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Posted in: Number of elderly reaches record 36.17 mil in Japan See in context

And why is that my problem as a gaijin living here only for a few years? Why should I pay into a broken pension system knowing that I will never get my money back?

That is not a healthy mindset.

It is your choice to be here, and to be part of Japan’s problems.

I, naturally, also disagree with some things in Japan, as I did in every country I lived previously - as there is no perfect place in this word.

However Japan allowed me to be here, and for that reason I am grateful for it, as you should also, embracing the less positive things that it brings too as a “side effect”.

After all, this is home now.

That mentality of I do not care about Japan’s problems will only create an even bigger gap between locals and foreigners, which is exactly the opposite of what should happen.

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Posted in: Djokovic loses cool again; breaks racket See in context

He should come live in Japan for a while to learn what is respect and consideration for others is about - even when you are having a bad day!

It’s all about self-control, something he clearly lost along the way.

I used to have respect for this man.

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Posted in: Japan eases virus restrictions to allow more people at sports, movie venues See in context

It is to early for this one as yet.

Or, should the government really want to go ahead with this then make the use of masks mandatory at ALL times - covering mouth and nose - and take measures to ensure social distancing.

More and more I see people - indoors - without masks or just wearing it under their chin. Social distance is not a thing anymore as well anywhere from trains, lifts, grocery stores etc.

People have clearly dropped their guard as it happened around the world, this is why I am so skeptical regarding the infection numbers in Tokyo.

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Posted in: Suga aims to get new digital agency running by autumn 2021 See in context

I only believe when I see the fax machines away for good.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic athletes to be exempted from virus entry bans See in context


Fair point, I understand where you are coming from, and your concerns.

However extending this period to more than 72 hours would be a mistake as it would increase the risk - even further - for everyone here.

72 hours/3 days is already a long period of time, when people are potentially exposed to several different environments and people before they embark on their flight.

Many countries have services that can now deliver the results in 24 hours, and soon most will be able to deliver trustworthy results in a matter of minutes.

Fortunately, soon this should not be a concern anymore for anyone travelling to Japan.

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Posted in: Japan's tallest skyscraper, 'Torch Tower,' to be built in Tokyo See in context

Gorgeous piece of arquitecture.

Looking forward to it, it matches the buzzing central Tokyo vibes.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 220 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 570 See in context

Up, down, up, down.

People being sent back to offices, and walking around inside the offices without masks and not respecting social distancing anymore.

Expect many clusters to start appearing in offices - just wait for it.

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Posted in: Suga gets word out: He supports Tokyo Olympics See in context

Glad he does.

If baseball and football stadiums remained open all this time, why cancel the long awaited Tokyo 2020 (+1) Olympics?

Plan ahead and responsibly, to ensure no new clusters of Covid-19 will not appear due to the event, and we can only expect success for this huge event.

Looking forward to see Japan taking some gold medals in Judo (and not only hopefully).

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Posted in: IOC chief Bach hopes to visit Japan in October to meet Suga See in context


Let’s consider, as you mentioned above, that all those companies were the ones who ripped the benefits so far.

Now that all that money was spent in infrastructure and there is no way back, should we not just go ahead with it?

I can understand why many people are against the Olympics going ahead however:

Doesn’t building all the infrastructure and going ahead seem more reasonable then building everything and then cancel this historical event?

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Posted in: IOC chief Bach hopes to visit Japan in October to meet Suga See in context


Right, the taxpayer is footing the bill.

However - long term - the tax payer will benefit from this event as well.

While some countries pile up on debt for decades due to organising the Olympics, Japan will benefit from this global event in the mid-long term.

Believe it or not, if the 2030 goal of 60 million tourists per year is achieved* the government might be in a better position not to keep increasing taxes at the current pace.

*That would be double the tourism inbound in 2019, a record year with 30 million. This year, the goal was 40 million - very unfortunately ruined by the current pandemic.

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Posted in: Suga elected prime minister by Diet; new cabinet contains just 2 women See in context

Minister in charge of digital reform: 62 year old.

I see...

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Posted in: Suga elected prime minister by Diet; new cabinet contains just 2 women See in context

Only two women and only one member below 50 years old.

Innovation is something one can not expect.

Same old - literally. Fax machines are here to stay.

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Posted in: Abe and cabinet resign, clearing way for successor See in context

Politics apart, I wish Abe all the best for his future, and to get healthier soon.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 191 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 442 See in context

@Melanie Sykes I would suggest to start questioning the “alternative information” you find online.

False news circulate 5 times faster than real/confirmed facts based news.

Internet is an amazing tool indeed, however it is alarming the amount of “alternative news” and how elaborate these are these days, almost impossible to differ from the truth.

My honest suggestion would be to take this virus seriously and not underestimate how dangerous it is, to protect yourself and the ones around you.

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Posted in: Australia's COVID-19 epicenter reports no deaths from virus for first time in 2 months See in context

Totally agree @gogogo, however it is taking extreme measures that should not be taken this way, ruining people’s lives unnecessarily.

It is important/crucial to protect (all) its citizens and residents. After all that is the primary responsibility of any government.

Just open its borders to its citizens and residents - as Japan did - with precautionary measures such as PCR test upon arrival and compulsory self quarantine.

I am confident if Australia followed the same example the numbers would be as low as they are now.

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Posted in: Can you tell if a Japanese neighborhood is dangerous by looking at its convenience store? See in context

Regarding safety, I don’t know about you, but I lived in many places before around the world and I have never felt so safe as in Tokyo and Japan in general.

It will be very difficult to adapt if/when moving out of this incredibly peaceful and safe country.

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Posted in: Australia's COVID-19 epicenter reports no deaths from virus for first time in 2 months See in context

At what cost?

Before praising Australian government please read below:

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Posted in: Suga pledges to balance fighting coronavirus and promoting economic activities See in context

Cases below 50 in Tokyo “by miracle” in no time, after this statement by Suga.

Mark my words.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka wins 2nd U.S. Open title See in context

Very well deserved trophy! Congratulations to Naomi Osaka and Japan!

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Posted in: Japan to allow more people at events from Sept 19 See in context

 The NIID also believes the virus flowed into Japan from Europe and resulted in resurgence since June.

It is impossible to track such virus. But blaming foreigners is always a good way to run from our responsibilities I guess - we see this trend of throughout history all over the world.

Let’s then blame the third wave (whenever testing numbers allow that to happen) on the foreign residents who will visit their families soon.

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Posted in: Japan, Singapore to resume short-term business travel from Sept 18 See in context

Japan is also in talks with Australia, Brunei, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Mongolia, New Zealand and South Korea to ease travel restrictions

Just leave China out - for the time being at least!

Unless you really believe they stopped the spread miraculously - then go ahead.

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Posted in: Japan to allow more people at events from Sept 19 See in context

Too early, big mistake.

Just look what’s happening in Europe and in other places - none with stadiums open for the public, so imagine if they were...

People wearing masks more often around here might help to slow down the spread, but that’s all, don’t act like the virus is gone for no reason and we “won this battle”.

The trend now - with these news/decisions - is for people to relax and wear it less and less specially in closed and poorly ventilated places (offices, malls etc) where the risk of spread is proven to be high.

Stay safe people and make sure you and the ones around you act carefully and responsibly - wearing masks while indoors, and keeping a social distance whenever possible.

Let’s wait and see what happens.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 187 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 638 See in context

“Numbers low” many will say.

Yes, very low testing also.

I am shocked with news today regarding considering lifting stadium restrictions and allowing up to 20,000 to attend events.

Decision based on what, the daily 3 to 5 thousand tests?

This number, along with lifting restrictions is the wrong message being sent to the common citizen, who does not question what happens around and will start behaving like pre-covid, as he/she will believes these numbers are based on the same number of tests as US and many european countries are doing, concluding that “we beat this virus”.

We’re playing with fire here.

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Posted in: Osaka to face Azarenka in U.S. Open final See in context

Congratulations Naomi! Such an inspiring young lady.

Should she stay humble and dedicated as she is and not even sky is the limit.

Not only japanese, but all of us should be genuinely happy and proud of Naomi Osaka. A true champion!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 276 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 692 See in context

Since when is the pooulation of Tokyo 38million?

While Tokyo 23 wards population is around 14 million, the Greater Tokyo Area’s population is around 38 million.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 276 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 692 See in context

5,000 tests for a population of 38 million in Tokyo...

Would be interesting to see the numbers with increased testing, and how the public would react.

See too many with masks swinging on the ear and masks on the chin since these numbers - and number of tests - started decreasing.

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Posted in: Olympic chief says no deadline for how Tokyo Games will be organized See in context

People don't deserve their lives to be canceled either, but this pandemic is no fantasy horror movie

Totally agree with you here.

However the Olympics will be good for the economy, and many businesses will benefit from it - including the one work for, that will see many more people lose their jobs - and consequently their lives to be temporarily cancelled - if this event is cancelled.

It is not only about the athletes’, it is about many jobs and businesses that will be hammered if the event does not go ahead.

While I do not agree with a full audience attending this event, unless a lot changes in one year, an event organised with empty stadiums, or limited audience would still guarantee the jobs of many thousands of people.

My point is, it is possible with adequate planning to ensure the event without any unnecessary risks, because as you mentioned, this virus is no fantasy horror movie - and we still do not know the long term effects of it - even after “fully” recovered - as many doctors I speak with are afraid of.

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Posted in: Olympic chief says no deadline for how Tokyo Games will be organized See in context

A year ahead to plan it.

There is no excuse not to go ahead with this event, that will be great for the japanese economy - mid and long term - and the world.

With audience, without audience or with limited audience.

It should go ahead either way, with the right precautions, based on evolution of the numbers.

Looking forward for the success of this event, as for some athletes this is a one life time shot - they don’t deserve their dreams to be cancelled for something that had 1.5 years to be replanned.

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Posted in: Tokyo to end shorter hours for bars; virus alert to be lowered See in context

While I totally support the idea of keep reopening the economy and going back to the new normal, I believe it is still important to ensure the government is not sending the “wrong message” of going back to normal without emphasising how crucial it is to continue wearing mask indoors at all times, and keep social distancing whenever possible.

I see many people in my office not wearing mask inside anymore - not to mention the social distancing.

Yes the economy has to work as much as possible as per normal - totally agree here - however it is crucial to balance both, to avoid what is happening in other parts of the world where restrictions are put in place again (!!) due to people relaxing too much regarding precautions, thinking the virus evaporated by some kind of miracle.

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