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Posted in: World chefs: Cardiologist writes cookbook for wheat-free eating See in context

Try getting a Japanese to switch to brown rice---it's delicious with a little butter and ume-boshi chazuke sprinkled over it...

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Posted in: What do you think about the proposed plan to charge Mount Fuji climbers a fee to help pay for the costs of cleaning up garbage left on the mountain? See in context

This is a good opportunity to create lot of "mountain maintence" jobs for Japan's unemployed...

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Posted in: Anime backgrounds: True works of art See in context

One of my favorite background anime art was surprisingly a Crayon Shinchan story on he and his little dog digging a hole in their backyard and landing up near an ancient Japanese feudal castle complete with samurai war scenes. Unbelievablely beautfifully done...

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Posted in: Woman dies after heavy-set police officer sits on her See in context

"...she died five days later."

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Posted in: Boston suspect responding in writing to questions: media See in context

RIP all who died... Justice and mercy for the victims.

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Posted in: Do cities in Japan need to have buses and trains running 24 hours a day? See in context

Does China or Korea have this problem, too??

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Posted in: Toyota plots China fightback with new, no-frills car See in context

Whatever happened to "Cherry Motors" and their Chinese car to be sold for around $3,000...worldwide!

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Posted in: Fast Retailing chief Yanai named one of TIME magazine's 100 most influential people in world See in context

Good job, Tadashi. Too bad this news did not do a small biography on you. For instance, did you study fashion, or accounting or???

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Posted in: World's oldest ever man turns 116 in Japan See in context

The city of Kyotango, near Kyoto, should bottle their water. I would buy it...

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Posted in: Required or not, English knowledge no guarantee of success See in context

Kudos to all Japanese who try to speak English even a simple hello.

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Posted in: Free gifts, cheap coffee no help as McDonald’s Japan troubles continue See in context

Try a Burger King Whopper at sunshine city in Ikebukuro and their delicious thicker french fries and you will never go back to MacDonalds again.

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Posted in: U.S. military copter crashes near N Korea border See in context

In Nam it was the Jesus bolt causing all the problems, mixed steel with sand to cut costs...

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Posted in: Vandal cuts down 30 cherry blossom trees in Chiba See in context

Ahhhh...probably being sold as decorations in some flower shops....

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Posted in: Pro-Korean, anti-Korean forces face off in Shin-Okubo See in context

One way to win a war is to divide its enemies... So could NK be behind this?... Makes sense. I used to work in psychological warfare.

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Posted in: Japan's 'omiyage' culture See in context

I once gave frozen razberries in heavy juice over icecream to one family and it knocked their socks off...

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Posted in: McWeirdness: Have breakfast at McDonald’s and get free shampoo and gum See in context

Probably they want more "female" customers...?

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Posted in: What do you think of all the coffee drinks and products sold in Japan, either in cafes, convenience stores and vending machines? Anything you recommend? See in context

Back in the 60's, stained glass decorated cofee shops with classical music in the background were a rich experience...

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Posted in: North Korea puts rockets on standby for U.S. strike See in context

NK kidnapped Japanese and no war... If they kidnap Americans as they said they are planning to do will America go to war, in effect saving Private Ryan...?

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Posted in: Dentsu completes takeover of British media group Aegis See in context

I worked for Dentsu around 1970 and enjoyed every minute. Wonder if any of the old gang is still around...

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Posted in: Japanese-style squat toilets: A surprising way to stay healthy See in context

I hated them. Long ago when I first came to Japan, it was winter and I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to take a crap without hitting my pants. So there I was everytime taking off my pants to freezing weather... I had to take off my long underwear too. What an uncomfortable experience.

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Posted in: U.S. flies B-2 stealth bombers over South Korea See in context

NK said kidnapping a lot of Americans is also planned... Big Bombers can't stop a bunch of NK sailors with burlap bags sneaking up in back of beach strollers at night in Waikiki...

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