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Posted in: Man arrested over lewd act with minor in car See in context

The wording used 'lewd act' and the price paid makes me think he didnt actually touch the girl. Just paid her money to watch him or something disgusting like that. Either way its disgusting and i am happy he was arrested.

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Posted in: 33-year-old man arrested for abusing girlfriend's 2-year-old son See in context

Insane Wayne, not all people who commit domestic violence are gangsters. Japanese companies are full of bullying behaviour, and even if he is not a tough guy at work, it would seem that he has some unresolved stress management issues. Some time in the slammer should hopefully teach him a lesson.

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Posted in: Japan's 1st AI-powered ATM developed to combat money transfer fraud See in context

They cant seem to work out how to make ATMs (with the emphasis on "Automatic") work 24-7, yet they are busy working on adding AI to them??

The line up for the ATMs on Friday evenings is always a laugh to me.

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Posted in: 13 arrested for groping, theft after Shibuya Halloween chaos See in context

Alfie, i was there 2 years ago as well. And the year before that too. Year by year it is getting worse and worse. The first year i went it was 80% costumes, and a really good time. 2 years ago it was less than half costumes, half tourists and photographers. Last year there were only a few costumes, or at best just girls with some blood marks drawn on their faces, and guys with Donki character hats. Each year more and more people are going just for the chance to get drunk and do nampa.

Looking at the pics this year it was mostly non-costumes, and mostly just drunken idiots. Twitter searches show a lot of really disturbing behaviour. Just too many people in one area, so of course there will be a few bad eggs there doing their best to ruin it for everyone.

If the police manage to shut it down hardcore. Block off Center Gai and the surrounding streets, people might start to bring the halloween spirit to other areas. Stop concentrating in one area and i think that the bad behaviour will stop happening. Some of the other cities in Japan could get into it too... no need to have all the country bumpkins travelling to tokyo to rage out in Shibuya

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Posted in: 10,000 or 1,0000? Japanese schools are starting to move commas on big numbers, but why? See in context

Maybe one in 10 kids will try to go out to be 'competitive in the world'. Actually that goes for most countries. I know that i am the only one out of my school friends who works in a different country now. And those that do go for overseas jobs would have no trouble learning the different comma systems, just as they would have to learn the language.

Computer programs can be patched to handle the commas very easily. Internally no commas are used. Programs already have to deal with the various thousands and decimal separators used around the world

This is only confusing to foreigners in Japan. but you are a very tiny minority here. Have you ever watched a japanese person count digits trying to work out how much a large number is? Thats because they are converting a 3 digit separation into their own language. That problem goes away if you separate digits as they are used

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Posted in: Which Japanese and foreign celebrities are you tired of seeing, hearing or reading about? See in context

kawabegawa198, I also used to hate him but if you actually listen to what Matsuko says, you will realise its not because of his/her weight or crossdressing, but because he is incredibly witty and a straight-talker. He is now probably one of the few comedians who i will intentionally watch on TV. There are much worse 'talents' out there who are famous only for one-line gags or childish behaviour.

Two that come to mind are Tomio Umezawa, famous for joking about all the times he has cheated on his wife, And sunshine ikezaki whose entire comedy routine is based around screaming random words at the top of his lungs. Get them both off TV please.

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Posted in: Juntendo University medical school suspected of bias against female applicants See in context

One more reason why i will make sure my daughter doesn't go to university here in Japan.

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Posted in: 3 Colombians, 1 Peruvian arrested over at least 150 burglaries See in context

How did they know the residents were on a trip as opposed to just out at work, school, shopping, and errands?

Instagram and Facebook posts about being on holiday is one method. Scoping out the houses over several days is another method. They organised fake passports, came to Japan and robbed 150 houses, its likely they are pretty good at what they do.

Japan probably has a bit of a reputation overseas as a soft target for crime like this. Coupled with the love of hoarding cash, I hope this doesnt become a regular occurrence.

Lets hope they arent just deported for not having valid passports/visas. I hope they get a lengthy jailterm here in Japan, to send a message to others thinking of doing the same thing.

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Posted in: Youngest Othello world champion flown home by man whose record he beat See in context

I wonder if he was allowed to go into the cockpit to meet the pilot?

Of course not. Because terrorism messed that up for us. Glad i got to do it when i was a young kid, and i wasnt even a champion at anything!

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Posted in: Abe says sales tax to go ahead as planned in Oct 2019 See in context

You cannot compare australia's economics to Japan. Completely different countries with totally different economic factors. Australia's cost of living is high because inflation has been at an almost constant 2%, not because of the GST. Japan has been close to zero for as long as i can remember.

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Posted in: Abe says sales tax to go ahead as planned in Oct 2019 See in context

I'm sure i will get downvoted like hell, but i'm glad that it will soon be easier to calculate the totals at grocery stores and restaurants that dont include tax in the prices. 2% isnt going to break my budget, but i feel bad for those who are so close to the edge that it will cause them problems.

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Posted in: Google brings camera twists, bigger screens to Pixel phones See in context

2020hindsights, on Samsungs at least the SD card slot is in the same opening as the sim card slot. So unless they are going pure eSIM already, it would be no different whether the SD card option is there or not.

Not sure if newer phones have fixed this or not, but at least even on the S8, copying large files to the microSD and then putting that SD into my PC is still the fastest and most reliable method of getting stuff to/from my phone (talking about moving 40+gb of data

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Posted in: Google brings camera twists, bigger screens to Pixel phones See in context

Obviously you have never used a Pixel. They are top of the line phones, on the same level, or higher than Apple/Samsung.

Having said that, nobody is mentioning the damn notch. This is a stupid design choice, and i really hope Samsung doesnt follow it.

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Posted in: Australia seeks to settle migrants outside major cities See in context

If the problem is with the immigrants that come in and are subsidized by the government (through welfare programs etc), then that should be easy to enforce - since they still need to come into the Centrelink offices to collect their welfare payments. So just make it that they can only collect in their designated area.

If this is talking about working immigrants who pay tax, then i think they should be allowed to live where they need to be for work. As long as they are paying taxes!

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Posted in: Ad asks why new graduates in Japan are forced to look the same when job hunting See in context

While i am sitting here thinking "this is amazing, props to Pantene" i am sure there are all the ojisans sitting there reading the ad going "of course you will have your offer removed... how dare you let your hair down!"

Unfortunately it will be a long time before this changes in Japan

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for injuring passerby who caught him filming up woman's skirt See in context


But what about the actual upskirt filming???

Is that what the anti-nuisance charge is for??

The anti-nuisance charge covers all forms of unwanted photography, such as up-skirt photos, or actually even just tourists who come here trying to take that artistic photo of a sleeping person on the train without asking for permission first.

As for the people saying girls should be allowed to wear what they want and NOTHING should excuse this behaviour; I agree its illegal and bad. But if i go into a poor neighbourhood in the US or wherever, i make sure i dont have gold chains or flashy shoes on. I know that i should be able to show off what i worked hard to buy, and that i should expect not to get mugged... But i also know that humans are flawed and that i can minimise my risk by wearing modest clothes....

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Posted in: Tokyo Medical University chooses 1st woman president after sexism scandal See in context

The school had also padded the scores of some applicants with alumni parents to garner donations.

This comment worries me a little more than the one about docking points off women and people who fail the test more than a couple of times. Of course, blocking potentially great doctors from becoming doctors is terrible, but the thought that they are helping unintelligent (but rich) kids become possibly sub-par doctors is DANGEROUS.

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Posted in: It became clear that a large amount of unpaid taxes can be collected from overseas assets, so the latest case will have high ripple and deterrence effects on other tax defaulters. See in context

At first i was thinking "damn that is rough of them to go after him in Australia"

But when i read he received billions of yen, it became clear that this wasnt a guy who is struggling to meet their rent payments each month. As long as they arent chasing the little guys like us, i am fine with them collecting on the big fish like this.

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Posted in: Osaka charms Japan with her manners — and broken Japanese See in context

Anyone know anything about her relationship with her dad? He is never mentioned, except in passing. And in her post match interview she said something like "My dad doesnt watch my matches physically, but he walks around, i will let him know when i see him"... It was a weird statement, is he a homeless vagrant or something?

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Posted in: Osaka charms Japan with her manners — and broken Japanese See in context

@Vernon Watts

The Japanese government does not force people to choose citizenship; dual citizenship was abolished here some time ago. 

Can you explain this statement? My daughter has two nationalities, one of which is Japanese, since she was born here. My understanding is that this is allowed until she turns 22 at which point she is obligated to either renounce her Japanese citizenship, or the foreign one. However nobody really enforces this obligation, and many people continue to have dual nationalities well past that, until they stuff up at the airport, or get investigated for whatever reason.

However since Naomi is so high profile, my guess is that it would be hard for her to slip under the radar having both nationalities intact past her 22nd birthday (which is just before the 2020 olympics!)

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Posted in: Coca-Cola Plus Coffee is here to keep you both bubbly and caffeine-charged See in context

I thought it was quite nice when i tried it last year. Only problem being that the size of the can, and caffeine contents were not enough to give me a morning pick-me-up. I'll stick with my Tully's Barista Black.

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Posted in: Osaka charms Japan with her manners — and broken Japanese See in context

I wonder if the Japanese govt will try to push her to renounce her American citizenship, now that she is nearing the official deadline (22). I am guessing that given an ultimatum, she would choose the country where she has lived most of her life....

Or perhaps Japan, facing the loss of its only grand slam winner, might consider allowing dual nationalities?? We can only hope...

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Posted in: Brazilian pilot arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting woman See in context

So, based on what posters here have written, if a man I have met, get on with, and don't think is a risk to me, invites me to his place for a coffee, a glass of wine, a meal, I am meant to have sex with him?

Of course there is no obligation. But if you live here for any amount of time you will know that people dont visit each other's houses very often. Nowhere near as much as other countries where it would be common to go over for a cup of tea, or even hold a small party with friends. Being invited to someone's house here is seen as a sign of very close friendship/trust. Houses are smaller, and as a result, often messier so going to someones house is very much a look into their private life.

If a guy invites you into his house alone, it probably means he has tidied the place up, and possibly even prepared toothbrushes and extra pillows for you to stay the night. What you do after that is entirely your own choice though.

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Posted in: Going up! Japan to test mini 'space elevator' See in context

ISS orbits at around 400km. 96,000km is probably getting close to the moon. Where are they planning to put this lift, and what is it going to be used for?

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Posted in: If you live or work in the regions where the number of patients is increasing and do not know whether you have been infected with measles, or whether you are vaccinated against the disease, I would like you to consider getting vaccinated. See in context

I got the jab because my wife is pregnant. Then i get told that the vaccine isnt effective for up to 2 months.

By that time i guess the current wave of infections will be passed

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Posted in: Woman gets suspended term for fatal bicycle crash involving smartphone See in context

If she was running through a crowd, late for an appointment and knocked down the old lady, does she deserve a lengthy jail sentence too? Does every accident that results in a death deserve a jail term?

9km/h is barely above walking speed; its a slow jog i would guess. Being hit at those speeds would not hurt most people. The girl probably assumed she was ok even if she bumped someone. She took a badly calculated risk and now lives with the guilt of killing someone

Driving a car, at 40, 50 or even 100km/hr, while drunk is another level of negligence. Everyone KNOWS that you can kill someone, healthy or frail at those speeds. Doing it while drunk increases the odds of having an accident exponentially. There is no excuse for that, and people who do it deserve to be punished

I dont think she should be let off completely, but i also think a jail term is completely uncalled for. Jail is not the answer to every accident that happens. Repatriation, and proof of remorse is enough of a punishment, and a decent deterrent. No need to make a scapegoat out of this woman, just ensure kids are educated better in the future

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Posted in: Scorching heat continues for much of Japan See in context

BackpackingNepal; no. Being a volcanic island, most of the beaches feature dark grey sand, which means the water is quite green/brown looking. Shirahama in Izu has whitish sand, and some beaches in Kansai (as well as the obvious Okinawa). but none which are easily accessible from Tokyo.

Coming from Australia this has been the biggest downside for me. I am used to white sand, crowd free beaches. On the other hand, some of the mountain streams outside of Tokyo are stunningly beautiful, if you can get to them.

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Posted in: Woman gets suspended term for fatal bicycle crash involving smartphone See in context

Jesus there are a few Judge Dreds on here. You make a mistake, you deserve to DIE!

Ever stop to consider that she is already being punished by her own consciousness? Knowing she took the life of another person? The court noted she has shown remorse, so perhaps she isnt the cold hearted killer you are all making her out to be... And no doubt she has to pay the family too, i suspect her life will be irrevocably changed by this momentary lack of judgement.

If she has to live with the guilt, is probably bankrupt from the repatriation costs, will likely not be able to find normal work with a criminal record, do you think she might have learnt her lesson? Do you think she'll go out and ride with her smartphone again??

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Posted in: Scorching heat continues for much of Japan See in context

There's just not enough pools available in Tokyo for the number of people here. The beach options are far away (Kanagawa), and grey/black sand makes for a bit of a dirty feeling. Toshimaen charges 4000yen per person for entry, and they are still this packed... I would much rather swim in a river as well, but for all the waterways in Tokyo, none have swimming areas (too dirty?)

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Posted in: Have you ever experienced discrimination when trying to rent an apartment in Japan? If yes, what were the circumstances? See in context

I have been lucky in the 3 times we have moved here so far. As another poster said, Able is quite friendly to foreigners; though its possible they just screen out the ones that dont deal with foreigners when showing the places to me. But in most cases (while searching) i have found the place online, and came in to directly inquire about the place. I know their trick is to find two more places for you to look at, so you have a choice of three, followed by some pressure to pick one out of those that you looked at. I guess we made the real estate agent work for their commission, often looking at 10-15 different places before deciding.

I have even asked directly - do you have landlords who refuse foreigners... And they told me it used to be more common but very rare these days. But that is Tokyo, and i am looking in the eastern suburbs where there are high numbers of well-integrated foreigners (compared to perhaps shibuya or shinjuku where you get the 'fresher' ones looking to have a good time)

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