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Posted in: Japanese authorities urge caution after wild bears attack several people in the northeast See in context

Not only bears, but also deer and wild boars are increasing, and they are considered pests that destroy crops and need to be exterminated. Damages exceed $2.5 billion each year

However, the hunting club is aging and there are very few young people participating.

In order to own a rifle, a hunting license must be renewed for 10 years, and the reality is that it is difficult to obtain one.

Furthermore, it is not legal to fire a gun in urban areas.

In the future, damage not only caused by bears but also other wild animals will continue to increase.

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Posted in: U.S. ambassador to Japan visits southern islands at forefront of China tension See in context

It would be embarrassing for Japan to have its ally the United States criticize a prefectural governor who has no intention of protecting the citizens of the prefecture.

Why not hold an election in Okinawa to decide whether to accept Chinese rule? Even if I wanted to go back to Japan because of the terrible governance in China, I'm sure I wouldn't be able to hold a second election lol

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. move ahead in co-developing hypersonic weapons interceptor as regional threats grow See in context

We should never repeat the mistake of defeat.

China and Russia have never been the sole winners.

Without American support, even China and Russia cannot necessarily become winners. History proves it.

It is natural for Japan to arm itself in order to confront enemy countries such as China, Russia, North Korea, and South Korea. I would like to see further additions to the defense budget, with consideration given to the development of nuclear weapons.

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Posted in: Japan protests after China, Russia call released Fukushima water 'contaminated' See in context

China, which dumps contaminated water from nuclear power plants into the sea, and Russia, which dumps nuclear submarines into the Bering Sea, criticize Japan?

Both countries have a great sense of self-deprecating gags.

If both countries are to seriously criticize environmental problems, they should first do something about domestic environmental pollution. Can Russia take environmental measures while fighting a war?

Communist countries are always strange.

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Posted in: South Korea stresses need for fair treatment for Line chat app operator Naver See in context

LINE, which is used by most Japanese people, has repeatedly caused security problems (leaks of customer information) and has not been improved at all.

The level of carelessness is such that it can't be helped that the Japanese government has complained about it.

It is also said that they are disseminating information to the South Korean government and the Chinese Communist Party, and there is less reliable information about LINE.

It is almost impossible to make friends with current Koreans who have received an anti-Japanese education, and unless they stop their fantasy anti-Japanese education and accept reality, there will be no friendship between Japan and Korea.

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Posted in: Private-sector advisers urge proper BOJ response to weak yen See in context

Many companies announced their financial results yesterday, and of the 487 companies, 323 companies (66%) revised their operating profits upward.

A sudden depreciation of the yen would be a cause for alarm, but a gradual depreciation of the yen would be welcomed by the majority of companies. Foreign exchange intervention should be carried out at the minimum when necessary.

As crude oil prices continue to rise, the first step in changing the current situation of shutting down nuclear power plants and relying on thermal power generation is to restart them. Support for the development of nuclear fusion reactors. Developing renewable energy that does not damage the environment.

Securing new thermal silver to reduce the consumption of crude oil, which is used as a heat source in factories. There are various issues such as tax incentives for purchasing hybrid cars.

Inflation is also gradually increasing, so it will be necessary to raise wages for workers.

Although I do not expect Kishida to be able to make a strong contribution to the Keidanren, he must guide companies in the direction of improving their performance and raising wages.

Alternatively, corporate taxes may need to be raised and individual tax burdens reduced.

Raising the minimum wage has also been attempted in neighboring South Korea, but rising labor costs will only cause staff cuts, and it is unlikely to go well.

If the government is going to take the initiative, it would be better to raise corporate taxes or find other ways to do so.

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Posted in: Japan to start hunting large fin whales See in context

The history of whaling in Japan is thought to have already begun in prehistoric times. This is because what appears to be cetacean bones have been found in ruins from the early and early Jomon periods.

It has since been confirmed that whaling using hand harpoons began in the 12th century.

Why did the number of whales decrease in the first place?

Is it because the Japanese hunted too many whales in the world's oceans?

In fact, between 1900 and 1999, when whaling for whale oil became active in Europe and the United States, at least 2.9 million whales were killed by the whaling industry in the United States and Europe.

This includes 276,442 in the North Atlantic, 563,696 in the North Pacific, and 2,053,956 in the Southern Hemisphere.


Whaling has been active since the 1800s, and one of the reasons America's Perry urged Japan to open a port was to provide fuelwood and fresh water for whalers.

Whales have been considered a valuable source of nutrition and food for the Japanese people since ancient times. However, the whites saw it as nothing more than oil, and did nothing to control the amount of fish caught.

As a result, populations such as blue whales have declined by 90%.

Japanese people are grateful to whales and have built shrines and other structures to show their gratitude to whales.

Before complaining about Japanese food culture, white people should start preserving whale species on their own.

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Posted in: Kishida calls for speeding up debate on revising Constitution See in context

As long as Japan's surrounding countries do not renounce war, it will only be laughed at if we wave around Article 9 of the Constitution.

The only reason we are currently safe from invasion is because of the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty and the Self-Defense Forces.

However, China and Russia continue to violate airspace and territorial waters, and issues such as North Korea's abduction of Japanese citizens and South Korea's invasion of Takeshima Island have not been resolved at all.

Justice without power is powerless, and the location is too different from Switzerland, which can exist as a permanently neutral country within the EU.

Rather than clinging to the illusion of a peaceful constitution, Japanese people must turn their attention to the harsh reality.

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Posted in: Under-23 Asian Cup champs See in context

Congratulations Japan! I want them to do their best to win the next World Cup as well.

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Posted in: Why aren't sunglasses as popular in Japan as they are in other countries? See in context

Sunglasses are a must in Australia, but not so much in Japan. It's just a difference in environment.

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Posted in: ASEAN, Japan, China, S Korea ensure funds for pandemics, disasters See in context

I understand that the developing ASEAN countries rely on Japan's wallet, but China and South Korea have already become developed countries, so they should deal with disasters themselves.

They don't need Japan's cooperation, and even if they did help, they would never be grateful. This has always been the case and will continue to be the case for these two countries.

Even if we help such a country, it will only be a waste of the people's tax money, and there will be no benefit for Japan.

Never forget, Machiavelli said, ''Those who help their neighbors perish.''

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Posted in: Kishida calls for speeding up debate on revising Constitution See in context

For Japan, whose surrounding countries are all communist enemies, a constitutional amendment would be necessary for its own defense. Depending on what the United States wants to do, it may also be necessary to expand the Self-Defense Forces by acquiring nuclear weapons or by withdrawing US forces.

Without military power, a country's opinion will not be respected in the international community.

History has proven that.

By the way, France has a Foreign Legion, but Japan will never employ it. This is because it is impossible to work with foreign soldiers who cannot be used.

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Posted in: Japan says collision during nighttime drill caused deadly crash of 2 navy helicopters See in context

As China's invasion approaches, we express our condolences and respect to the Self-Defense Forces personnel who died in the line of duty during training.

If China, Russia, North Korea, and South Korea were not around, there might not be a need for the stationing of the U.S. military or the Self-Defense Forces, but as long as there are invading nations, the Self-Defense Forces must also be trained.

Accidents will continue to occur in the future, but we must not forget that the country is protected by the sacrifices they make.

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Posted in: White House downplays Biden calling Japan xenophobic country See in context

Are Japanese people xenophobic? I feel strange when I hear that.

In the first place, there were no exclusionary movements or demonstrations.

Foreigners can continue to live in Japan by purchasing real estate, and even change their nationality if they have lived there for many years without any problems.

Travelers are also welcome, and the total number is returning to pre-coronavirus levels.

If foreigners learn Japanese and make an effort to integrate into Japanese society, they will not be ostracized.

And Japan doesn't want to become like America.

The melting pot of ethnic groups fosters a society of inequality, where discrimination is widespread, and in a gun society, murders will never disappear.

There are also disparities in medical insurance, and deaths from the coronavirus have risen to the third leading cause of death among Americans. This shows that people who could not receive proper treatment and had no money were dying from the coronavirus one after another.

Is it possible to become such a wonderful society by accepting immigrants?

A declining population due to a declining birthrate may cause economic stagnation, but immigration will not solve everything. The Japanese government should seriously discuss the policies it should take to increase the number of Japanese people.

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Posted in: France, Japan to start talks on reciprocal troops pact See in context

Russia invaded Ukraine, and China frequently has territorial disputes with neighboring countries. Without such a country, there would be no problem even if there was no military alliance, but communist countries, including North Korea, have not lost any territorial ambitions.

With the solidarity and cooperation of countries such as the United States, Great Britain, France, Germany, Japan, India, and ASEAN, we must defend against invading nations.

Japan cannot export weapons because of Article 9 of the Constitution, but in order to stop invading countries, it will become increasingly necessary to revise the Constitution.

Japan has come a long way since World War II without firing a single bullet, but that seems to be reaching its limit.

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Posted in: Biden blames China, Japan and India's economic woes on 'xenophobia' See in context

Immigrants are necessary to create a society with severe inequality like the United States.

Are Americans happy if they live in fear of getting sick, fearing crime, and fearing being shot?

America may have room for immigrants, but the majority will be weeded out by death.

Furthermore, although the EU accepts refugees, some countries' societies are collapsing. Policies differ from country to country, and so do the people's wishes.

Unilaterally imposing American ideas is nothing more than interference in internal affairs.

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Posted in: Yen falls to lower 155 zone against dollar after suspected intervention See in context

I don't mind as long as the yen depreciates gradually.

For now, please stop the Bank of Japan's foreign exchange intervention.

I don't mind a weak yen for the time being. no problem.

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Posted in: Japanese opt for short, cheap overseas trips for Golden Week holidays See in context

It is understandable that young people don't go because they don't have money.

However, the reason why elderly people don't go abroad is not because they don't have money.

Although it seems to have been completely forgotten in other countries, elderly people in Japan are still afraid of contracting the coronavirus.

This is because if you become infected, even if you have been vaccinated, it can directly lead to death for elderly people. And most of all, it causes trouble to my family and others.

And this Golden Week is so intermittent that it's difficult to schedule dates.

All generations simply don't have money! , I think that if you lump them all together, you are only looking at the superficial aspects.

(Financial assets such as deposits, stocks, insurance, etc. held by Japanese people are approximately 21.4 trillion dollars)

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Posted in: Should Japan try to prop up the yen? See in context

No! ! Since Japan has continued to support the strong yen, Japan's sacrifices have probably been enough.

At one point, the dollar was around 80 yen, but it was even worse than it is now. The strong yen can be blamed for the poor performance of the Japanese economy so far, so the yen should remain weak for the time being.

I am now very profitable both as a company and as an individual.

Please return it to 1 dollar = 360 yen! lol

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Posted in: 90% in Japan support idea of reigning empress: survey See in context

Japan's first emperor was a man, but why was it supposed to be a woman? There were several female emperors, but the male emperors were only appointed as regents because they were young.

In other countries, it would be easy to guillotine the royal family, but in modern times there will be no way to stop the imperial family, which even GHQ could not abolish. And most Japanese people don't want that.

Let's think about it after all the royal families are gone from the world.

Only communists want to abolish the imperial family, but that is not a delusion. The other thing is that communists are not only of no use to this world, but are currently only a bane.

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Posted in: China coast guard confronts Japanese politicians in disputed East China Sea area See in context

We must never take a soft attitude towards the Chinese Communist Party. They are hyenas, bent on territorial disputes with countries such as Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines, Myanmar, and India.

Japan's defense spending is increasing because of the presence of hostile countries in its vicinity, such as China, Russia, North Korea, and South Korea.

Discussions will never solve the problem.

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Posted in: 90% in Japan support idea of reigning empress: survey See in context

The oldest imperial family, which is recognized by the Guinness Book of Records, will be abolished.

That's quite an exciting story.

First of all, who would be happy if the Imperial Household, which is defined as the symbol of Japan, was abolished? The Japanese Communist Party is a proponent of abolishing the imperial family. In other words, the imperial family is a huge nuisance for the Communist Party.

GHQ confiscated the assets of the imperial family and paid for them through taxes. As long as the assets are not returned, it is only natural that the imperial family will be run using Japanese taxes.

Also, as the term "imperial diplomacy" suggests, its position in the world is above that of the Pope, and it is respected and revered.

Which country is happy about the loss of the imperial family and the decline in Japan's diplomatic power?

It also serves as a unifying force for the Japanese people. Emperors in the male line have been a special existence for the Japanese people since mythology. Should a new person go after the earthquake? There is no one to replace you.

And which country does not want its imperial family and Japanese people to unite?

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Posted in: The glitch in Japan's plans to bolster U.S. defense See in context

The current situation in which Japan has been called a spy paradise and has been neglected for many years is extremely problematic.

Even if an attempt was made to enact an anti-espionage law, there was opposition from opposition parties, and there is still no proper anti-espionage law compared to other countries.

Cyber security is also not thoroughly enforced, such as using Chinese-made communication equipment. At present, the value placed on information is still low, and we must not forget the threat that there are many countries in neighboring countries, such as China, Russia, North Korea, and South Korea, that are targeting Japan's information.

We would love to see hundreds of billions of dollars in cybersecurity measures included in defense spending.

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Posted in: South Korea protests Japanese leaders' offerings to Yasukuni shrine See in context

At that time, Koreans were happy that Japan was the only permanent member of the League of Nations, right? As a Japanese citizen.

It seems that visiting the shrine was forced. The original name was changed because there were many anonymous people on the Korean Peninsula at that time.

During the Japanese colonial period, Korea's population doubled.

It must have been a harsh government?

She was supposed to have been oppressed and lived a miserable life?

All young women were supposed to be taken away as prostitutes?

Why? Unfortunately, you can't hide the demographic statistics, can you?

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Posted in: South Korea protests Japanese leaders' offerings to Yasukuni shrine See in context

Do Koreans still believe that there are remains at Yasukuni Shrine?

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Posted in: What do you think would happen to the Okinawan economy if all U.S. military personnel left? See in context

@Mr Kipling

China will never start a conflict with neighboring countries! Can you confirm that? There's no way you can do it, right?

In your country, what do you call it when you pretend to be able to do something you can't do?

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Posted in: 1 dead, 7 missing after 2 MSDF helicopters crash in Pacific during night training See in context

@Desert Tortoise

The Osprey is an extremely capable helicopter, so if an accident occurs, the Japanese media will immediately make a fuss about how dangerous it is. Of course, China's influence is behind this.

Even on this site, the article about the Osprey crash received many comments, all of which emphasized the dangers of the Osprey. That's ironic lol

Since it is not a helicopter that can be used to transport troops, it seems that the comments are not all negative.

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Posted in: Kishida sends offering to Yasukuni Shrine for spring rite See in context

In the first place, even though it was almost certain that Japan would lose if it went to war with the United States, the Cabinet at the time pressed ahead with the war. There are no Japanese people who would glorify war like that.

If you think Yasukuni Shrine is a facility that glorifies war and praises its enshrined people as heroes, you should reconsider its website.

Although China and South Korea cannot be called victorious countries, they are actively playing the role of victims of the Japanese military. Whether you believe it or not depends on the person, but there are a certain number of people who believe that propaganda and fantasy are real.

here, there and there.

How could he kill millions of people without purging his own army like Stalin did, without starting a Cultural Revolution like Mao Zedong, and without creating extermination camps like Auschwitz, which Hitler created?

Even at the Tokyo Trials, no Japanese were executed for causing a genocide.

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Posted in: What do you think would happen to the Okinawan economy if all U.S. military personnel left? See in context

Even if the US military were to withdraw to a base in Guam or elsewhere, Okinawa would still be on the front line with China. No country will attack Hawaii, but there is still a possibility that China will invade Okinawa.

The Self-Defense Forces will replace the U.S. military with bases, and Okinawa's economy will not change in any way. There is no comparison to Hawaii, and the economy will not improve even if China advances.

We will continue to rely on Japanese subsidies for the time being.

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Posted in: Chinese swimmers failed doping tests ahead of Tokyo Olympics: New York Times See in context

I don't think there's anything wrong with China, which fakes its age and gender to participate in the Olympics, and uses drugs. I'll do anything for money.

The same is true in Korea, but in their culture, people don't feel shame for using drugs, but rather feel shamed when they are found out.

Russia is also far from sportsmanship.

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