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Posted in: Unbelievable deal from Domino’s Pizza Japan makes Wednesday best day of the week See in context

Is this special available every Wednesday? The article isn't clear about that.

Unfortunately not, it was only valid on the 13th feb according to the screenshot.

Two for one is often done here, especially if you pick up at the shop rather than have it delivered. 3 for one is great value (for Japan), but if its only a one-time offer thats a pity

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Posted in: Half of Japan's regional banks to join hands in cashless payment See in context

Seems like a lot of people arent aware that Japan has had a form of NFC payment since 2004. Its the rest of the world that is finally starting to catch up to Japan in this regard. And according to what they are saying here, this system would make it easier for small businesses, temples etc to accept cashless payment, as it no longer requires specific hardware (NFC readers).

But, my guess is that Mizuho started developing this system when Apple hadnt yet released a phone with NFC/Felica support. Remember at the time, they were trying to tell us that using barcodes to pay was better than using NFC (then adopted NFC and suddenly it was the best thing ever).

My only worry is that being Mizuho, the payments would only be free between 9-5, monday to Friday, and that it would either be shut down for the weekend, or come with a 'convenience fee' like all their ATMs do.

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Posted in: Father held over fatal abuse of daughter rearrested for earlier assault See in context

Its for people like this, that the Japanese justice system makes sense. If it was a 'western' justice system, this guy would be out on bail and his lawyers would be doing everything they can to get him off scott-free.

But unfortunately, for people like this, the Japanese confinement system probably still wont work. Real scumbags can be kept in confinement without lawyers and subjected to weeks/months of pressure to confess, and wont say a peep.

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Posted in: Gov't data show exodus to Tokyo from other parts of Japan continues See in context

Promote telecommuting!

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Posted in: Japan-EU free trade pact enters into force See in context

Looking at the mainichi news they give a table showing the exact figures and how they will change

Wine: Max 94 yen tax will be removed (i.e. wine will be up to 94 yen cheaper) - effective immediately

Sparkling wine Max 137 yen tax will be removed immediately

Pork (expensive cuts) tax will go from 4.7 to 2.2% immediately, 2.0 after april 1.

Pork (cheak cuts) will go from max 482yen/kg tax to max 125yen/kg tax immediately... This sounds like it will be quite good!

Pasta/Chocolate: barely any noticeable difference

Cheese: 29.8% -- 27.9% immediately, and then 26.1% after april 1st. i.e. barely any difference :(

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Posted in: Woman killed by train after falling from platform at Nakameguro Station had influenza See in context

My father in law had crazy hallucinations the last time he got the flu. At one point he got up, put on his coat and grabbed his keys and tried to get into his car to go to work. We stopped him though, because it was 11pm and he had been retired for a couple of years. Not sure if this was the Tamiflu or just a crazy side effect of the flu but it was scary.

Just because she was headed to work doesnt mean her boss was forcing her to work, or that she even wanted to go to work. Perhaps she just didnt have anyone watching over her to make sure she stayed in bed with some warm soup. Poor woman, poor family.

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Posted in: Court upholds 'sterilization' rule for gender change See in context

I get the feeling most people are just reading the headline and becoming so enraged they cannot see the forest for the trees. The government isnt grabbing transgenders and forcing sterilization. This is about people who choose to go all the way to being legally recognised as another gender. Its one of the requirements for that recognition. Just like taking a Japanese name is a requirement for being legally recognised as a Japanese citizen.

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Posted in: Japan eyes e-money salary payments See in context

The whole reason for this is because foreigners cannot easily open bank accounts - therefore they cannot receive direct deposits for their salaries. I remember when i first came here i was turned down by a few banks since i hadnt lived here for 6 months or more.

I went to shinsei bank who were very helpful and gave me an account and a card the same day. Now i am glad i went with them, and laugh at all the fools lining up for the ATM on friday afternoons so they wont be forced to pay ATM fees on weekends.

Perhaps the government should make it a little easier to open bank accounts rather than paying these people in Mobile Suica payments?

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Posted in: Dowdy no more: Men in suits storm back into style See in context

Unfortunately none of those suits appear very 'tailored'... All are a few sizes too big; though that is the fashion these days. Will be interesting to see where this trend goes though.

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Posted in: Tokyo Metro offers free food to ease crowding on Tozai line See in context

Moving an office out of Tokyo causes problems because as it is, people live in all corners of Tokyo. They all come to the central meeting point, which is where the office is.

Move the office out to yokohama for example and suddenly the people who live in Saitama have a 2hr commute to work. They would realistically have to move, or quit.

I work 'jisabiz' and I love it. Trains arent so crowded, and i am home early in the evenings. But i have a very foreign attitude to overtime (i.e. i dont do any). I know others in my office would just end up staying back till their normal hometime, meaning there isnt any point for them.

The solution for people in IT is telecommuting. Have regional 'work space' offices where people can rent out a private booth to do their work in (if they dont want to work from home - i know i wouldnt be able to resist all the temptations around my house), one at each station so that you can get there without having to go far from home. You could even spread it out, half the day in the remote office, half the day in the actual office.

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Posted in: 'Short skirts cause sexual assaults,' according to Japanese school uniform poster See in context

If i go into a poor neighbourhood or an area known for muggings, i will hide my gold chains and nice watch. I know that i should expect not to get mugged, and i am in no way excusing those who mug people...

Is it not possible to warn girls the same thing without being labeled a 'victim blamer'?

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Posted in: Do you think the 10-day Golden Week holiday period from April 27 to May 6, during which the imperial succession is scheduled to take place, is a good idea? The travel industry is eager to take advantage of the unusual business opportunity, while a survey has indicated that people who welcome the holidays and those who do not are nearly evenly divided. See in context

The travel industry is just keen to jack up flight and hotel prices to 10 times normal prices, knowing Japanese will pay because a 10 day holiday break from work doesnt even happen with the birth of your first child here.

Meanwhile those of us who can take holidays normally have to pay exorbitantly inflated prices just to get out of town during that time. I guess i will sit around the house and watch movies... But I would rather work that week and take the 10 days at another time!

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Posted in: Less beef, more beans. Experts say world needs a new diet See in context

I dont want to sound like I am uncaring, but why do i need to change my diet to support overpopulation caused by other people?

By my calculations if people stuck to 2 children or less, world population wouldnt have gotten this ridiculous and we wouldnt be asked to postulate over a sliver of meat every week.

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Posted in: Japanese students’ eyesight the worst in recent years; smartphones and mobile games are blamed See in context

@Yubaru/Zaruma I didnt say that to brag. I know that Africans often have well above 2.0; I was just saying i use screens alot and I still have 1.6, which is above the standard measurement of good eyesight (1.0).

I get my eyes tested as part of my yearly health checkup and thats all their machine goes to. I have tried at a few other places with similar results (and similar upper limits in the testing device). I dont really think i need to go to an ophthalmologist to find out exactly what my upper limit is - would they give me a gold star or something? All i know is my eyes are good enough to read small text on my laptop screen which is more than arms length away. And that i am fine with a 5" phone screen, no need for these monstrous phablet phones.

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Posted in: Japan officially announces IWC withdrawal; will resume commercial whaling See in context

I am generally against whaling, but i am pleased with this news. No more whaling in international waters, no more shady "research" whaling. What happens now is up to economics. If nobody is buying, then whaling will die off.

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Posted in: Japanese students’ eyesight the worst in recent years; smartphones and mobile games are blamed See in context

I have been working in IT for over 15 years. Staring at computer screens day in and day out. I have had a smartphone since before the iPhone made them popular and i use it an embarrassing amount. Yet i have perfect vision. 1.6 on the Japanese tests, which is the highest that the measurement machine goes to (i'm probably not much more than that though). Of course old age will do what it does to all of us, and sooner or later my close up vision will start to fail, but for now, 12+hrs of screentime i have per day has had any effect.

I am just one person though, and my experiences dont prove anything. I did read somewhere that the reason that Japanese kids have poor vision is because they are not encouraged to play outside as much (since so many live in apartments). The article said that the outdoor activities are vital to growing kids eyes (focusing on near and far objects), and without it, certain parts of their eyes dont grow properly.

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Posted in: Man arrested for using stun gun on commuter at subway station in Tokyo See in context

Is it bad that i thought this was somewhat funny? I bet this was an extension of one of those silently aggressive peak hour train fights... the ones where they yell at each other and shuffle-kick each other because they didnt get enough sleep and are all grumpy and stuff.

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Posted in: Train etiquette: Top 10 inconsiderate behaviors that tick Japanese train commuters off the most See in context

Backpacks crept up to #1 because they have only recently become popular with Japanese people (Annelo bags for younger kids, and smart backpacks for business people). Until now it was always shoulder bags or briefcases. Backpacks take up space directly behind you, and it is human nature to try to keep some personal space in front of you - This makes for quite a bit of space usage for one person. For example, if you keep your backpack on your back while you are standing in front of the seats, people will have trouble passing behind you. If you shift your backpack to your front, you not only guarantee that bit of personal space in front of you, you dont take up any unnecessary space behind you. This is why they say to shift your backpack to your front on trains.... Unfortunately not many people understand this, and hence you have the #1 annoyance for other passengers right now...

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Posted in: In a Tokyo neighborhood's last sushi restaurant, a sense of loss See in context

My first experience with Sushi was in a small mom and pop store like this. At the time i didnt even eat cooked fish, but i decided to give it a try. I have since had sushi at much cheaper places, and MUCH more expensive places, but nothing tasted as good as the sushi that came with the conversation and atmosphere at that place. Sadly, as indicated in the article, the place shut down in the years that followed - nobody to take over the business since the chef's son wanted to become a salaryman.

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Posted in: Dual nationals feel cast adrift in Japan See in context

@John Beara

As the others have said, the ability to travel to unknown African countries might be nice and all, but holding two passports gives your kids CHOICE to decide if they want to live/work in Europe, or Japan. Quite selfish to decide that they dont need that freedom, but then its your kids, you raise them how YOU see fit.

I dont care which passport holds more power or which country is better for living. I will do whatever i can to make sure my kids have as much freedom to choose their future. One of those choices will be where to live.

Anyway, all this talk about immigration lines... I think that the foreign residents line at Narita is the shortest of all three (Japanese nationals, Foreign tourists, Foreign residents). So i am usually waiting on the other side for my wife and child.

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Posted in: Sapporo blast occurred after 120 spray cans were emptied See in context

Anyone who has ever rented an apartment here will know there are a bunch of BS fees and extra charges they lay on when you move in.

One of those fees is 消毒 or sanitization; this is usually around 30k yen, and they really upsell this to you (its optional, but they wont ever tell you that - but you can just say "dont do that" and they will take it off the quote). Even with a cost conscious wife, we were nearly pressured into this until i looked it up. Any home center sells the exact same products as they use for this, usually just a spraycan you sit in the center of the room. Or at most a spraycan to spray into the nooks and crannies. Apaman went an extra step though, and offered "smell removal and antibacterial" service, for which they charged an extra 15k (this is on top of the sanitization fee).

Not only did they pressure/push this on new lessees, it turns out they didnt even do the stuff they were paid for. I am willing to bet that this is not just them, and that this cover-up extended to the sanitization service as well. Rental agencies here really are all a massive scam. They are usually all searching off the same central database, and end up costing both the lesser and the lessee a bunch of money for nothing.

This accident should have blown the cover off this whole scam of an industry (pun intended), but of course that will be glossed over and by april next year Apaman shop will be pushing for the next round of rental shuffling

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Posted in: Mother gets 2 years in prison for abusing 8-month-old daughter who suffered frostbite See in context

Heartbreaking. 20 hours in the cold and no food either. At 8 months old they cant walk they dont know whats going on. Should have been charged with attempted murder.

I wonder if this is enough to grant custody to the father... i guess not though.

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Posted in: 'Sodane' (that's it) selected as top buzzword of 2018 See in context

I remember when this was becoming a buzzword, and they were showing grown salarymen using the word on the news. To me, that phrase should have died right there. Picture adults in suits trying to use Bae and Lit or AF in sentences while 'dabbing', thats how cringey it looked.

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Posted in: ANA security checkpoint cut-off time becomes 20 minutes before departure at Haneda for domestic flights See in context

15 minutes was insanely short. I dont know of any other airport in the world that lets you check in 15 minutes before departure (feel free to correct me though, i didnt look it up). Most other airports/airlines will require you to be checked in at least an hour before the departure time.

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Posted in: Getting around the neighborhood by bike comes with plenty of rules in Japan See in context

Who spends 1hr each way walking to and from work without thinking "oh maybe a bike or scooter would be a better option"... until the boss pointed it out?

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Posted in: Curry rice king Coco Ichi removes 80% of rice, replaces it with something else in new dish See in context

Never understood why coco is so popular with tourists. Its the same taste you get from the roux packs you get in supermarkets, and its a dish that even the most inept cook can prepare themselves for 1/10 the price. Toppings always look so bland and unimaginative (not to mention unhealthy as indicated in the article).

Much more fun to prepare it yourself with a bunch of veggies (whatever is in season), big chunks of meat and simmered until everything is melt in your mouth soft.

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Posted in: 6 found dead in house in Miyazaki Pref; 7th body found under bridge See in context

From what i read in the Japanese articles, it appears that the man found under the bridge was the culprit, and it is looking like a murder-suicide incident. In the house they found his father (72), mother (66), wife (41), son (21) and daughter (7)... And one of his coworkers Fumiaki Matsuoka (44).

While it is very early to speculate, my suspicions are on an affair between his wife and this Matsuoka guy. Or Matsuoka was just an innocent bystander in a meltdown of tragic proportions. Still not sure how he could manage to kill all those there without being overpowered or anyone escaping. So so sad...

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Posted in: Japan to beef up defense against cyberattacks, space monitoring See in context

Can they please get rid of the useless Luddite in charge of cyber security first? The one that has never used a computer. I'm sure his first suggestion would be to send faxes to hackers asking them to stop.

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Posted in: Osaka police still relying on facial recognition skills after 40 years See in context

There has not been a single wrongful arrest.

I guarantee that it just means nobody has managed to endure the forced confession attempts, or been successful in their appeal against the charges, using frivolous excuses like DNA or alibis.

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Posted in: Realistic masks made in Japan find demand from tech, car companies See in context

I kind of want one. Is that being narcissistic?

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