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afroengineer comments

Posted in: Ukraine parliament removes Yanukovich See in context

Congratulations Ukraine, you have succeeded in destroying your own country in almost a month.

Always the same scenario. Brainwash the younger with "freedom" , "democracy" and how it is cool in the West after bombarding with fun youth TV series.

Then manipulate them, appeal to the disappointed in the population(like in every country), bring in and arm some hooligans to provoke the government.

Bring the media and present this as a movement for freedom, bombard us with propaganda of the people trying to liberating themselves from an oppressive government although there are a minority.

And here you go with another Libya, Syria, etc.

And when the country is completely destroyed like in Libya nothing in the media anymore, those who were supporting the "people" disappear, those who were bombarding us on facebook and twitter with articles on how the government was oppressive will not post or share the current chaos in the country after regime change.

Libya is in chaos and no one talk about it anymore. Really, congratulations Ukraine. The best you will have if not another Libya is maybe something like Greece by joining the EU.

" In the end, Yanukovich has only himself to blame."

Yes, he was indecisive and weak.

I'm also very disappointed that Russia is letting the Western countries messing in her backyards. I don't know if it's restraint or just fear.

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Posted in: Russian security forces attack Pussy Riot members See in context

I saw the video , I was so happy. Now if we could do the same to the Femen. lol

@TokyoDiman, @Olegek, @Technosphere,

you are wasting your time. They consider themselves as the "free world" and that the rest of the planet is backwards. Just see how they "urge" everyone to do this or that. Almost everyday in the news, the US urge ...to, the EU urges .... to .

This makes the citizens of those countries to think that they know what is right and what is wrong. They are completely brainwashed.

At least in N. Korea and some African countries they don't believe the propaganda (they pretend to be brainwashed lol). We know the leaders lie, the leaders know that we know that they lie but they keep lying anyways. In those countries, they believe that they are free and believe whatever they are told on TV.

Happy for Russia for these Olympics, so far everything is great. Good job Putin and the Russian people.

And YES, I have been to Russia. Some problems there yes, some racism there yes but nice country and nice people. YES also, I have been to the US. Some problems there yes, some racism there yes but nice country and nice people.

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Posted in: 10 simple ways to ruin a Japanese wife’s day See in context

You guys complaining about your wives should have showed them from the beginning and before you got married that you intend to be the Man of the house and that there is no way you are going to let a woman step on you.

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Posted in: Angelina Jolie speaks out against rape in war zones See in context


Sure and the German soldiers were angels at the eastern front.

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Posted in: Japan's jobless rate falls to 3.9% in June See in context


However, nearly all other Western countries are obligated to have large-scale immigration, which keeps the jobless rate there so high. In this regard, Japan is quite fortunate.

Exactly they bring them in then blame them for stealing the jobs, bringing in their culture, making the local hating them but still bringing in some more.And it's astonishing that no one is asking WHY?

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Posted in: Has preferential treatment for women gone too far in Japan? See in context


Your first post resumed the whole thing perfectly.100%, 満点! I wish I could thumb you up a zillion times.

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Posted in: Paris backs veil ban, police after weekend of clashes See in context


you are the one living in fantasy and talking about things you have no knowledge of. There are 6 millions of France, if they wanted to "conquer" France it would not have been few hundreds people demonstrating, those laws would not have passed without violent protests at the first place.

The majority of the Muslim community in France only cares about their everyday business but the media is focusing on rare cases of problems from the immigrant community who are portrayed as Muslims.

If the topic interests you that much, you should try to find answer to these questions :

Why the ruling parties (PS and UMP) demonize the Front National who wants stricter immigration policies?

Why are the PS and UMP had accepted and accepting more and more immigrants (including Muslim immigrants), call them a chance for the republic to blame them and their Islam for every problems?

Why France has promoted anti-republic, anti-police and anti-white(native french) aggressive rap as culture to the children of the 1st immigrants? Those 1st immigrants many from Algeria were Muslims and had never been a problem and suddenly problems are appearing from the 2nd generation.

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Posted in: Paris backs veil ban, police after weekend of clashes See in context

What is funny is how ignorant are most of the people on this issue.Islam this, Moozlims that.

The same who were in charge in France whether socialist and UMP are the one who were demonizing the Far right Front National for its anti-immigrant policies, saying that immigrants are a chance for the country and blah blah and these same people are the one who are making anti-Muslims law, blaming Muslims for this and that.Those Muslims they are blaming are those immigrants they were calling a chance for the republic.How hypocritical!

And still they are allowing more and more immigrants, legalizing more illegals to later blame them and their Islam for every problems France have.There were Muslims in France for centuries and it has never been a problem, and if they were a problem why letting them in again and again , promoting diversity to just make laws to restrict their freedom and demonize their faith.I'm not even talking about the native french (francais de souche) who are converted to Islam.

Looks to me like some just want a clash between the native secular french and the Muslim immigrants.If not why let them in at the first place?

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Posted in: Men’s bras appear to be on the rise in Japan See in context


They are more similarities than there are differences. We are talking bras here : Men don't have breasts, women do.

Plenty of shared bathrooms... Yes shared bathrooms where 1 person enters at a time.I don't understand what you are trying to prove here.

What exactly is that supposed to mean? Depends on each society and traditions, but surely wearing bra is not a man thing.

A few decades ago "real" men were off at wars, hunting animals... "Real men" didn't cook, clean or help look after >their kids. You are the one here implying that real men don't cook and don't look after the children.You are the one being sexist here.And depending on societies and families , some men have always cooked and taken care of the children.

Times change. Sure, I couldn't never think that one I will be debating on men wearing bra.

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Posted in: Men’s bras appear to be on the rise in Japan See in context


Why is it okay for women to wear such things ...

Because they are women. Men and women are different physically. There are toilets for women, clothes for women, etc. Pointing that there are stuff for men and stuff for women doesn't mean being sexist. And as men, you may not understand because you are not one, it bothers some us and our pride to see our fellow men not behaving like real men.

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Posted in: Condom maker reveals results of national survey on sex See in context


I don't have this problem and I don't think I will face this problem but in my home country if you are not satisfied with your wife and you both don't want to divorce then those who want can go look for another wife :).So I recommend to find another wife, ganbareeeee!

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Posted in: Obama traces slave route in Senegal See in context

I may be a bit callous in saying this but the slaves ancestors are much better off here in the US than if they remained in >Africa.

Go visit Africa before opening your mouth on issues you have no knowledge of. I have been to the US several times and the same way some americans have a better life than some africans , the same way some africans have a better life than some americans, regardless of skin color.

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Posted in: Gays celebrate landmark U.S. Supreme Court rulings on same-sex marriage See in context

So happy for all gay couples, a few of whom I am privileged to count as friends of mine

You feel privileged to count them as friends just because they are gay? I don't think they will be happy to hear this.

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Posted in: Have you ever hit your child, no matter how lightly, as a means of discipline? See in context

My parents would beat the heck out of me.

In my country if you don't behave even someone from the neighborhood has the right to spank or beat(lol) you as it is considered that the child of a member of the community is the the child of all the community.I got also beaten by my teacher for fighting in high school and we would regularly been hit or punished physically for not behaving.

At a moment people don't even need to tell you to behave just a look and you behave at once (cuz you know what's waiting for you :D).

I'm not violent, I'm not crazy and I think i received a good education.Thanks Papa and Mama lol

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Posted in: Hong Kong transsexual wins court fight to marry her boyfriend See in context


with all the combinations you want , the result will still be that there are only 2 genders : male and female. now surely there are some anomalities.but the norm is XX and XY : male and female.

And we're still just talking physical.

I don't believe that a man normally structured with all the anatomy of a man can be categorized as a woman just because he thinks he is a woman.

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Posted in: Hong Kong transsexual wins court fight to marry her boyfriend See in context


but gender is essentially determined by hormones when the baby is still in the womb.

I learnt at school in biology (science) that the gender was determined by the chromosomes (x or y). I just googled now to be sure that things might have changed but no, it is still chromosomes.

but the science is irrefutable

yes, it is irrefutable.Mister W was conceived male, born male and artificially injected women hormones and did surgery.

Thus JeanValJean argument :

Ms W may look, walk, and talk the talk, but the person is a male according to DNA.

is valid scientifically.

Mister W may be then an artificial woman.

Sources : http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2005/03/050323124659.htm

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Posted in: 'Iron Man 3' goes back to basics in a quest to save the U.S. See in context

Come on guys, Kenshiro would destroy all of them!

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Posted in: What do you think about those people who are holding parties to celebrate the death of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher? See in context

What is funny is this, in the mass media Thatcher was portrayed as a model and a champion of freedom and now we see some people are celebrating her passing away, while when Chavez passed way, though he was portrayed as a dictator and a tyrant in the same media, was mourned all over the world.

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Posted in: Muslims worry about broader France headscarf ban See in context


Sure, I don't know if you follow the french media but for example when Femen attack the people of Civitas who were peacefully demonstrating against "le mariage pour tous" the women of Femen with the feminist activist Caroline Fourest showed up with some tear gas(?) spraying on demonstrating families with tags on their bodies insulting the curch, then the government and the media completely distorted the fact and presented it as it was Civitas who were attacking.Then you had piss Christ expo, the laws against the religious symbols.

I understand your point but please understand mine too.I'm not talking about people who want to change the laws or impose anything to anyone, I'm talking about how a clothing, hat, necklace can challenge the republic.

Sorry to ask you a personal question, but does it honestly bother you to work or deal with someone wearing a kippah, a cross, or a headscarf? That is what the article is about and that is the point I'm talking about.

Sorry to tell you that but whether I'm religious or not is not relevant, we are talking about the rights of some people to wear a piece of clothes. And no you have not offended me a bit, thanks for your concern :)

Bonne soiree a vous monsieur et au plaisir :)

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Posted in: Muslims worry about broader France headscarf ban See in context


So my facts are not wrong right?

I really don't understand what point you are trying to make now. If it is about the facts on France history I explained it to you and seems that we agree(?) but if that historical fact is so dear to you, you should have read my answer with objectivity and see that it was an answer to the one who made the comment saying that French had a tradition of secularism which was false because France has a catholic history and tradition.

And now I see that you are talking about Muslims taking over the country and wanting to threaten the laity of France (I know I exaggerate your words but still :) ).I wonder how you could take this from a piece of clothes on the head of few women.

My main point was that by being oversecular France is clearly infringing the freedom of religion of its citizen.France is telling people what necklace, hat or scarf they should or should not wear.Separation of church and state means that the church should not have control over the government and that the government should not infringe the right of the church or whatever religion it is.But clearly France is turning highly anti-religion, it is not laity anymore it is persecution of people of faith.

France has 6 millions Muslims if they wanted to change the anything in how France is now , surely everyone would have noticed.

Which bit do you want translating?

If you speak french then no need to translate, I speak french and I just wanted you to read it.Thanks for offering though.

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Posted in: Muslims worry about broader France headscarf ban See in context


i apologize for my bad wording, what i meant is that France has turned anti Church since the French Revolution because the king who was supported by the church was seen as well as the church as oppressors.The Church lost its influence after the french revolution and this is what i wanted to point out.You can dig about France history yourself to know more about it.It just didn't start with the law of 1905.

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Posted in: Muslims worry about broader France headscarf ban See in context


Sorry I forgot to paste the wiki link and sorry also I didn't see the details on the matter in the english page so I send you the french link.I would like to translate it to you if you are interested but now I can but anyway we have google translate for something :)


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Posted in: Muslims worry about broader France headscarf ban See in context


The law was not written because of two school girls as you say you have your facts slightly wrong.

Nope, it was before.

I remember about it like it was yesterday.

In case you accept arguments from Wiki :

C'est au nom de ces principes que des élèves portant le hijab et refusant de l'ôter sont exclues de leur établissement. Cette expulsion a lieu devant un Conseil de discipline de l'établissement et certains recours sont allés jusqu'au Conseil d'État.

The two girls got kicked out first then they protested and took the matter to the "Conseil d'Etat" (State Council?) then we got the Stasi commission and the law.

You are the one who got your facts wrong.

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Posted in: Muslims worry about broader France headscarf ban See in context

@IT's Me and the one who liked his comment,

There is no edit comment option here and I don't work at JT, so there is no way for me to edit my post. Now read again if I did mention that it is against Muslims ONLY.You people should be honest to yourselves and accept an argument or just try to refute it with arguments.

Fortunately everybody will be able to see that I clearly mention in my comment about Catholics as well.

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Posted in: Muslims worry about broader France headscarf ban See in context


France has had laity laws for hundreds of years.

I said since the french revolution, i didn't say that France secularism started yesterday.People here have a bad habit to distort or misread others comment.

There were no laws against scarves because scarves were not religious accoutrements until recently.

I'm afraid to misunderstand, are you telling me that the hijab appears recently?You do know that Islam was born in the 7th century right?

As for the others, discussing with you will serve no purpose because you are already impartial by your hatred towards religious people. I don't need to share the belief of these people to find that the government has no business telling people how they should dress or what kind of hat or what kind of necklace they should wear.

I know a woman who is under cancer treatment and is wearing a headscarf because she is bald, would you ask her during a job interview why she is wearing this?Or that she should remove it?Think about it sincerely and you will see why it is just wrong to judge people by the way they are dressed.

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Posted in: Muslims worry about broader France headscarf ban See in context

To all those who are telling about separation of state and church, how a piece of clothes on the head can threaten the secularism of France?There is no law against scarves, yeah right but that all started because 2 schoolgirls refused to remove their scarves at school and then it was like the Republic was in danger and a law was passed quickly.The Muslims of France reacted maturely and they accepted that law.Did we see any display of anger of the French Muslims?No.Then we had a law on the face covering veil though it was only wear by less than 200 hundred in a Muslim population of 6 millions but yet the Muslims accepted it.Catholicism in France has been also attacked, with provocative acts from Femen and other so called satirists , the Catholics of France also didn't react at all.Islam and Catholicism are not threatening the secular nature of the actual republic at all.If you guys are really interested into this, you should not based your analysis on this article alone but in the long history of the recent attacks on the rights of Catholics and Muslims in France.How wearing a cross or headscarf can threaten the republic?I hope for sincere answers and that no one will tell me that it starts with headscarves and cross and that we will have sharia and inquisition back in France.


by comparing a piece of cloth to a weapon, your comment doesn't make any sense.Come with something else.


thanks for your comment, what i meant was that wearing a cross , a kippah or headscarf is completely legal in the US and in the UK without threatening the secularism of those countries.

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Posted in: Muslims worry about broader France headscarf ban See in context


I don't live in France thus I don't need to deal with it.

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Posted in: Muslims worry about broader France headscarf ban See in context

@Surf O'Holic These people are French citizens, most of them born and raised in France.Their religion is not a nationality.French culture is historically catholic.The laws on the scarves are all recent laws, the people have not been consulted.It is just since the french revolution and May 68 that France has been on crusade against Catholicism and now Islam.People should be free to practice their religion like in UK , US or Japan.

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Posted in: 10 years on, Iraq war changed int'l opinion toward U.S. See in context

@nostromo, he found out the answer quickly though, "it is because of our freedom".

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Posted in: First gay wedding held at Tokyo Disney Resort See in context


Please ignore the "(1/2)", I thought it would be over the limit.

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