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Posted in: GOP to let Trump fight election for weeks despite Biden's win See in context

2020hindsightsToday  08:58 am JST

Why is it biased in 2020, but not biased in 2016, 2012, 2008, etc.? They call it every election. It's not official, but the result never changes.

Those elections were clear-cut and dried. This election is a lot closer to the 50/50 split with no clear winner at this time.

So was Trump's decision to accept the media's conclusion reckless in 2016?

Again, clear-cut. Foregone conclusion, etc.

No. The outcome has been decided. Biden won. Time to accept this fact. It hasn't been certified by all the different states, but that is merely an official stamp.

No. The outcome in key states is very close to within several thousand votes. The election has not been determined and to call it prematurely is folly.

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Posted in: GOP to let Trump fight election for weeks despite Biden's win See in context

The press don't get to decide who gets elected to office, after all the votes have been tallied, filed and checked for errors, (electronic as well as physical), the electoral college will meet in December to decide who will be elected based upon the tallied votes. The press announcing a win for Biden is premature and at this point in time, biased. Joe Biden accepting the media's conclusion without making any effort to explain the above is reckless. If Trump does win after all the votes are tallied, it'll make him look like a proper fool.

In short, the outcome hasn't been decided yet and can still go either way.

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Posted in: Anti-NHK party head suggests genocide to solve overpopulation See in context

He seems to be a very "progressive" thinker. Perhaps if he were to practice what he preaches?

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Posted in: Abe says ASDF may evolve into 'Air and Space SDF' See in context


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Posted in: Digital dilemma: Japan flirts with overly aggressive online copyright law See in context

Well everyone, it's been fun but it looks like these days of cultural exchange via common media will soon be gone. If Japan and the rest of the world wants to assert draconian rules for copywrite, then the product that they're selling won't be seen outside of their native countries with few exceptions. This means that the product won't be enjoyed by any other countries eyes and ears with the result of the product not being bought by the external fan base. Good luck with that overseas advertising, corporations!

It'll end up costing more to advertise the product than it brings back in sales revenue. Just go ahead and kill the golden goose, thanks!

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Posted in: Japanese consulting police more than ever on non-urgent matters See in context

Welcome to my world! When the police are called in because a burger joint didn't make your order correctly, let me know, okay? At least the person writing the article did a little research on the subject and decided that community participation is the underlying problem unlike most lazy, sensationalist headline grabbing MSM reporters in my part of the world do.

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Posted in: Famous anime voice actress says she was once so poor she had to eat tissues See in context

I don't know if it's shown here, but this is a candidate for the show "My Strange Addiction". I know I'd watch it!

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Posted in: Water at Tokyo's new fish market contaminated: official See in context

So, they just want to keep it buried and ignore it via monitoring? A more prudent approach might be to see how far and deep the benzine is spread and then if economically feasible inserting pumping stations with alcohol to dissolve the benzine and extract it from the area for recycling. Sounds far-fetched, but at least they'd get rid of most of it. Of course the surrounding area might turn out to be just as saturated with it and that would open up a very large can of worms if it's used for living space.

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Posted in: Brigitte Bardot slams #MeToo 'publicity-seeking' actresses See in context

This is the beginning of the fourth wave. In this wave, unknown and relative unknowns will claim "He sent negative sexual vibes at me and I felt violated".

It's coming, There's no encroaching on male egos here. This is just the power struggle that has been going on since the first man and woman met. Everybody wants to rule the world.

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Posted in: Piko Taro to entertain Trump during Japan visit See in context

Does Japan really hate Trump that much? XD

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Posted in: More firms introducing anti-smoking measures See in context

It's all for the best, really. I quit over a decade ago and now I only crave a smoke every 30 seconds instead of constantly.

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Posted in: 'Star Wars: Episode IX' loses writer/director Trevorrow over movie vision See in context

More power to him. The last release was utter garbage. The plot behind the next one aims to destroy the Jedi themselves. Mouse indeed. More like a destroyer of phantasy worlds Are they planning to buy up the Star Trek universe next and turn it into "Star Drek"? The US has anti-monopoly laws, why aren't they being enforced?

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Posted in: N Korea says hydrogen bomb test was 'perfect success' See in context

What's happening: NK is attempting to join "The Nuclear Boys Club".

Why it's happening: NK wants to get recognized as a world power. (I don't say it would happen, just that they want to be recognized.)

How: You got me, babe. Atomic is one thing, Hydrogen is totally another.

Is it a result of Bush Jr.? Nah.

Is it a result of Trump: Really? Are you kidding me?

Will it result in NK becoming a nuclear wasteland: Depends on their "Beloved Leader", doesn't it? For all intents a purposes, he seems like nothing more than a puppet controlled by their military elite.

But hey, banana republics are fun to watch and burn with magnifying glasses, aren't they?

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd pulls plug on campaign to disrupt Japan whale hunt See in context


Detective work is mostly using one's legs and asking many questions. There are a few motives to consider: 1 - jealous or spurned lover: Nope, the whales didn't spurn anyone. 2 - grudge: Nope, the whales didn't do anything to you or yours. 3 - Follow the money: Umm, I'll get back to you on that, there's a person wearing an expensive suit who wants to chat with me...

Follow Up: Nope, it's not the money. Definitely not the money. In fact, forget I even commented.

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Posted in: Kono asks China to learn 'how to behave as big power' See in context

"Grow up and act your age". Sounds legit to me. China is flexing its military muscle and attempting to push its territories beyond it's mainland into the south seas as far as it can push.

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Posted in: Scientists dim sunlight, suck up carbon dioxide to cool planet See in context

I must laugh to keep from crying.

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Posted in: Japanese treat themselves to grilled eels on annual eel-eating day See in context


The English also love their eels and face a similar problem. The amount of eel and pie shops have declined considerably there.

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Posted in: Bieber not welcome in China over past 'bad behavior' See in context

Oh please let him in! We don't want him out here...

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Posted in: Republican push to end Obamacare collapses in US Senate See in context

Here's my take: Both parties are going to spend, spend, spend on things that the average taxpayer doesn't want. The Repubs will spend on big ticket items with a kickback into their wallets. Demos will spend for the poor and underprivileged in the hopes of both kickbacks and partisan majority voting. The taxpayer, (the one who has to foot all this crap), gets nothing. Under ACA with all it's overpriced meds and care, the taxpayer is included in getting a bone or two concerning healthcare.

The repubs see that as a threat as they don't get as many kickbacks so they want this stopped at all costs. What they don't understand is that by diversifying their portfolio they'll profit just as much if not more. But that opens the door for the Demos to crow about how they "changed healthcare for the better".

I truly wish that both parties would really understand that the taxpayer's burden is already too high and start working together to lower the amount of tax that their greed has and will continue to raise until the system collapses and they both find themselves underground in their well-stocked bunkers awaiting their end by angry hordes of disgruntled ex-taxpayers.

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Posted in: Charlie Chaplin narrowly escaped assassination by Japanese 'terrorists' in 1932 See in context

@Mocheake Please, please never ever mention Sandler or Seinfeld as an association with a true artist such as Charlie Chaplin. It's the equivalent of comparing a piece of doggy doo to a rare filet mignon wrapped in bacon with mushrooms and a mature Rioja Reserva as a palette pairing. Yes, those two are just that horrid.

That being, I think that the US would merely shrug their collective shoulders were that such a scenario came to fruition.

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Posted in: Whistleblower Snowden warns of looming mass surveillance in Japan See in context

When they put cameras on the trains to protect the inebriated, I said something. When they put them in the streets to protect people from "thieves", I said nothing. Now that they've installed them into every room in my house, Including 2 in the bathroom and 3 in the bedroom, I say "I've got nothing to hide, make your porno".

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Posted in: Sandstorm observed sweeping across wide areas of Japan See in context

When I was stationed in Italy, fine sand would come in from Africa on the winds leaving a fine covering on everything. We called them Sirocco.

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Posted in: Justin Bieber to perform in Japan in September See in context

Actually, I was wondering if maybe customs could run a sniffer dog on "The Biebs" luggage? Would that be too much to ask?

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Posted in: Cassette tapes fast-forward to new following in Southeast Asia See in context

I agree with Scrote on this one. The music companies thought that turning up the levels on a recording made it stand out. The sound engineers objected but gave in to monetary pressure and jacked up the levels to the point of severe distortion. I gave up listening a long time ago due to the heavy handed meddling the industry introduced in order to get their bottom line. They don't even refer to the music by artist anymore but as "units" or "product".

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Posted in: Mysterious thieves on bizarre train strap binge See in context


Do they look like this?

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Posted in: JR West switches on 'drunk-spotting' cameras See in context

I got this feeling -- Somebody's watching me...

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Posted in: Boston museum cancels 'Kimono Wednesdays' after racism protests See in context

Three people who were not Japanese, decried "Orientalism"! (Which is turn of the century occidental fascination of all things Asian; but limited in scope to a narrow interest range). They then compared that proclaimed narrow viewpoint to racist imperialist dogma.

My guess is that from their viewpoint, the purported experience was a hand-picked one that failed to represent all things Asian and failed to meet their measure or bar standard.

But how do people get interested in the customs and mores of another society? I was introduced by the very same things that the thirty-somethings were using as an example of racism: Namely Kung-Fu, dragon ladies and etc. It was only later when informally introduced to the culture that my spectrum of interests widened.

What happened here is indicative of the "vocal minority" destroying everything and anything that would raise the occidental conscious to the slightest inclination towards interest in the Asian cultures.

These three women by ranting like a mental 10 year old because they perceive that "their" culture has been slighted have done more damage to the visitors who have a passing interest or fancy in things Asian!


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Posted in: McCartney says he's given up pot See in context

Knighthoods are also given for monetary contributions to the crown. Paul is no doubt in the seventy-five percentile for taxes.

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