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Your comment seems really naive in that context. As for the dog, my dog is trained not to eat anything that isn't from my hand or in her bowl. Not my problem if someone wants to poison crows.

If I'm naive then you must be really self centered. Since your dog is trained then it is completely fine for other non trained dogs to eat the poison from the ground and die. I can totally see you comforting your friend in a situation like that "hey, its your fault you didn't train your dog properly!"

If you didn't notice, I wasn't saying that reducing overpopulation of crows that are problematic is bad, but throwing poisoned bread around in the park where other animals might die eating it or worst case scenario a child playing around might just put it in their mouth and swallow it is not a really good way to fix the problem don't you think?

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Posted in: 50 crows found dead in Tokyo park See in context

poisoning crows, public service IMO.

That's funny. If that would actually be a poisoned piece of bread dropped by someone on purpose in a park and then let's say your dog would eat it and die, would you still consider it public service?

That's reaaaaaallllyyy narrow minded thinking right there.

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