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Ageha comments

Posted in: 2 killed after 74-yr-old disabled man drives car into Osaka restaurant See in context

"This is a failure of his family, assuming he has one, who hasn't taken away his keys!"

"The blame should be placed squarely on the shoulders of the society that let him have the "privilege" of operating a motor vehicle in the first place."

Woah, discrimination much? Now, discrimination because he is old or because he is disabled? Maybe both. I can see why japan is such a country, when people who think like that out there. It was an accident, sadly it was an old and disabled person but could have been a 20 year old person too.

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Posted in: Man dressed as woman arrested for shoplifting in Ikebukuro See in context

I'm getting addicted to this kind of news, it always make my day. I don't see this kind of thing happening anywhere else (at least they don't put it on the news) but Japan.

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Posted in: Girl, 14, arrested for hit-and-run during joyride with 3 boys in Osaka See in context

great parenting there too

Are parents supposed to keep guarding their children door at night too? Really, being a parent is so tiring these days.. There ARE some things that parents cant do at all times.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for abandoning newborn baby in Internet cafe toilet in Yokohama See in context

and the pill is unsafe and women who use it are just permiscuous. Or so the rumor goes around here.

Not even my grandparents would think like that.. Pills aren't only for the promiscuous, but it help the body regulate hormones, help the skin and a lot of other stuff. I've been taking pills way before I had any sexual activity. And when you find the right one for your body, it isn't dangerous or have unpleasant side effects.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for abandoning newborn baby in Internet cafe toilet in Yokohama See in context

hum... gave birth there? where? internet cafe's toilet?

Yes, that's not unusual women giving birth at toilets. Sadly. I hope the baby gets well.

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Posted in: Hacker impersonated Palin, stole email password See in context

Palin was pretty dumb for having such easy secret question to begin. It only shows how prepared she is.

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Posted in: Two teenage girls arrested for beating another girl at station in Yokohama See in context

"Methinks this happens in other countries as well."

Not really, in my country the two girls would be beaten by the people around. It's all about solidarity and common sense. Not that it's right too..

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