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Posted in: Supercomputer shows doubling masks offers little help preventing viral spread See in context

Doubling masks are unnecessary.

Its all about wearing a proper mask e.g KN95, N95 or something along those lines, and wearing it properly and tight.

Should this be done by everyone, along with social distancing and ventilated indoors, and transmission levels would be lower.

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Posted in: Japan to extend state of emergency for 2 weeks in Tokyo area See in context

For two more weeks, we will keep the measure in place ... 

Sumimasen... which measure again?

Are there any measures in place currently?

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Posted in: Tokyo area governors eye extension of state of emergency by 2 weeks See in context

34 million folks will be vaccinated beginning in April. There are 100 million adults in Japan. At that rate, the population will be vaccinated before the end of summer if not earlier.

Say what?....your number might be just a liiitle bit off.

Off by probably 33 million at least, considering April is in a month time.

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Posted in: Fly me to the moon: Billionaire Maezawa seeks 8 passengers for lunar trip See in context

Wonder if he will be the first man using a fax machine on the moon.

That would be very japanese of him.

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Posted in: Tokyo area governors eye extension of state of emergency by 2 weeks See in context

Tokyo Gov Yuriko Koike expressed caution Tuesday about lifting the state of emergency in the metropolitan region this weekend

Was it on? Haven’t noticed any differences from before.

Lifting it or not is just formalities.

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Posted in: 1,032 shots of COVID-19 vaccine wasted due to freezer malfunction See in context

The usual Japan gov daily vaccine issues/mess, to make the population even more resistant to taking the jab.

Continuing like this... immunity by 2040 in Japan.

Lets just hope not many get the long term covid effects.

Nothing new.

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Posted in: Japan asks China to stop anal COVID-19 tests on Japanese citizens See in context

Brilliant headline. Made me laugh.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 121 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 698 See in context

Wonder what the numbers in Tokyo would be if the mass testing that was done in Hiroshima with 800,000 was done:

Oh wait... it conveniently never happened.

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Posted in: Mizuho restores ATMs, online services after glitch See in context

Is that possible to charge the Pasmo with ¥100,000?

You are kidding, right?

I will laugh out loud the day I see someone at a train station showing a ¥100,000 balance.

Unsure if that little screen next to the train gates even enough space to show 6 digits lol.

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Posted in: Go To Travel campaign to remain suspended after March 7 See in context

I hope this non sense does not restart without a good portion of the population vaccinated.

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Posted in: Cabinet OKs bill to ratify RCEP trade deal including China See in context

Wouldn’t be surprised if the first deal is to import chinese vaccines.

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Posted in: Governors urge central gov't to deliver vaccine rollout plan See in context

The common citizen will only get vaccinated from 2022.

Tip: get vaccinated when visiting your home country like I will do when I have the chance.

It’s all too complicated / mendokosai around here.

Considering all the problems this government faces on a daily basis because of a simple vaccine, it will probably end up being jabbed with the wrong syringe and maintained in the wrong temperature.

Not risking it here, that is for sure.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics should have fans in stands: Hashimoto See in context

Tokyo Olympics should have fans in stands: Hashimoto

While this is absurd, it is no less than allowing baseball stadiums to have fans in the stands, which has been happening during this pandemic.

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Posted in: Australia moves closer to pre-pandemic life See in context

Australia, NZ and Taiwan are great examples of how to take advantage if being an island to deal with a pandemic.

For the ones saying “Life in Japan is normal as well”.

It is, with the potential of getting infected anywhere, anytime due to lack of testing and contact tracing. The example of random cases of the UK variant in rural areas of Japan is a perfect example.

Australia did a great job. Early strict measures were hard but worth it.

Its people and economy is not collecting the rewards of the effort.

Well done!

Would say Japanese government should look at these examples of how to truly prioritise its population’s health and economy, however some things will simply never change.

If you live or travel to Japan and read the news, by now you already know the risk you’re facing.

Shoganai how they say here...!

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Posted in: Nikkei plunges over 1,200 points to below 29,000; biggest drop in 4 years See in context

The lesson: buy now, when prices are at bargain level.

Bargain level?

Prices were only at bargain level in March 2020.

All stocks are now pumped with freshly printed by central banks.

Most stocks and indexes are overpriced.

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Posted in: Go To Travel campaign may partially resume after state of emergency lifted See in context


Couldn’t agree with you more as I am in the same situation, as 90% of the population in Japan, with no option for remote workIng.

However the fact (big mistake!) that the japanese companies did not implement remote working, doesn’t make the Go To Campaign an acceptable option at this stage when no one is vaccinated.

Not properly pushing for remote working was absolutely disgraceful from the japanese government.

Restarting the Go To Campaign would only add another huge mistake to the long list of “how to deal with a pandemic and protect the health of the population”.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 275 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,083 See in context

Looks like numbers bottomed out and on the rise again. Next wave about to start. 

With tests capped at a max of 8,000, even if there are two more waves we will never know.

Understand that we will never know how many cases - symptomatic or assymptomatic - that are out there.

It has no political benefits thus not happening.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 275 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,083 See in context

Considering only those with symptoms are getting tested

Considering maybe only 10-20% of the infected develop symptoms... then we can all agree testing is ridiculously low here.

Unless we don’t want to locate clusters and break transmission chain.

Then its ok to remain at low testing levels, or even just stop testing altogether.

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Posted in: Osaka firm accused of helping Vietnamese work illegally See in context

 Look at America. They're not here to take part, they're here to take over.

“They” = 98.5% of the population which is nothing more nothing less than immigrants, or second/third generation of immigrants.

As Native Americans, Alaska Natives and Native Hawaiians, the real natives, only account for 1.5% of the population.

Ironically, the author of this comment is most likely an immigrant here in Japan.

Immigration is part of the new normal. Embrace it, it has benefits for everyone.

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Posted in: Time to wear a better mask, experts say See in context

How well a mask works depends on two things: filtration and fit

For the ignorants out there sticking the nose out and even half mouth as I’ve see some: fit means the whole nose and mouth inside the mask.

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Posted in: Osaka firm accused of helping Vietnamese work illegally See in context

In unprecedented times, unprecedented measures.

I am against illegal work, naturally, however we must support these people who left their families for a better life.

They could be stealing etc, but instead chose to still work - illegally due to bureaucracies.

Japan needs these people due to ageing population, for this reason long term is a win win for both sides.

Acknowledge, include and support these thousands of people stranded here with no better home and opportunities waiting for them in their country.

People cannot chose the country they were born at, but should be free to adopt a new home, should the home country not provide the opportunities they always dreamed about.

That is the beauty of globalisation.

As long as these people are well behaved guests, why not welcome them accordingly and facilitate working rights?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 178 coronavirus cases; below 200 for 1st time since Nov 24 See in context

How can there be only 5200 tests done on a Friday, a normal workday?

Do you think 200,000 tests a day, as all other developed countries are responsibly doing, would help solving the current political crisis and assist the Olympics to miraculously go ahead?

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Posted in: Disaster-prone Japan to step up efforts to help evacuees with pets See in context

Now there’s something most forget about during catastrophes, the millions of pets that stay behind and unfortunately pass away.

Great effort/initiative by the government!

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Posted in: Japanese citizen injured in Paris acid attack See in context

Unsure if it is related to the recent attacks to asians due to Covid-19.

However it is time to create more awareness around this issue.

The media should pick up more on these attacks now so asians are safer to travel to these places once borders reopen.

Unacceptable these racism actions in the 21 century.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 272 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,032 See in context

It seems that all the Doom sayers are losing more and more ground day by day.

Well we all know by now these numbers cannot be real.

200 cases/day in a metropolitan area of 39 million, without measures and everything and everywhere packed?

Maybe a higher % of assymptomatic vs other countries might be a possibility, however believing the number of cases in Tokyo going from 2000’s to 200 in one month for no reason sounds unlikely. And considering the political situation, Olympics etc it sounds very handy that numbers go down suddenly.

I personally don’t believe things like this happen without a reason/measure. Maybe thats just me being too realistic.

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Posted in: Kono warns of slower pace of COVID vaccine shots for elderly after supply delay See in context

No surprise, everything slow as usual.

Lets be realistic and adjust expectations according to the reality around here: we will reach herd immunity by the time the Tokyo 2032 Olympic Games start.

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Posted in: Osaka beats Brady to win her 2nd Australian Open title See in context

Congratulations! Getting better every day.

Great to see another trophy for a japanese player.

Such a humble player also, great example for the younger ones.

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Posted in: Japan finds new COVID-19 strain, while immigration faciliity reports infections See in context

"It may be more contagious than conventional strains, and if it continues to spread domestically, it could lead to a rapid rise in cases," Kato said.

However Japan will remain at a very low testing level, as that is the way to keep numbers down, not by contact tracing, identifying clusters and breaking the chain of transmission...

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Posted in: Japan to receive 2nd shipment of Pfizer vaccine on Sunday See in context

Keep sending more, and a few spare fridges, might be useful to have where to keep them nice and fresh for a safe jab.

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Posted in: Japan finds new COVID-19 strain, while immigration faciliity reports infections See in context

The variant is believed to have come from overseas

Of course because Japan is immune to the virus so the possibility of being a japanese strain is immediately out of the table.

More propaganda, we like it.

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