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I could write a lot but the most important thing is that parents, schools and doctors need to work together and educate ecpectly Japanese girls who to have save sex.

I am shocked every time I hear from my Japanese friends, both male and female, that they or there partner all ready had 2,3 or more abortions. And that prevention is up to the men.

Since I am regnant and spend a lot time at my women`s clinic I see all most every time I am there mothers with there young daughters looking ashamed down. I all ready saw some of them crying silently and I really wanna scream out in this moments. To the parents and education facilities to xxxx educate them and don@t act like ignoring is a birth control pill or abortion is normal!

First of all they shouldnt get prego in the first place.

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I know who this "girls" look like. Straightened hair, pink/black fluffy jumpers and ugly hello kitty sandals....usually having 2 kids by the age of 19. And that`s how she will end up after serving few years in a reformatory.

The article and TV as well are mentioning the drivers license, which I understand for the fact that it indicates that there was another person involved. Which also means this person need to be held responsible. But nobody mentions the parents of this two girls. Why are they wondering the street in the middle of the night in the first place.

Is there a term for Japanese wight trash?

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Hmmm, I would love to believe this story and maybe it is true...Tokyo is a big city and there are a lot of Japanese people who lived abroad and become more confident to walk up to somebody who acts wrong.

Im pregnant and take a very crowded train 6 times a week. Along my route there is a womens university and also a lot old people take this line. In 3 months, I already look super hippo pregnant and I think I dont need to mention the temperatures we have currently ;), only one girl offered me her seat. Actually she was about to get of the train in 2 stops, would it be later I dont think she would give me her seat. It was also a priority seat o_O. All of them are genius to act like they don`t see me or the old Oba chan next to me. And most of the time I enter the empty train at the University station....which means it is not like I enter a packed train....they run into it and jump on the seat like they need to coz they will have a long way they get of in 3,4 or 5 stations.

Few weeks ago I took a streetcar and two very very old Lady`s entered the car. The couple next to me, maybe mid 20th, just looked at them while they struggled to make there way through the car to look for a seat. My husband and I stood up and gave them our seats....The couple and other passengers looked at us like we are jumping naked through the car. But there one got maybe to ashamed and gave me his seat.

Japanese are polite yes, but only if you can point the individual out. If they are in a crowed like street or train they act in, what I call " camouflage mood "!

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I read all the comments and cant hold back to say something to some of you.

Alot of you jumped immediately at the victim. Accusing them to be bad slavers, acists and ctiminals whome pushed the guy to snap. Non of you called them the names I just said but what you write sounds like that and is implicating that they treat him like shit.

I dont see any indication to suggest that in this article. How you guys can make up a story like that from a article which is just saying that a chinese guy stabbed a CEO and coworkers?!

I'm also a foreigner and I just see a guy who did a bad crime. Oh and I see that the article is not mantioning his name, that looks wierd to me. Why not? I dont think he is under 21 so why hiding his name? WIerd.

All gaijins wanna be treated equal but you guys dont treat this japanese victims equal. Think about what you write before you judge people you dnt know more about then a few sentences.

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I want to say the sanction is not justified.

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I believe the sanction is actualy justified. I just simply dont believe a goverment which is constantly lying to the whole world. The US and others should not make the same mistakes they did so many times befor. Dont start to acuse countrys if you dont have any proof.

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Could be a future killer or simply someone who hates cats and birts coz they shitting everywhere:/

But there is someone living and working in kure who allready killed 2 children back in 1997. As we all know juvenile offenders are protectet by law so they named him BOY A. Juvenile offenders dont get high or long penaltys and there identity is protected after they have served their sentence.

Anyway, this guy works since few years in kure and lives there as well. I wonder if the police is checking on him from time to time and if they pay him a visit after this cats&birts thing. He also did this long time before he killt the 2 children.

I dont say he did this Kure thing but it may be a good idea to talk to that guy.

P.S. gomennasai for my bad english.

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