing, not when prices are through the roof and transit terminals are packed to the rafters!

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Posted in: Double disqualification after heat shortens Olympic triathlon test event See in context

what a farce, why didnt they reschedule the olympics like they did in 1964

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Posted in: What sort of wearable tech do you see being developed in the near future? See in context

Whatever happened to Microsoft's Hololens, that looked so promising. I want to be at work acting like i am on Minority Report with virtual screens all over my desk.

On a different tangent, wearable airconditioning/cooling units. Or perhaps a material that acts like a regular inner shirt, but cools to

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Posted in: Fewer fireworks events in Japan next summer due to Olympics See in context

Who benefits from that????

The poor from Japan???

I think not....

Probably not going to be the same effect this time, but the 1964 olympics had a massive impact on both rich and poor. Well, at least thats according to some of the TV programs i watched. The obvious ones being the bullet trains, but also shutoko which was approved to ease traffic congestion. And prior to the olympics, it seems that Japan was not the clean and trash-less society you see today - they showed videos of trains littered with used bento boxes, rubbish through the streets and just generally a filthy society. But before the olympics they started ad campaigns, and improved trash collection, and it was a huge success. According to the show i watched it turned Japan into the clean and respectful society tourists love today

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Posted in: Fewer fireworks events in Japan next summer due to Olympics See in context

zones2seurf, the sumida fireworks has been completely rained out more than a couple of times; regardless of the rainy season timing. And some rainy seasons have been sunnier than the rest of summer. The Sanja matsuri is typically in the middle of rainy season yet it is almost always good weather.

However shifting all of the fun stuff around the olympics, when most people in Tokyo didnt even get any tickets is a bummer. Moreso that i bet some of the tourists would have loved to see some amazing fireworks displays while here

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Posted in: Police arrest another Chinese man over 7pay fraud See in context

Fair enough on the being sacked. But being arrested as mmwkdw suggested is a bit over the top.

People make mistakes, there was no ill intent behind it. There was ill intent behind those who took advantage of those mistakes.

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Posted in: What are the pros and cons of teleworking? See in context

Interestingly i get many of the benefits of teleworking just by working flex time. I start at 8, finish at 4:30. Trains are relatively empty at 7am/before 5pm, and i am home just after 5pm giving me plenty of time to interact with my family. I also only have 6hr span of dealing with the other colleagues, plus i am away from all the snacks and sweets that i have at home.

Having said that, i have toyed with the idea of switching to full telework for 6 months/a year, and doing a very long road trip with the family. I could work on the road as long as i have internet access!

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Posted in: Police arrest another Chinese man over 7pay fraud See in context

mmwkdw, i suspect that entire team was restructured. But who should get the blame here? The low level developers who only worked on individual modules? The development manager who decided to implement the separately developed 7pay app into their existing members app (where the security hole allowing you to specify an alternative email address to recover your password was probably already present, but posed no real threat)? The bucho that approved that decision to combine the apps to save time? or the CEO that pressured the IT team to get their solution out the door ASAP? Arrest all of them?

And in that sense, should women who wear sexy clothes also be charged if she gets attacked?

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