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@Vernon Watts

The Japanese government does not force people to choose citizenship; dual citizenship was abolished here some time ago. 

Can you explain this statement? My daughter has two nationalities, one of which is Japanese, since she was born here. My understanding is that this is allowed until she turns 22 at which point she is obligated to either renounce her Japanese citizenship, or the foreign one. However nobody really enforces this obligation, and many people continue to have dual nationalities well past that, until they stuff up at the airport, or get investigated for whatever reason.

However since Naomi is so high profile, my guess is that it would be hard for her to slip under the radar having both nationalities intact past her 22nd birthday (which is just before the 2020 olympics!)

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I thought it was quite nice when i tried it last year. Only problem being that the size of the can, and caffeine contents were not enough to give me a morning pick-me-up. I'll stick with my Tully's Barista Black.

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I wonder if the Japanese govt will try to push her to renounce her American citizenship, now that she is nearing the official deadline (22). I am guessing that given an ultimatum, she would choose the country where she has lived most of her life....

Or perhaps Japan, facing the loss of its only grand slam winner, might consider allowing dual nationalities?? We can only hope...

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So, based on what posters here have written, if a man I have met, get on with, and don't think is a risk to me, invites me to his place for a coffee, a glass of wine, a meal, I am meant to have sex with him?

Of course there is no obligation. But if you live here for any amount of time you will know that people dont visit each other's houses very often. Nowhere near as much as other countries where it would be common to go over for a cup of tea, or even hold a small party with friends. Being invited to someone's house here is seen as a sign of very close friendship/trust. Houses are smaller, and as a result, often messier so going to someones house is very much a look into their private life.

If a guy invites you into his house alone, it probably means he has tidied the place up, and possibly even prepared toothbrushes and extra pillows for you to stay the night. What you do after that is entirely your own choice though.

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ISS orbits at around 400km. 96,000km is probably getting close to the moon. Where are they planning to put this lift, and what is it going to be used for?

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Posted in: If you live or work in the regions where the number of patients is increasing and do not know whether you have been infected with measles, or whether you are vaccinated against the disease, I would like you to consider getting vaccinated. See in context

I got the jab because my wife is pregnant. Then i get told that the vaccine isnt effective for up to 2 months.

By that time i guess the current wave of infections will be passed

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If she was running through a crowd, late for an appointment and knocked down the old lady, does she deserve a lengthy jail sentence too? Does every accident that results in a death deserve a jail term?

9km/h is barely above walking speed; its a slow jog i would guess. Being hit at those speeds would not hurt most people. The girl probably assumed she was ok even if she bumped someone. She took a badly calculated risk and now lives with the guilt of killing someone

Driving a car, at 40, 50 or even 100km/hr, while drunk is another level of negligence. Everyone KNOWS that you can kill someone, healthy or frail at those speeds. Doing it while drunk increases the odds of having an accident exponentially. There is no excuse for that, and people who do it deserve to be punished

I dont think she should be let off completely, but i also think a jail term is completely uncalled for. Jail is not the answer to every accident that happens. Repatriation, and proof of remorse is enough of a punishment, and a decent deterrent. No need to make a scapegoat out of this woman, just ensure kids are educated better in the future

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BackpackingNepal; no. Being a volcanic island, most of the beaches feature dark grey sand, which means the water is quite green/brown looking. Shirahama in Izu has whitish sand, and some beaches in Kansai (as well as the obvious Okinawa). but none which are easily accessible from Tokyo.

Coming from Australia this has been the biggest downside for me. I am used to white sand, crowd free beaches. On the other hand, some of the mountain streams outside of Tokyo are stunningly beautiful, if you can get to them.

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Jesus there are a few Judge Dreds on here. You make a mistake, you deserve to DIE!

Ever stop to consider that she is already being punished by her own consciousness? Knowing she took the life of another person? The court noted she has shown remorse, so perhaps she isnt the cold hearted killer you are all making her out to be... And no doubt she has to pay the family too, i suspect her life will be irrevocably changed by this momentary lack of judgement.

If she has to live with the guilt, is probably bankrupt from the repatriation costs, will likely not be able to find normal work with a criminal record, do you think she might have learnt her lesson? Do you think she'll go out and ride with her smartphone again??

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There's just not enough pools available in Tokyo for the number of people here. The beach options are far away (Kanagawa), and grey/black sand makes for a bit of a dirty feeling. Toshimaen charges 4000yen per person for entry, and they are still this packed... I would much rather swim in a river as well, but for all the waterways in Tokyo, none have swimming areas (too dirty?)

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Posted in: Have you ever experienced discrimination when trying to rent an apartment in Japan? If yes, what were the circumstances? See in context

I have been lucky in the 3 times we have moved here so far. As another poster said, Able is quite friendly to foreigners; though its possible they just screen out the ones that dont deal with foreigners when showing the places to me. But in most cases (while searching) i have found the place online, and came in to directly inquire about the place. I know their trick is to find two more places for you to look at, so you have a choice of three, followed by some pressure to pick one out of those that you looked at. I guess we made the real estate agent work for their commission, often looking at 10-15 different places before deciding.

I have even asked directly - do you have landlords who refuse foreigners... And they told me it used to be more common but very rare these days. But that is Tokyo, and i am looking in the eastern suburbs where there are high numbers of well-integrated foreigners (compared to perhaps shibuya or shinjuku where you get the 'fresher' ones looking to have a good time)

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I'm also keen to see prices cut by 40% Suga-san!

But that would still be more expensive than the MVNO's which are typically 1/4 to 1/3 the price of the big 3 collaborated prices.

But, I think its funny that people here go to three different supermarkets to save 5 yen on a product they are buying, use point cards to save 1% etc... then happily pay 10,000yen a month to one of the big three providers, instead of doing some research and saving up to 8000yen per contract.

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sf2k, thats an interesting idea. Of course esperanto is a useless language, but the recorder is also a useless instrument. Knowing trigonometry is also a pretty useless skill (for most people). But if it does what you say and introduces the concept of language then it could be quite useful.

I was introduced to language as an abstract concept early on, having had to learn 4 languages before i was 10 years old. So to me an apple is just a picture in my mind. The word that represents it depends on who i am talking to. I remember trying to explain this to my monolingual friends and they just couldnt see it. An apple is apple, there is no other way of seeing it in their mind. I learnt Japanese within a year with no prior study, or official classes. Obviously i was quite rough, i only had a small vocabulary, but it was enough to communicate without resorting to English.

If Esperanto can teach a concept that translates to quicker adaption of foreign languages, then i am all for it.

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So the difference in heart age between someone who sleeps 7hrs a night vs someone who sleeps 5 or less is 1.4yrs. But the 5hr/nighter gets 730 waking hours more per year than the 7hr sleeper. Lets say the sleeping hours are decided at around age 15. By the time they are 75, the 5hr sleeper has had 43,800 extra waking hours, or 5 more years of waking time. But their heart only aged 1.4 years more than mister sleepyhead.

I'll take my late nights/early mornings, you can keep your slightly lowered risk of heart issues.

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Flick the switch, or just change the messages from "Use Protection" to "Today is a good day to try for a baby".

There are plenty of apps for that here anyway - ovulation trackers. But they are mainly used by couples aiming for a baby.

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afanofjapan - and how much is due to the demands of Japanese society and the workplace?

For sure society places pressure on people here. But that is a constant factor that every kid in Japan faces, and most of them turn out ok. My thoughts are that the parents must play a role in how to prepare their children for that pressure. How to deal with it, how to release stress, how to live a meaningful life despite that pressure.

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I often wonder how much of this is due to parenting, and how much is an actual mental illness. And if it is a mental illness, what could the parents have done to prevent it occurring earlier. I understand that all parents just do the best that they can, but are they really letting their kids become recluses, under their own noses?

How much does a child's upbringing determine their level of social ability?

I would feel like a failure if my child told me they would rather be in their room than go out to see friends. To the point i would tell them to forget their homework and ban them from their room until bedtime.

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Posted in: Is there an equivalent of the Japanese word 'natsukashii' in other languages? See in context

I was happy to find out that there is almost a direct translation for "get off your(/my) fat ass": 重い腰を上げる (omoikoshi wo ageru). Its pretty much word-for-word and that makes it somewhat satisfying.

maybeperhapsyes - what about 余計なお世話だバカヤロウ (yokeina osewada, bakayaro)... Maybe the bakayaro part isnt necessary unless you really want them to butt out (and disappear)

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Ok both this recipe and the one Tokyo-star linked me to are going into my recipe list. Unfortunately I couldn't find any couscous or even jasmine rice, so I made it with regular Japanese rice (and I cheated by using my rice cooker after the lightly toasting step), but but this and the chicken were absolutely delicious!

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Posted in: Human traffic jam on Mt Fuji shows why weekdays are best days to climb See in context

Hahaha what a joke. Glad to have been able to climb it when it wasnt so crowded. Seeing this pic i can safely say "never again"

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However dont be too quick to wish for all providers to sell all phones unlocked from the factory. Doing this means the end of all carrier discounts on phones. If you sit down and look at how the contracts work here, you will see that you actually get a fairly decent deal (vs the price you'd pay if you brought your OWN phone to them). Sure, all 3 carriers are grossly overpriced, but they counter this with handset discounts. Many Japanese people get it, and use these discounts + carrier swap incentives to get massive discounts and actual free phones... And its this big scheme of things that keep a steady supply of cheap secondhand phones for the rest of us

And if you dont want to play by those rules, then show them the finger, buy a phone outright (or secondhand) and take it to one of the third party providers.

As for using Japanese phones overseas; if they are unlocked they will work, with varying degrees of success. By that i mean you will probably not have as good signal as a locally sourced phone. Each country, and each carrier in that country has their own frequency bands. There are 40 or 50 to select from. Most countries, and many carriers will support Band 1 (2100mhz), but it will be supplemented by other bands. So you may be fine in the city, but certain areas you will have no signal where a local phone will be full bars. Same goes for foreign phones in Japan. You will be fine in the city, but out in the country a local phone will be better off.

I think that the radios in all phones are capable of seeing all bands, but the selection enabled is fixed by the firmware, and AFAIK none of the unlocks will enable all bands to be used. Not sure how it works for iPhones, but at least that is the issue with Androids, all over the world.

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Thanks! I've never cooked with couscous, and my only memories are of my mum using it in her never ending food experiments. Looking at some recipes (which all seem to have so many ingredients), i am thinking i could do the recipe that Tokyo-star suggested, but using Couscous instead...

Thats if i can find it. I will try looking for it tonight after work, but there are none of those fancy international shops where i live. I couldnt even find jasmine/basmati last night when i was looking ingredients.

(oh and i already did a baked potato dish earlier this week, so i think i will go with either couscous or rice if i cant find it)

Chicken is marinating now, albeit with balsamic instead of red wine vinegar (ugh i thought i had the right one but i was wrong). And i ran out of regular olive oil, so had to use basil infused olive oil instead. I'm thinking this dish will be more italian than greek!

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Thanks tokyo-star! That looks absolutely delicious. I will definitely be trying this out in the next couple of day

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One of the rare occasions that a recipe posted on here uses ingredients that i have available to me here in Japan! Will give this a go soon. Anyone have any suggestions for the rice they show in the pic? It isnt regular white rice...

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I'd hope they can squeeze his full user list out of the guy. Get every sleazebag that signed up to the site, and prosecute them as well. Scum.

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Looking at that beach it makes me sad at the disgusting looking beaches we have available to us in Tokyo (unless we go out to Izu).

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No hate dude, but children have been born in less than tents for millennia. Don't use her as your excuse to not camp.

Well you do have a point. Maybe its more about the wife, who wants to try glamping.

Once this heatwave is over i might give it a go. I prefer the chilly nights in the tent over sweating in 30 degrees at night.

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Hate us all you want but we will be glamping for the first few years with our daughter until we can introduce her to the more spartan style of camping. Glamping is really just one step away from the Autocamping most people do, with 2 and three bedroom tents, and more cooking tools than i have in my normal kitchen

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Company "loyalty" might account for some of it. But i bet more than a fair chunk is due to them not wanting to. Easier to be at work dealing with your work stuff, than to be at home helping mum with impossible tasks like cleaning up, doing laundry, changing nappies, or even cooking. Many of the guys i know in the office, and privately, didnt even want to be there for the birth... "Just get it done and let me see the baby when its over". They are even ok with letting the wife go back to her parents place for a month before, and a month after the birth, even if it means missing the birth/only seeing the kid on weekends for the first month.

Not all Japanese are like that of course, and many fathers strive to earn the "ikumen" label (commonly known around the world as "being a real father"). But here child raising is the mothers job - Its just culture, its what their parents did, what their friends do etc.

And of those that do want to take leave... it could be like my company "Oh we dont have a system for processing paternity leave so its not possible to take it". So i just said "im going on 1 month leave, dock my pay if you want". Turns out they dont have a system for docking pay either... yay

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I guess nobody understood tinawatanabe's reference. The reason this is on the news at all is probably because it is similar to the movie Manbiki kazoku "Shoplifters" which is at theaters now.

I find it funny that suddenly the comments section is full of people saying they deserve no sympathy, or even jailtime, for something as small as this. Sure, they shouldnt be allowed to think its ok, but on the other hand, this doesnt sound like a crime of greed, which is a far worse reason to steal. This is just a family who were dealt a bad lot in life. Nobody around to show them how to make money to get ahead in life, nobody to guide them. So they are two generations, probably more, of poverty and lack of hope.

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