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Posted in: Japanese tourist, husband charged in Hawaii sex assault case See in context

Madden - i guess they figured she was a tourist who didnt speak English (hence her translating his requests); so she wouldnt go to the police, and just stay quiet about it.

I wonder how many times Nagisa was the victim of this guy's violence - I am guessing this isnt the first time he has punched a woman.

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Posted in: Incoming emperor's life filled with breaks from tradition See in context

semperfi, absolutely, and she should be congratulated for that. Not everyone is strong enough to handle it though. Pop stars often burn out, resort to drugs, have mental breakdowns... and thats from only a few years of media attention. Imagine that attention was pretty much guaranteed for the rest of your life.

I know i wouldnt cope. Being watched every second of the day. There would be pics of me in the tabloids every second day picking a booger out of my nose or rearranging my equipment.

Look at what happened with Ayako's future husband. Family secrets all aired out, tabloids filled with crazy stories. She could offer me a lifetime of wealth and i wouldnt take the bait.

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Posted in: Competition for talent forces Japanese firms to revamp recruiting process See in context

SaikoPhysco exactly. Its not just about changing the timeframes they hold the interviews, its about how they interview, its about what they offer (how about hiring kids who studied in the field that you are hiring for?)

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Posted in: Incoming emperor's life filled with breaks from tradition See in context

The protection he offered was from the intense media scrutiny and stresses of being watched every day just for being part of the imperial household. You might think its an easy life not having to work or worry about money, but there are plenty of other things that can stress you to the point of a nervous breakdown.

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Posted in: Renting flat-pack furniture? Ikea's push to go green See in context

I'm all for the idea, especially here in Japan. Getting rid of large furniture items is actually quite a hassle here, and if you are renting, there is every chance the next apartment wont fit your 3 piece lounge.

Or even if you are staying in one place, it would be great to change things up every so often without thinking of what to do with your old stuff, or how much money you wasted on buying it (only to throw it away)

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Posted in: Some of Samsung's new folding phones are already breaking See in context

I still dont see the point of these 'foldable' screens. The tech is good; making flexible screens has lots of ergonomic potential, but the fold seems unnecessary. Off-angle shots show that there is a visible wave at the crease (which is obvious). If it is noticeable, then a pair of screens with even a 1mm bezel would offer exactly the same benefits, with the added bonus of being able to repair each screen separately, and being half the price.

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Posted in: Emperor performs ritual to report abdication to Shinto gods See in context

Ooft that new Century looks so good (in an rich, ugly way - much like rolls royces and bentleys).

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Posted in: Half of foreigners in Tokyo have experienced discrimination: survey See in context

I suspect most of the commenters on here are white males, who will have a far different experience with 'discrimination' as Chinese, or Indians or Africans. I feel like it would be a much tougher experience for non-white foreigners here :(

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Posted in: Docomo to lower mobile phone fees by up to 40% from June See in context

MarkX/Spitfire, seems you both misunderstood their complicated pricing structures, or didnt read the contract properly when you signed up.

Mobile phone contracts here are (mostly) a fixed service charge, around 6-7000 yen per month, which includes your basic access fee, unlimited calls and 7gb of data. Then you have the handset fee which is 3-4000 per month on top of that basic access fee. Thats because you buy the phone on a payment plan, and pay it off in 24 monthly installments.

The confusing part for most people is that then the provider gives you a discount on the fixed service charge, for 24 months, which is usually the same amount as the handset repayment fee. So you only end up paying 6-7000 a month instead of 9-10,000. Then at the end of your 2 years, the discount disappears, and so does your phone payments. Hence no change or possibly even increased prices at the end of your contract. What you are supposed to do then is go back to the shop and renew your contract with a new phone, restarting the handset payments, and subsequently also the fixed price subsidies.

Its all a big ripoff though. Even with the planned 6000yen price plans. the 1980 plan with 1gb will be good for old people and light users, but MVNOs are still your best option for phone service here.

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Posted in: Extra abdication holidays pose dilemma for Japanese workers See in context

Regarding the time off. I guess that a long holiday like this only benefits the very rich, those who can justify spending 5 times the regular cost of a vacation just to fly on those coveted days off (I intend to disable my facebook account during this holiday, as those people are really the only ones who post updates now). Regular workers (me) cannot justify it, so we will need to spend time at home.

Luckily, unlike the stereotypical Japanese salaryman, I would rather be at home with my family, than in the office working. Funny thing is, The Rising Wasabi posted a satire article about this a while back. I thought i was on the wrong site for a minute!

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Posted in: From Meiji to Reiwa: Japan's centenarians provide window to past See in context

Worked until 105! Wow!

Must be amazing to have lived through the the whole of the 1900s, so much important history was made, so many revolutions.

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Posted in: Court rejects damages suit over same-surname rule after marriage See in context

My wife didnt change her surname when we married (and i didnt adopt her surname), as it was mendokusai and because katakana surnames might affect her work prospects in the future. Lucky us? or maybe not... Because now that we have children, they must take her surname. And its not possible to register my children in my home country with my surname either. So now, my son wont get to carry on the very rare surname we have. Also we cant get family cards on our credit cards or sign up for family memberships because my surnane is different to hers. We are looking into changing her (and our kids) surnames to mine now, but it is a PITA

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Posted in: Part-timer at Sukiya restaurant arrested for assaulting co-worker See in context

Every time i have eaten at Sukiya, i am amazed at how the workers there keep it together. They are always severely understaffed, and people who eat there seem to be the most impatient Japanese ever. Yelling at staff for getting an order wrong or taking more than 30 seconds to serve it.

Everyone is quick to judge the sempai for being a bully, but there is every chance that the 20yr old was being an insolent little punk. Perhaps he turned up for work late/hung over/unkempt and the overworked sempai lost his temper. Of course violence is wrong and therefore they were right to arrest him, but i dont know if it is purely because he is a big bully sempai picking on the poor innocent kohai.

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Posted in: Antitrust watchdog to question Amazon Japan over new rewards program See in context

So, the fact that all products purchased on Rakuten, and on Yahoo shopping earn rewards points is not important? Only for the foreign company? The black ship that is Amazon?

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Posted in: 12 hours of unlimited beer and hard liquor on offer at Tokyo internet cafe See in context

On the other hand, if you prefer to do your drinking in relaxing quiet, this is an incredible offer.

In other words, if you are an alcoholic and just drink to get drunk...

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Posted in: Family of 4 hit by car in Tokyo’s Machida City; driver arrested See in context

With the blame proportioning system here, i hope they put some of the blame on the motorcyclist for stopping in what was undoubtedly a no-stopping zone. This is something i see EVERYWHERE here. People stopping and parking, or sitting in their cars on any sidestreets, no matter what parking rules there are. They know that the worst that will happen is a friendly warning from the police.

What they dont realise is by them stopping, they are forcing other drivers to go onto the wrong side of the road, reducing safety for all involved. The worst are the ones that think that stopping on a street corner is the best spot, where they block any visibility for cars and pedestrians (in the case of vans and trucks), who have to go past them.

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Posted in: Sanders says he's running for president in 2020 See in context

Not going to bother reading the 140+ responses of dems bickering with reps. But i just hope that there is a sensible moderate choice in the next election. Too far either way (to the right with trump, or the left with Bernie) causes rifts and is dividing the nation. Despite all the arguments, in the end, as humans we want the same thing. Even die-hard MAGAs want to reduce gun violence. Even 'socialist' Bernie supporters want to feel safe and reduce terrorism/drug crime.

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Posted in: Even if infidelity breaks down a marriage and leads to divorce, unless there are exceptional circumstances, such as the third party involved unreasonably interfering in the marriage in a bid to prompt a divorce, the third party is not liable for paying damages for the divorce. See in context

I was always under the impression that the third party is liable to pay damages in cases like this. So is this supreme court ruling basically stating that unless you do it with intent to break up a marriage, you are not liable for damages? Or only if you are willing to fight it up to the supreme court?

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Posted in: Unbelievable deal from Domino’s Pizza Japan makes Wednesday best day of the week See in context

Is this special available every Wednesday? The article isn't clear about that.

Unfortunately not, it was only valid on the 13th feb according to the screenshot.

Two for one is often done here, especially if you pick up at the shop rather than have it delivered. 3 for one is great value (for Japan), but if its only a one-time offer thats a pity

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Posted in: Half of Japan's regional banks to join hands in cashless payment See in context

Seems like a lot of people arent aware that Japan has had a form of NFC payment since 2004. Its the rest of the world that is finally starting to catch up to Japan in this regard. And according to what they are saying here, this system would make it easier for small businesses, temples etc to accept cashless payment, as it no longer requires specific hardware (NFC readers).

But, my guess is that Mizuho started developing this system when Apple hadnt yet released a phone with NFC/Felica support. Remember at the time, they were trying to tell us that using barcodes to pay was better than using NFC (then adopted NFC and suddenly it was the best thing ever).

My only worry is that being Mizuho, the payments would only be free between 9-5, monday to Friday, and that it would either be shut down for the weekend, or come with a 'convenience fee' like all their ATMs do.

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Posted in: Father held over fatal abuse of daughter rearrested for earlier assault See in context

Its for people like this, that the Japanese justice system makes sense. If it was a 'western' justice system, this guy would be out on bail and his lawyers would be doing everything they can to get him off scott-free.

But unfortunately, for people like this, the Japanese confinement system probably still wont work. Real scumbags can be kept in confinement without lawyers and subjected to weeks/months of pressure to confess, and wont say a peep.

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Posted in: Gov't data show exodus to Tokyo from other parts of Japan continues See in context

Promote telecommuting!

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Posted in: Japan-EU free trade pact enters into force See in context

Looking at the mainichi news they give a table showing the exact figures and how they will change

Wine: Max 94 yen tax will be removed (i.e. wine will be up to 94 yen cheaper) - effective immediately

Sparkling wine Max 137 yen tax will be removed immediately

Pork (expensive cuts) tax will go from 4.7 to 2.2% immediately, 2.0 after april 1.

Pork (cheak cuts) will go from max 482yen/kg tax to max 125yen/kg tax immediately... This sounds like it will be quite good!

Pasta/Chocolate: barely any noticeable difference

Cheese: 29.8% -- 27.9% immediately, and then 26.1% after april 1st. i.e. barely any difference :(

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Posted in: Woman killed by train after falling from platform at Nakameguro Station had influenza See in context

My father in law had crazy hallucinations the last time he got the flu. At one point he got up, put on his coat and grabbed his keys and tried to get into his car to go to work. We stopped him though, because it was 11pm and he had been retired for a couple of years. Not sure if this was the Tamiflu or just a crazy side effect of the flu but it was scary.

Just because she was headed to work doesnt mean her boss was forcing her to work, or that she even wanted to go to work. Perhaps she just didnt have anyone watching over her to make sure she stayed in bed with some warm soup. Poor woman, poor family.

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Posted in: Court upholds 'sterilization' rule for gender change See in context

I get the feeling most people are just reading the headline and becoming so enraged they cannot see the forest for the trees. The government isnt grabbing transgenders and forcing sterilization. This is about people who choose to go all the way to being legally recognised as another gender. Its one of the requirements for that recognition. Just like taking a Japanese name is a requirement for being legally recognised as a Japanese citizen.

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Posted in: Japan eyes e-money salary payments See in context

The whole reason for this is because foreigners cannot easily open bank accounts - therefore they cannot receive direct deposits for their salaries. I remember when i first came here i was turned down by a few banks since i hadnt lived here for 6 months or more.

I went to shinsei bank who were very helpful and gave me an account and a card the same day. Now i am glad i went with them, and laugh at all the fools lining up for the ATM on friday afternoons so they wont be forced to pay ATM fees on weekends.

Perhaps the government should make it a little easier to open bank accounts rather than paying these people in Mobile Suica payments?

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Posted in: Dowdy no more: Men in suits storm back into style See in context

Unfortunately none of those suits appear very 'tailored'... All are a few sizes too big; though that is the fashion these days. Will be interesting to see where this trend goes though.

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Posted in: Tokyo Metro offers free food to ease crowding on Tozai line See in context

Moving an office out of Tokyo causes problems because as it is, people live in all corners of Tokyo. They all come to the central meeting point, which is where the office is.

Move the office out to yokohama for example and suddenly the people who live in Saitama have a 2hr commute to work. They would realistically have to move, or quit.

I work 'jisabiz' and I love it. Trains arent so crowded, and i am home early in the evenings. But i have a very foreign attitude to overtime (i.e. i dont do any). I know others in my office would just end up staying back till their normal hometime, meaning there isnt any point for them.

The solution for people in IT is telecommuting. Have regional 'work space' offices where people can rent out a private booth to do their work in (if they dont want to work from home - i know i wouldnt be able to resist all the temptations around my house), one at each station so that you can get there without having to go far from home. You could even spread it out, half the day in the remote office, half the day in the actual office.

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Posted in: 'Short skirts cause sexual assaults,' according to Japanese school uniform poster See in context

If i go into a poor neighbourhood or an area known for muggings, i will hide my gold chains and nice watch. I know that i should expect not to get mugged, and i am in no way excusing those who mug people...

Is it not possible to warn girls the same thing without being labeled a 'victim blamer'?

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Posted in: Do you think the 10-day Golden Week holiday period from April 27 to May 6, during which the imperial succession is scheduled to take place, is a good idea? The travel industry is eager to take advantage of the unusual business opportunity, while a survey has indicated that people who welcome the holidays and those who do not are nearly evenly divided. See in context

The travel industry is just keen to jack up flight and hotel prices to 10 times normal prices, knowing Japanese will pay because a 10 day holiday break from work doesnt even happen with the birth of your first child here.

Meanwhile those of us who can take holidays normally have to pay exorbitantly inflated prices just to get out of town during that time. I guess i will sit around the house and watch movies... But I would rather work that week and take the 10 days at another time!

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