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Posted in: Tokyo Tower reopens, but now you have to take stairs 150 meters up See in context

you’re going to be asked to take the stairs - Well that will cancel out any American tourists then.

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Posted in: 2 men killed by train in failed rail crossing rescue attempt See in context

I was one of those 8200 affected commuters, and it added an hour to my trip across town this morning, and without wanting to make this all about me...... initially I was a bit annoyed, figuring someone had just decided to checkout early on the train grill. However, on later finding out the real story, which is far more tragic than I initially imagined, it restored my faith to know that I had been delayed by a tragedy and a hero! RIP hero and blessings to your family.

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Posted in: New Zealand beats Australia 34-17 to retain Rugby World Cup See in context

That was a fantastic match, and as an ABs fan, far easier to watch than 4 years ago. After the award ceremony there was a great clip promoting Japan 2019, featuring lots of beautiful shots of cherry blossoms, Fuji, and Japan's victory over South Africa. It has really whet the appetite for the next tournament, and I hope that Japan can keep building on this year's success and get lots of tournament hype, to make it a truly fantastic sporting event, as is the norm with the RWC.

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Posted in: Abe says Olympic stadium to start from scratch; Rugby World Cup misses out See in context

Oh man. I love Japan but I also love rugby. I just now finished watching the ABs against Argentina which was a nice match. This 2019 RWC is wasted on Japan. There are plenty other northern and southern hemisphere countries who would love to have it, and would make a real occasion of it, and not just bump to the side like a distraction. Rugby and Football world cups are always much better occasions than Olympics, and need better treatment.

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Posted in: Banner day See in context

Nice picture. You know, it took me about 2 years of living in Tokyo to start finding girls, like the lass in this pic, attractive, which is incredibly slow compared to most gaijin. However, now that I do, I am eternally grateful I married a Japanese women. As for this lady, although you can't see her clearly, from experience I would say she is an 8, possibly even a 9. There is no better city in the world for being stopped at the lights and watching the women roll by.

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Posted in: On a roll See in context

Love it. I like getting down to the canal cafe once a year or so. It just gives you a quick sense of another side of Tokyo, besides the concrete and glass.

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Posted in: Naked nationalist stirs up election campaign See in context

That is the best election poster I have seen in Japan. However, due to its design, it is hard to see what his point is!

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Posted in: Multiracial Miss Japan hopes to change homeland's thinking on identity See in context

Nationality and haafuness aside, she is, at least in my opinion, absolutely gorgeous. If you do a google image search, lots of photos from the Japanese pageant come up and she is by far the best looking of the girls. Head and shoulders (how do you like that pun?) above the other lasses. My wife is Japanese and I love the Japanese look, and this girl has that and brings even more to it. Good luck in life Miss Japan!

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Posted in: Birthday girl See in context

She seems like a pretty nice sort of a lass, I hope her old man doesn't mind me saying that she is also rather cute. She is definitely attractive enough to get a job on the TV doing the weather, or something like that. However, I guess she would have to be one of the ones who stays in the studio pointing at the signs on the chart, and not one of the poor sods they stick on the outside to confirm that it is really bloody cold at Hachiko at 7am.

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Posted in: Japan has six months to merge basketball domestic leagues: FIBA See in context

Ah yes. The bj League. My American buddies used to get quite a chuckle out of that one.

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Posted in: Looking good See in context

Unimpressed? Haggard? Ebi looks stunning. I don't know that Miranda lass, but she looks pretty good too. That said, I no longer live in Japan, so maybe without the daily exposure to supermodels, my standards have dropped.

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Posted in: 18-year-old Japanese sets record for fastest 100 meters on all fours See in context

As pointless as that may be, 15 seconds is actually pretty bloody quick. Perhaps a job as a fireman or something like that should be on the cards for this lad, or maybe a crossfit instructor.

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Posted in: Japan's smartphone 'zombies' wreak havoc on the streets See in context

Still though, they look a bit foolish and can be a pain in the behind, but at least they are walking and getting exercise. In other countries these same sort of folk would probably be doing the same thing while driving, which is a whole different level of havoc.

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Posted in: Maori All Blacks edge determined Japan 20-18 See in context

Well said StormR. The Japanese played a lot better this time, and if there was a third match in the series I think they might have won it. Glad the ABs pulled through. As for the moaning English, nothing gives me greater pleasure than to see little old colonial NZ beating them on their own turf. Lets hope we can repeat it in 10 months. And go the Kiwis this Saturday.

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Posted in: Halloween in Shibuya See in context

I used to feel a bit like Alex80, hating all the American influence, and countries borrowing from other countries cultures without really knowing what they are referencing........etc, but then I tired it one year going into Shibuya dressed as Luigi with my mate as Mario, and it was fantastic. Absolutely brilliant. Glad I could finally get off my high horse and remove the carrot. The fact is that folk in Japan love cosplay, and will jump at the chance to dress up and go into town for a bit of fun, and good on them. And really cosplay is all this is. I certainly don't see any jack o'lanterns or trick or treating going on.

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Posted in: Fright night See in context

I love the effort the ojisan went to dressing up as a cop. He's obviously still young at heart!!

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Posted in: 10 types of Japanese men, according to Japanese women See in context

CGB Spender, Scrote, yeah my above post does seem a bit of a brag. It is in reaction to the article, which, at least for the first half of the list, seems to be about nothing more than 'does the guy shag and if so how much and with whom', making sex the be all and end all of relationships, which just seems so ironic in a country like Japan (or maybe everywhere) where there are so many sexless marriages and rife infidelity. Being aware of these issues, when I got serious with a J girl, I was extremely explicit with my expectations about what our marriage should be like regarding sex, and I think up until this point it has helped us, as we know what to expect. So, that is my advice. Be perfectly clear about expectations, and make sure you know the person you hook up with. I feel like I really have to earn my two a week though. Massages, cooking, cleaning, and listening to endless amounts of chatter .....................

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Posted in: 10 types of Japanese men, according to Japanese women See in context

Great article. I would have to classify myself as a "Cabbage Roll Man". I probably would have liked to be the Carnivore, but with all the effort involved I think I defaulted. Still though, I think the "Cabbage Roll" is the way to do it, and I believe the relationships are far more genuine. One thing I would advise for other Cabbage Rollers, is don't hesitate in letting your 'special lady friend' know that you need / want 'it' often. When I met my Japanese wife I let her know I was a '3 times a week' guy, which she eventually negotiated down to 2, which I can live with, and now after popping a few kids out, she's still good to go.

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Posted in: Treading carefully See in context

Good on them. If I were Japanese, as my son's half are, this sort of image featuring members doing something useful would have me enlisting long before some TV ad with some idol / idle twat in it.

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Posted in: 37-year-old man arrested for kidnapping 12-year-old boy in Chiba See in context

Hopefully, if all this is true, this sick pup will get locked up, and spend many years in jail being 'approached from behind'.

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Posted in: Own a pair of secret camera shoes? The police should be by shortly for a visit See in context

I don't get it. Maybe I am a bit too happily married, or maybe I just had too good a time as a teenager, but for the life of me I can't understand the desire to film up a women's dress. I know that breaking rules can give a thrill, but seriously, these people need to get a hobby or better still, find someone they love who they can have loads of sex with.

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Posted in: Pirates clinch postseason berth See in context

The story of John Holdzkom for the Pirates this year is incredible. Hope they go all the way.

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Posted in: Industry minister tries to convince public on need for nuclear energy See in context

Yeah. Nice one love. I saw a picture of her on another news site, visiting a reactor site somewhere. She had a gas mask, full protective clothes, and the whole kit. Looked pretty darn far from safe from what I could see, so I doubt many folk would have been too convinced by that.

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Posted in: Japanese male porn stars rarer than Bengal tigers, actor says See in context

It is certainly hard work, but at least you are guaranteed to get a raise every day, which is far more than average in Japan.

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Posted in: Akie Abe discusses sales tax, nuclear power, life with PM See in context

What a surprisingly fine looking lady. If you want to trim a bit of wasteful spending, scraping next years whaling trip would be a fine start.

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Posted in: With eye on Japan, China announces national 'Martyrs' Day' See in context

What the hell is the point of having a national day when it doesn't get you off work. Isn't that the whole point of the thing?? Still I admire their dedication to making junk for the free people in the west to fill their lives with.

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Posted in: Air guitar champion See in context

Looks more like 'imaginary quidditch' than 'air guitar'. Rock On Nana Chan.

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Posted in: Toshiba's new robot cleaner comes with 27 sensors See in context

With that many sensors, the robot cleaner will be almost as sensitive as the other thing that cleans my house - my wonderful loving Japanese wife!

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Posted in: Heatwave blamed for 500 fish found dead in park pond See in context

I sense there is something rather fishy about this case, and given the facts I would say the heat wave being the cause is utter carp. To have all the fish die in such a short time frame really makes me pond er whether some other element wasn't introduced into the water. Especially since this is far from the hottest summer I have experienced of late.

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Posted in: Out of date See in context

Ah yes. The one thing I have always found the most puzzling in Japan. Adult Cosplay.

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