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Posted in: Train etiquette: Top 10 inconsiderate behaviors that tick Japanese train commuters off the most See in context

Backpacks crept up to #1 because they have only recently become popular with Japanese people (Annelo bags for younger kids, and smart backpacks for business people). Until now it was always shoulder bags or briefcases. Backpacks take up space directly behind you, and it is human nature to try to keep some personal space in front of you - This makes for quite a bit of space usage for one person. For example, if you keep your backpack on your back while you are standing in front of the seats, people will have trouble passing behind you. If you shift your backpack to your front, you not only guarantee that bit of personal space in front of you, you dont take up any unnecessary space behind you. This is why they say to shift your backpack to your front on trains.... Unfortunately not many people understand this, and hence you have the #1 annoyance for other passengers right now...

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Posted in: In a Tokyo neighborhood's last sushi restaurant, a sense of loss See in context

My first experience with Sushi was in a small mom and pop store like this. At the time i didnt even eat cooked fish, but i decided to give it a try. I have since had sushi at much cheaper places, and MUCH more expensive places, but nothing tasted as good as the sushi that came with the conversation and atmosphere at that place. Sadly, as indicated in the article, the place shut down in the years that followed - nobody to take over the business since the chef's son wanted to become a salaryman.

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Posted in: Dual nationals feel cast adrift in Japan See in context

@John Beara

As the others have said, the ability to travel to unknown African countries might be nice and all, but holding two passports gives your kids CHOICE to decide if they want to live/work in Europe, or Japan. Quite selfish to decide that they dont need that freedom, but then its your kids, you raise them how YOU see fit.

I dont care which passport holds more power or which country is better for living. I will do whatever i can to make sure my kids have as much freedom to choose their future. One of those choices will be where to live.

Anyway, all this talk about immigration lines... I think that the foreign residents line at Narita is the shortest of all three (Japanese nationals, Foreign tourists, Foreign residents). So i am usually waiting on the other side for my wife and child.

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Posted in: Sapporo blast occurred after 120 spray cans were emptied See in context

Anyone who has ever rented an apartment here will know there are a bunch of BS fees and extra charges they lay on when you move in.

One of those fees is 消毒 or sanitization; this is usually around 30k yen, and they really upsell this to you (its optional, but they wont ever tell you that - but you can just say "dont do that" and they will take it off the quote). Even with a cost conscious wife, we were nearly pressured into this until i looked it up. Any home center sells the exact same products as they use for this, usually just a spraycan you sit in the center of the room. Or at most a spraycan to spray into the nooks and crannies. Apaman went an extra step though, and offered "smell removal and antibacterial" service, for which they charged an extra 15k (this is on top of the sanitization fee).

Not only did they pressure/push this on new lessees, it turns out they didnt even do the stuff they were paid for. I am willing to bet that this is not just them, and that this cover-up extended to the sanitization service as well. Rental agencies here really are all a massive scam. They are usually all searching off the same central database, and end up costing both the lesser and the lessee a bunch of money for nothing.

This accident should have blown the cover off this whole scam of an industry (pun intended), but of course that will be glossed over and by april next year Apaman shop will be pushing for the next round of rental shuffling

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Posted in: Mother gets 2 years in prison for abusing 8-month-old daughter who suffered frostbite See in context

Heartbreaking. 20 hours in the cold and no food either. At 8 months old they cant walk they dont know whats going on. Should have been charged with attempted murder.

I wonder if this is enough to grant custody to the father... i guess not though.

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Posted in: 'Sodane' (that's it) selected as top buzzword of 2018 See in context

I remember when this was becoming a buzzword, and they were showing grown salarymen using the word on the news. To me, that phrase should have died right there. Picture adults in suits trying to use Bae and Lit or AF in sentences while 'dabbing', thats how cringey it looked.

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Posted in: ANA security checkpoint cut-off time becomes 20 minutes before departure at Haneda for domestic flights See in context

15 minutes was insanely short. I dont know of any other airport in the world that lets you check in 15 minutes before departure (feel free to correct me though, i didnt look it up). Most other airports/airlines will require you to be checked in at least an hour before the departure time.

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Posted in: Getting around the neighborhood by bike comes with plenty of rules in Japan See in context

Who spends 1hr each way walking to and from work without thinking "oh maybe a bike or scooter would be a better option"... until the boss pointed it out?

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Posted in: Curry rice king Coco Ichi removes 80% of rice, replaces it with something else in new dish See in context

Never understood why coco is so popular with tourists. Its the same taste you get from the roux packs you get in supermarkets, and its a dish that even the most inept cook can prepare themselves for 1/10 the price. Toppings always look so bland and unimaginative (not to mention unhealthy as indicated in the article).

Much more fun to prepare it yourself with a bunch of veggies (whatever is in season), big chunks of meat and simmered until everything is melt in your mouth soft.

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Posted in: 6 found dead in house in Miyazaki Pref; 7th body found under bridge See in context

From what i read in the Japanese articles, it appears that the man found under the bridge was the culprit, and it is looking like a murder-suicide incident. In the house they found his father (72), mother (66), wife (41), son (21) and daughter (7)... And one of his coworkers Fumiaki Matsuoka (44).

While it is very early to speculate, my suspicions are on an affair between his wife and this Matsuoka guy. Or Matsuoka was just an innocent bystander in a meltdown of tragic proportions. Still not sure how he could manage to kill all those there without being overpowered or anyone escaping. So so sad...

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Posted in: Japan to beef up defense against cyberattacks, space monitoring See in context

Can they please get rid of the useless Luddite in charge of cyber security first? The one that has never used a computer. I'm sure his first suggestion would be to send faxes to hackers asking them to stop.

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Posted in: Osaka police still relying on facial recognition skills after 40 years See in context

There has not been a single wrongful arrest.

I guarantee that it just means nobody has managed to endure the forced confession attempts, or been successful in their appeal against the charges, using frivolous excuses like DNA or alibis.

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Posted in: Realistic masks made in Japan find demand from tech, car companies See in context

I kind of want one. Is that being narcissistic?

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Posted in: Would you recommend that people get a flu shot before the onset of winter? See in context

I never got the flu shot, but i also never got the flu. Then last year at 37 years old i caught the flu for the very first time. And subsequently infected my wife and child.

My wife had taken the flu shot, yet she got it too... Useless you may say? No, she was back up and healthy after 2 days whereas i felt like death for a full week (apparently if you do get the flu after the vaccine its usually goes away quickly).

But the worst was the fact that i gave it to my daughter; so from this year on, i will be getting the shot. Its funny, people will make fun of anti-vaxxers till the cows come home, but when you ask them if they get the flu shot they will say "ah no, i dont think its effective" or "i dont need it, i just avoid sick people". Dont do it for yourself, do it for the off chance you might pass it onto someone who is too weak to fight it off...

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Posted in: 2 megabanks in Japan to share ATMs to cut costs amid fall in users See in context

2,000 ATMs, including unmanned machines installed outside of the banks' offices

Ah-hah! so they are saying they have ATMs that are 'manned', this explains why their ATMs arent 24-7, i always suspected that they dont have a computer behind it, and in fact its just a little ojichan sitting in there taking your card, faxing details to head office, receiving the OK and then pushing money through the slot...

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Posted in: Man arrested over lewd act with minor in car See in context

The wording used 'lewd act' and the price paid makes me think he didnt actually touch the girl. Just paid her money to watch him or something disgusting like that. Either way its disgusting and i am happy he was arrested.

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Posted in: 33-year-old man arrested for abusing girlfriend's 2-year-old son See in context

Insane Wayne, not all people who commit domestic violence are gangsters. Japanese companies are full of bullying behaviour, and even if he is not a tough guy at work, it would seem that he has some unresolved stress management issues. Some time in the slammer should hopefully teach him a lesson.

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Posted in: Japan's 1st AI-powered ATM developed to combat money transfer fraud See in context

They cant seem to work out how to make ATMs (with the emphasis on "Automatic") work 24-7, yet they are busy working on adding AI to them??

The line up for the ATMs on Friday evenings is always a laugh to me.

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Posted in: 13 arrested for groping, theft after Shibuya Halloween chaos See in context

Alfie, i was there 2 years ago as well. And the year before that too. Year by year it is getting worse and worse. The first year i went it was 80% costumes, and a really good time. 2 years ago it was less than half costumes, half tourists and photographers. Last year there were only a few costumes, or at best just girls with some blood marks drawn on their faces, and guys with Donki character hats. Each year more and more people are going just for the chance to get drunk and do nampa.

Looking at the pics this year it was mostly non-costumes, and mostly just drunken idiots. Twitter searches show a lot of really disturbing behaviour. Just too many people in one area, so of course there will be a few bad eggs there doing their best to ruin it for everyone.

If the police manage to shut it down hardcore. Block off Center Gai and the surrounding streets, people might start to bring the halloween spirit to other areas. Stop concentrating in one area and i think that the bad behaviour will stop happening. Some of the other cities in Japan could get into it too... no need to have all the country bumpkins travelling to tokyo to rage out in Shibuya

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Posted in: 10,000 or 1,0000? Japanese schools are starting to move commas on big numbers, but why? See in context

Maybe one in 10 kids will try to go out to be 'competitive in the world'. Actually that goes for most countries. I know that i am the only one out of my school friends who works in a different country now. And those that do go for overseas jobs would have no trouble learning the different comma systems, just as they would have to learn the language.

Computer programs can be patched to handle the commas very easily. Internally no commas are used. Programs already have to deal with the various thousands and decimal separators used around the world

This is only confusing to foreigners in Japan. but you are a very tiny minority here. Have you ever watched a japanese person count digits trying to work out how much a large number is? Thats because they are converting a 3 digit separation into their own language. That problem goes away if you separate digits as they are used

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Posted in: Which Japanese and foreign celebrities are you tired of seeing, hearing or reading about? See in context

kawabegawa198, I also used to hate him but if you actually listen to what Matsuko says, you will realise its not because of his/her weight or crossdressing, but because he is incredibly witty and a straight-talker. He is now probably one of the few comedians who i will intentionally watch on TV. There are much worse 'talents' out there who are famous only for one-line gags or childish behaviour.

Two that come to mind are Tomio Umezawa, famous for joking about all the times he has cheated on his wife, And sunshine ikezaki whose entire comedy routine is based around screaming random words at the top of his lungs. Get them both off TV please.

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Posted in: Juntendo University medical school suspected of bias against female applicants See in context

One more reason why i will make sure my daughter doesn't go to university here in Japan.

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Posted in: 3 Colombians, 1 Peruvian arrested over at least 150 burglaries See in context

How did they know the residents were on a trip as opposed to just out at work, school, shopping, and errands?

Instagram and Facebook posts about being on holiday is one method. Scoping out the houses over several days is another method. They organised fake passports, came to Japan and robbed 150 houses, its likely they are pretty good at what they do.

Japan probably has a bit of a reputation overseas as a soft target for crime like this. Coupled with the love of hoarding cash, I hope this doesnt become a regular occurrence.

Lets hope they arent just deported for not having valid passports/visas. I hope they get a lengthy jailterm here in Japan, to send a message to others thinking of doing the same thing.

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Posted in: Youngest Othello world champion flown home by man whose record he beat See in context

I wonder if he was allowed to go into the cockpit to meet the pilot?

Of course not. Because terrorism messed that up for us. Glad i got to do it when i was a young kid, and i wasnt even a champion at anything!

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Posted in: Abe says sales tax to go ahead as planned in Oct 2019 See in context

You cannot compare australia's economics to Japan. Completely different countries with totally different economic factors. Australia's cost of living is high because inflation has been at an almost constant 2%, not because of the GST. Japan has been close to zero for as long as i can remember.

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Posted in: Abe says sales tax to go ahead as planned in Oct 2019 See in context

I'm sure i will get downvoted like hell, but i'm glad that it will soon be easier to calculate the totals at grocery stores and restaurants that dont include tax in the prices. 2% isnt going to break my budget, but i feel bad for those who are so close to the edge that it will cause them problems.

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Posted in: Google brings camera twists, bigger screens to Pixel phones See in context

2020hindsights, on Samsungs at least the SD card slot is in the same opening as the sim card slot. So unless they are going pure eSIM already, it would be no different whether the SD card option is there or not.

Not sure if newer phones have fixed this or not, but at least even on the S8, copying large files to the microSD and then putting that SD into my PC is still the fastest and most reliable method of getting stuff to/from my phone (talking about moving 40+gb of data

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Posted in: Google brings camera twists, bigger screens to Pixel phones See in context

Obviously you have never used a Pixel. They are top of the line phones, on the same level, or higher than Apple/Samsung.

Having said that, nobody is mentioning the damn notch. This is a stupid design choice, and i really hope Samsung doesnt follow it.

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Posted in: Australia seeks to settle migrants outside major cities See in context

If the problem is with the immigrants that come in and are subsidized by the government (through welfare programs etc), then that should be easy to enforce - since they still need to come into the Centrelink offices to collect their welfare payments. So just make it that they can only collect in their designated area.

If this is talking about working immigrants who pay tax, then i think they should be allowed to live where they need to be for work. As long as they are paying taxes!

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Posted in: Ad asks why new graduates in Japan are forced to look the same when job hunting See in context

While i am sitting here thinking "this is amazing, props to Pantene" i am sure there are all the ojisans sitting there reading the ad going "of course you will have your offer removed... how dare you let your hair down!"

Unfortunately it will be a long time before this changes in Japan

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