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Posted in: Japan's population target unlikely without migrants but door stays shut See in context

Simple solution: Japan will just build robots. I for one, am looking forward to Sony/Skynet overlords that will take over the Japan's labor force. Among other things.

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Posted in: Obama: Pot is not more dangerous than alcohol See in context

What you folks are arguing about is just a small bit of the issue. Sure, there are people who puff who may be bipolar...but what about people who have diagnosed severe pain? Seizures? Glaucoma? Loss of appetite as an end result of bouts of chemo from...say cancer?

Marijuana is not a cure-all, by any means of the imagination. But by no means is it the boogyman that the drug enforcement agencies back in the 80s instilled on everyone. Face it...States eventually realized that medicinal marijuana was not a bad thing for its residents, then more have taken appropriate measures to legalize sales.

What Washington and Colorado have done is just the next evolutionary step. The end of the world didn't happen then, and it isn't going to happen with it being legalized for recreational use. If anything, now the the black market and cartels will dry up, and tax revenue monies will be enjoyed. Puff Puff, win-win.

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Posted in: Unusual punishment lands Hiroshima elementary school teacher in hot water See in context

Meh. The teacher should have totally taken a few cues from "The Queen's Classroom." Now THAT was a classic teacher!

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Posted in: Wrestling voted back for Tokyo Olympics See in context

Now, if they would only oil themselves up prior to a wrestling match. And yes, I am talking about the men. Do it old school style! ;-)

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Posted in: Police bust sex home-delivery service using overweight women See in context

When I read "deri-heru" I initially thought DAIRY heru...

Not that it's that far of a stretch.

Still, what a weighty predicament...

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Posted in: Samsung sells more than 10 mil Galaxy S4 smartphones; Apple takes aim with patent lawsuit See in context

It's just like the photo/video sharing features that are done touching Samsung device to Samsung device, or the other plethora of fun that has come to be known in the Galaxy line. It's not about "hating" on Apple: But when the innovations just have't been there on the hardware side of a 4" screen with proprietary software and a perpetual "this is how it is must be done" mantra from the maker, then you can see how it has become easy to bash Apple.

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Posted in: NRA kicks off annual convention, saying it is fighting 'culture war' See in context

Personally, I have yet to hear from someone bringing up the issue of "smart guns." You know, the ones that refuse to fire because they have some embedded technology like RFID or sensors or the grip....

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Posted in: Japanese husband and Nissan go all out to give wife anniversary surprise of a lifetime See in context

They should have added Serena Williams into the mix....after all, it was named after her.

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Posted in: Roppongi nights See in context

"Does that mean until 12am Tuesday morning December 25 or throughout the evening of December 25? I'm guessing 12am Tuedsay morning...."

@ Serrano - How about you enjoy the lights that are NOW ON DISPLAY, instead of worrying about semantics? Besides, everyone knows that the world is going to explode or something before that light display is up, according to the Mayan calendar. Bwahaha.

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Posted in: New Google smartphone sells out See in context

I'm quite content with my Samsung Galaxy Note II. All the qualities of the Galaxy 3, and ginormous screen that is perfect for my gorilla hands. :-)

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Posted in: Why Japan doesn’t give a Gangnam about PSY See in context

And yet despite all the hate coming from the few commentators on this board, or some talk shows with no real sense of humor, PSY has hit Number 1 in 20 other countries' music charts. Japanese debut on the chart for PSY this week? #20.

Goes to show you that someone is just a wee bit late to the party. Don't take yourself so friggin' seriously. He sure doesn't. Lighten up.

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Posted in: Marriage impossible - Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes split after five years See in context

In related news, Tom Cruise, distraught, will repeat his leap back on Oprah's couch....but this time fly back to his home planet of Xenu.

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Posted in: South Korean karaoke bar fire kills nine See in context

I hope no one was singing "Burning Down the House" when this first started...or "The Roof is on Fire."

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Posted in: Seniors take over Japan's arcades See in context

If I see an oyaji start up a Dance Dance Revolution machine and break a hip in the process, I am sooo going to be filming on my keitai and posting on YouTube.

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Posted in: Sony Vita will debut in U.S. with film-music services See in context

Gross..AT&T. Wi-Fi Only for me...I refuse to be tied down to that nincompoop of a conglomerate. Worst service EVER!

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Posted in: What's your favorite hamburger chain? See in context


Their meat is never frozen, their veggies are fresh, lettuce hand-peeled, friendly staff...simple menu...just good good stuff!

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Posted in: Texas police kill 8th-grader carrying pellet gun See in context

What NONE of you has discussed or mentioned is WHY IN THE HELL did the idiot have a pellet gun IN SCHOOL, brandishing it around, in the first place? Seems to me he got himself in this predicament. And yes, I live in Texas, and I find it pathetic that the godmother and stepmother are demanding justice for their slain kid. Why? He put himself in this situation! LEO's (Law Enforcement Officer's) Do not have time to dally around and sit for tea and crumpets to assess the situation when someone is pointing a weapon at them, or what clearly appears to be one. And as far as 3 shots, one might be enough to disable the subject, but he or she can still get up and shoot. So, the correct actions were done and done. It's not a case of Texas vigilante-ism. It's a case of what was supposed to be done right.

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