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Posted in: First gay wedding held at Tokyo Disney Resort See in context

@LFRAgain (1/2)

First I knew that you are not gay, it was obvious in your answers.

I saw a comment that was truthful to me and I just wanted to praise it that's why I started to comment.Because usually I don't bother to discuss with supporters of gays.They are usually very aggressive, name you bigot, hater , backwards , unevolved and then turn any of your arguments into derision without even trying to listen.

I even don't bother express my views on the subject most of the time with the people around me to avoid unnecessary dramas.When I was student , I was at a dinner with girl from New Zealand.In the conversation she suddenly started talking about the gays cause, I didn't want to say anything then she kept on insisting to know my opinion.I told her that i think that these practices are unnatural then she asked me how would i reacted towards a gay friend, i told her i don't have any thus I can't know how would I react to that and then i was tagged as homophobic, hater, bigot, etc, erased from fb(actually i didn't care about this).Just to tell that intolerance is not only from the people you labeled as anti-gays.

Was it in order to encourage an exchange of viewpoints and ideas?

Yes with you, because you were polite and respectful in your answers and seeing your long answers I felt that you were doing the effort to discuss and explain your views, something i do respect.

I personally think that I have not contradict myself and I think you may not have understood what I meant and I think it is a pity that you think I'm playing games (which is not very nice after I took my time to gave you a long point by point answer).

I did dismiss your references to racism because I think it is unrelated to the topic.Gay is not a race.

I wanted to prove you the unnatural character of homosexuality.I may have failed to prove it to you or you may have failed to see it through my arguments.

You also have failed to prove me the scientific fact that gay is natural or I may have failed to see it through your arguments as well.

I still think that gays are selfish for demanding society and states to change their laws and constitution to justify their unnatural practices.Though it is a complete different thing, you don't see mormons, muslims or jews in western countries asking for legalization of polygamy.I don't know your opinion on that issue but the people belonging to those groups are all consent and i don't think it is unfair to give them that right.

They are also selfish because they also want to adopt or buy children just because they want to live a way that doesn't allow them to do so but still want children.The problem not being that they will take better care of their children than whatever but every single child has the right to know his father and his mother and you know that there is no such a thing that a child with 2 mothers or 2 fathers.

In the west nowadays, gays are far from being oppressed so i don't think it is right to say that society is being unfair to them or they are being discriminated.They have the exact same rights and I pointed them to you.

And to finish as long as I live I hope I will always stand for the values that have built humanity, stable societies and strong nations for thousands of years.I don't see how promoting a practice that will lead a specie to its self-destruction can be see as progressive or called part of evolution.

Good luck in your future endeavors.

Thank you and I wish you the same except on those going against the values I cherish.

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Posted in: First gay wedding held at Tokyo Disney Resort See in context

@LFRAgain (end)

My intolerance of anti-gay bigotry does not result in lost wages, missed promotions, and institutionalized >discrimination that prevents you from expressing love for your partner, whomever that may be.

I don't condemn love, I condemn their practices and the fact that they want to change the stability of society because of their selfishness.Why should I give up my right to be called father on a birth act and be named parent 1?

My intolerance of your position, at its worst, perhaps bothers you. Maybe it even makes you feel a tad angry.

I'm not angry don't worry.I'm not bothered at all.We are having a debate and didn't see any ill feelings or disrespect in that conversation so far.I have no reason to be angry.

But anti-gay intolerance ruins lives, and this is a demonstrable point of fact.

No it doesn't. Or may be it does if you feel like not having your way is ruining your life.

Then stop opposing them and devote more time to keeping your own house in order, rather than sticking your nose >into the affairs of others.

I'm not sticking my nose in their affairs, they are overexposing their affairs to us, ex: gay prides, over exposition in the media.As many posters have also said we don't want our children to be exposed to that.

FINALLY! Something you've said that I can get behind 100%! Yes, let homosexuals get married, call it whatever they >like, have children, and allow society move on to other pressing matters. That's all homosexuals and their advocates >have been asking for this entire time.

In France they have something like marriage but they want more.Have children?You can't be serious right? And no all homosexuals are not asking that, actually some don't want all the fuzz about it and many of them.You should also fight for them as you like causes.

Obviously not, since so many conservative politicians have made fighting gay rights a cornerstone of their campaign >platforms and so many homosexual have chosen to speak up for themselves in opposition to this.

This is a total different topic, the politicians just want to be elected or blame their failures or hide them blaming immigrants and yes homosexuals.

Oh, no. I've got a whole boatload of causes I like to fight for.

Good for you, concerning this issue you will have people like me on your way who will stick for social values and the sacred character of family.

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Posted in: First gay wedding held at Tokyo Disney Resort See in context


And the gay protagonist in that story spends the better part of his time being abused and ridiculed for being gay.

Now it is those who opposed the gays that are being ridiculed.Just look at the comments here.

Are you suggesting that the gay offspring of the parents listed above weren't raised in an environment that properly >taught them about sexuality?

They parents may have taught them about how it is wrong but they have made the choice to do what they wanted to, the same way parents tell their children that drugs are bad, killing is bad but that doesn't prevent some good persons to have criminals children.That doesn't justify anything.

They can't marry the same sex because that's the law of nature and the law of many countries.They can't choose to be what they are and wanting to change a country constitution just for a tiny minority of a minority(believe it or not, many gays don't want to be married and associated to all this gay marriage promotion thing).In France, they have the civil solidarity pact that isn't enough already?

If they can't have children, the fault to who?

When I was registering to school or doing interviews , I have never filled a form asking me if I was hetero or homo. I have never been asked if I was hetero or homo, so why do you want to go tell to anyone your sexual practices?

But have to keep their sexual orientation a secret for fear of being bullied or physically assaulted

Speaking personally I never had done so.So I'm not concerned.

So, in other words, you are advocating that gays stop being so uppity about their homosexuality and just keep it to >themselves, lest violence be visited upon them

No I'm asking them to stop being selfish and that if they can't have it their way to just give it up.

What, in your opinion, would help the cause cause?

What I have said above.Oh and also, they should stop with their gay parade.It just shows how abnormal, vulgar and promiscuous some of them are.

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Posted in: First gay wedding held at Tokyo Disney Resort See in context


Chromosome linkage studies, epigenetics studies, fertility studies, pheromone studies, and brain structure studies >all point unerringly at a biological component(s) to whether one is homosexual or not. No one knows precisely what >yet.

Still that doesn't make it a scientific fact.Which studies?Didn't we both agreed that there is no unanimity in this?

This percentage never seems to go higher than this, despite what you claim to be an aggressive pro-gay agenda >that has only seen greater visibility in the last 20 years or so.

I have never made mention of a pro-gay agenda.I don't think that these people are interested in converting people to their practices.And one generation has not passed since we are under bombardment of the gay promotion so it is too early to know the stats according to it.

suggesting a hereditary component of some sort

This has been dismissed scientifically.And even gay people are using that to say that their "children" won't be gays.

Researchers have done no such thing.Many researchers have looked for a gay gene and failed to find one.

Well the main point is as long as they don't find one (good luck with that) it remains a choice.

". . . may have some gay tendencies . . . "? You all but admit that there are natural factors at work in the development >of a child's sexual identity that are completely out of his or her control. That's what "tendency" often means.

Tendencies don't make it right.It is because humans are that way, we are intelligent people and left with the choices. Some tend to love their neighbor wife, that doesn't make it right to go after her.Some tend to want to love children, that doesn't make it right to go after children.etc.I'm not talking about sexuality identity, I'm talking about sexual practices.Those tendencies come out of ignorance, curiosity and investigation.

And the gay protagonist in that story spends the better part of his time being abused and ridiculed for being gay. Now it is those who opposed the gays that are being ridiculed.Just look at the comments here.

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Posted in: First gay wedding held at Tokyo Disney Resort See in context


Also, millions of people around the globe do think homosexuality is normal and natural. You would ignore them? Or are >you suggesting this all be solved via a "my-gang-can-beat-up-your-gang" exchange?

just because some people think it is normal doesn't make it normal.It's not just a matter of numbers.

No, it doesn't. But it does suggest a strong repeating human predilection for ostracizing sub-groups for no better >reason than to not appear out of step with the most aggressively insistent members of society.

The people you refer as gays don't belong to a sub-group.They belong to a country, a tribe, a nation, etc. like you and I and every single human on this earth.I told you many times we don't hate the people, we think their sexuality which is not normal.

If you take the case of males who are engaged those behavior as we are talking about sexuality and you mentioned about science.Those people during there sexual relations make use of a digestive system organ as a sexual organ.Biology puts that part of the body in the digestive system, therefore it is not supposed to be used that way.If you see for the females, the parts don't fit.What makes it unnatural is the fact that some artificial means are used to make those sexual relation possible.I didn't want to go on such details and I apologize to those who will be shocked.I just wanted to show the unnatural character of the behavior.

No, I'm talking about racism.

The people you refer as gays don't belong to any race.I don't know why you bring racism here.

No, you're correct.

So you admit that you were wrong to insist that it is was a fact?

It continually challenges itself to get closer to the truth.

So before even scientific proofs you already consider your viewpoint as being the truth?

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Posted in: First gay wedding held at Tokyo Disney Resort See in context

@Eppee ..to realize that their sexuality is not normal and go back to the natural ways.

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Posted in: First gay wedding held at Tokyo Disney Resort See in context

Oops I forgot to mention who I was addressing to.The above post was for @LFRAgain.

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Posted in: First gay wedding held at Tokyo Disney Resort See in context

"Normal" and "unnatural" are completely relative terms

Sure with this way of thinking, nothing remains normal and nothing remains natural even though billions of people in the globe do not find it normal and natural.

Just because in the past men have made mistakes (though sometimes it was to pursue a certain agenda and not completely out of ignorance) doesn't mean that we are wrong on this one.

Being born with non-Western European white skin was also considered abnormal for the longest time

I'm afraid to understand.Are you equaling being non-white to being gay?I will not answer on that until I clearly understand this statement.

It's scientific fact. I just want to be clear here that we both agree on the meaning of the word, "Fact," okay?

Sorry it's not a fact, just because you want it to be a fact doesn't make it a fact.It's not commonly accepted in the scientific community.Many researches have proven that there is no such thing as a gay gene.Now sure you are free to believe the research that fit your way of thinking.

And yes it is choice.When a child grows up, he goes throw many stages while learning about his sexuality and may have some gay tendencies but with this society promoting (not only accepting but promoting) being gay as cool and people boasting about having gay friends and supporting their rights, they are only encouraging homosexuality.I'm sure that if many children have been told that it is not natural and taught properly about sexuality they would not turn out gays.But talking about gay rights, what rights are we talking about anyway?They already have the right to marry(someone of the opposite sex), they can have children , they can work, they can go to school, etc.The only problem people have is with their practices and with the media and people promoting and pushing it into our throat. By doing so, the "anti-gay" as you call them, will become more and more radical.In France they even want to change the family code and replace father and mother with parent 1 and parent 2 just to please a minority, which is not helping the gay cause.

No, the only opinions I suspect most people are interested in are ones free of abysmal ignorance and bigotry >steeped in massive concentrations of obnoxious. No one's demanding that everyone like homosexuality. But it's >high time some folks learned they have no rational basis for hating it either.

Actually it is exactly what is going on with you people, you are demanding that we all support it, you are calling backwards and ignorant people who don't agree with you, which is bigotry.We have our reasons to dislike those practices but still what we hate is the constant bombardment everywhere about the gay rights and marriage and that is why people are tired.There are soooooooooo many other priorities and problems in this world but what we are constantly fed with is ,gay this gay that.You know what , most people think that gays can get married , call it whatever they want make children if they want (good luck with that) so we can finally move to something else. All this matter it is just a false issue and some people in lack of cause to fight for just jump on this one.

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Posted in: First gay wedding held at Tokyo Disney Resort See in context

Most of people who are being labeled as hating gays actually don't hate gays, they just hate their practices which are not normal and are unnatural. @spiddyguy, for many posters here the only good opinion to express here is the one supporting gay marriages, if not then you are backwards.Actually I like how all non western ways of thinking are considered backwards.Soon even speaking a non western language will be considered backwards.lol

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Posted in: First gay wedding held at Tokyo Disney Resort See in context

@spiddygy, you have made the best comment so far.Hats off, nothing to add.

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Posted in: Japan seeks answers after suffering highest terror death toll since 9/11 See in context

@canadianbento Define civilized please.

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Posted in: Israel raids kill 29 in Gaza as truce efforts intensify See in context


Imagine the Ainu with some strong lobbies asking for Japan to give up Hokkaido and that it is their ancestral lands. Then the UN allowing the Ainu to have their lands n kicking out of there all of the non-Ainu japanese.

Then the Japanese government going to war against the Ainu but the Ainu being supported by super-powers defeats the Japanese and grab Aomori, Akita and Iwate and then with more and more wars grabbing almost all Honshu apart from Tokyo and lets say Osaka.

Then they call the people of Osaka terrorists for fighting back while making more and more settlements around Tokyo which is not fighting back.

Then impose a blockage on Osaka for years and controlling through checkpoints everything in there.Despite all this the Osakan firing few innacurate rockets out of despair but then some say that the Ainu has the right to defends itself n launch waves of missiles killing militants and civilians all alike but then some people saying that the Osakans had brought it on themselves.

I think I will stop here wont change anything anyway.

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Posted in: Pakistani girl, 9, awarded as 'compensation' in dispute See in context


Ah... the joys of religion....

Which religion are you referring to? Vani belongs to neither Islam(I guess its the one u r referring to) nor Christianity. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vani_(custom)

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Posted in: Taliban says its attack on Pakistani schoolgirl justified See in context


Believe it or not, these extremists did draw their interpretations from the qur'an without whitewashing it. They believe this girl was a threat to their religious beliefs and attempted to "resolve" it with what it actually does state in the qur'an.

Which chapter and verse please?I'm willing to check right away.

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Posted in: Taliban says its attack on Pakistani schoolgirl justified See in context


How can they say that Islam is a religion of peace when it advocates the killing of children who speak out?

It doesn't and those who are saying that it is a religion of peace who are billions are not doing such thing and are against such thing.As tkoind2 said these are thugs.

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Posted in: Taliban says its attack on Pakistani schoolgirl justified See in context


LOL, yeah that is the narrative we will hear from the media if Romney is elected.

I agree here.When Obama does it its ok when a republican does it its different. What's the point of fighting these people in Afghanistan/Pakistan and then support them in Lybia/Syria?

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Posted in: Taliban says its attack on Pakistani schoolgirl justified See in context


The Taliban are absolutely correct. That is what Sharia does say indeed. The concept is called "Fitna".

I google'd and that it is not true.

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Posted in: White House makes plans to strike over Libya consulate attack See in context

@Mr. Elbuda, if your beloved Obama and friends didn't destabilize Lybia.This poor man would be still alive and Mali, the country you despise for no reasons wouldn't have to be in this troubles. @Moderator: You usually remove posts or warn about contents that are irrelevant or insulting.Well I don't think the name Timbuktu being funny or not has anything to do with the topic and in an other topic I think it's insulting to the people of Mali and African people to let Mr.Elbuda calling it a 3rd or 4th grade backwards country.

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Posted in: China navy takes delivery of first aircraft carrier See in context

It's so funny to see YuruOtani always mentioning about war when she is not even living in Japan n is not even likely to fight in case of war.

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Posted in: U.S. takes to TV, YouTube to quell Muslim anger See in context

@Elbuda, Nice post , now to be fair repost the post and replace "Muslim" with "Western".Thank you.

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Posted in: France wants peace talks soon or it will support Palestinian state See in context

@arrestpaul, I didn't know that Fatah was a terrorist organization.Mahmoud Abbas is for a 2 states solution or you know something I don't know?

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Posted in: France wants peace talks soon or it will support Palestinian state See in context

@WillB, Read my answer to Madverts and you will see nowhere that terrorism is ok.I said that as HonestDictator said that BOTH sides are to blame.I said that if Israel could make an effort to just stop the settlements and resume peace talks it would be good.That was the condition of Mahmoud Abbas.Israel is far far more powerful than Hamas.And as I need to be more clear :

Shooting rockets is bad

These rockets rarely hit anything

where does this terrorist supporters label come from? O_o

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Posted in: France wants peace talks soon or it will support Palestinian state See in context

@HonestDictator, I agree that both are to blame.I meant that the strongest side has more power to make things change than the weak one. @Madverts, did I say anywhere that shooting rockets was correct?quote me and show it to me please.I mean't these rockets don't harm as much as the missiles launched by Tsahal.The statistics are here(how many rockets did how much damage).But anyway I know my answer won't convince you so feel free to understand in my words whatever you want.

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Posted in: France wants peace talks soon or it will support Palestinian state See in context

I hope that wasn't true HonestDictator but Hamas have made peace with Fatah and now the unified government who will come out of it will be seen as terrorists.I would also like to tell you that not everybody sees Hamas as a terrorist group.And finally come on, what can some rockets fired randomly harm anyone.How many got killed by them?Most of the times they fell in open grounds without any damage and those who fired them do it out of despair.Israel having one of the most powerful army in the world can't play the victim.If you are really honest you will see it my friend ;)

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Posted in: France wants peace talks soon or it will support Palestinian state See in context

You can't support Palestinians without being told that you are supporting terrorists and that you are insensitive to the lives of Israeli that they live always under threat and in great danger.

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Posted in: U.S. wants to give frozen Libyan assets to rebels See in context

On what legal basis?

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Posted in: Libyans burn UK, Italy missions after NATO strike See in context

yes yes like the WMD, like the incubator story and the viagra story.i would feel better if Nato was saying "we r going there for oil and there is nothing u can about it".Those who assert that Gadafi is killing his own people can u show proofs?Nato said he is, Gadafi said he didn't, HRW said Gadafi forces targeted rebel forces.

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Posted in: William, Kate marry as 2 billion tune in across globe See in context

Guys, she gave me a two letters answer...she said "da"(da = yes in russian).yaay!i hope 2 billions will watch it.(hope won't be erased by moderators)

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Posted in: William, Kate marry as 2 billion tune in across globe See in context

The wedding of the century?Well I think it will be MY wedding.Will make my proposal this weekend so wish me goodluck. :)

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Posted in: Syrian city at heart of uprising under siege See in context

Susan Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the U.N., has said the United States has evidence of active Iranian support for the Syrian government’s crackdown.

We all know about the evidence of the Saudi support for the Bahraini government's crackdown.Blame both or blame none of them.Bomb everywhere or bomb nowhere.

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