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Posted in: Tokyo to allow foreigners to work as beauticians for 1st time in Japan See in context

"just didn’t know you needed a licence? "

Did u really think anyone could simply set up shop?!


Why should Japan be any different?!

@Peeping Tom - the services listed here are all justified in requiring licencing. I wouldn't want any old cowboy setting up as a chiropodist or running a tanning salon.

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Posted in: 740,000 Moderna doses scrapped due to expiration in 27 Japanese cities See in context

Vaccines are not distributed via the free market system so shortages or wastage is 99.99% guaranteed.

They weren't distributed by the free market in the UK either, but there, and no doubt in many other countries, the distribution was highly effective. I worked go so far as to suggest that a free market approach to trying to vaccinate an entire population world's be the least efficient method possible.

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Posted in: 740,000 Moderna doses scrapped due to expiration in 27 Japanese cities See in context

According to the EU contract in 2021 with Moderna (reported by FT), a single jab costs around 2,800 yen. Thus the total amount is about 200,6943,000 yen.

Didn't know they were so cheap. Great news. Saving a few hospitalisations should make that cost bank fairly quickly.

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Posted in: Japan eyes reform of outdated labor systems based on gender roles See in context

Great, that women get more opportunities and equal pay. I support that. What I don’t support and hate is when companies promote people because they are a woman when there is a more qualified male candidate. That bias goes against the very moral of what they are trying to combat.

This is the classic go-to response of the reactionary right. People who go for decades without the slightest mention that women are being passed over by less capable men because of their sex, yet when there is any discussion about reducing structural inequality, then it is suddenly conflated with positive discrimination. And yet they are rarely able to point to any examples of positive discrimination in practice that affect us day-to-day.

People who appear to be tacitly in favour of the status quo suddenly become equality campaigners in the face of the non-existent positive discrimination.

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Posted in: Become a modern ninja with this ninja darts kit See in context

As you can infer since the name includes 剣 sword, real shuriken are made of metal just like Japanese swords. Ninja warriors threw shuriken to attack enemies and protect themselves. After enough training, they could throw them accurately and powerfully enough to penetrate walls and human bodies. They were very dangerous weapons.

While the ninja did not really exist as presented toda, shuriken were part of a samurai's arsenal, but used as much as distraction and delaying devices rather than as lethal weapons of assassination.

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Posted in: Don’t let the rain get you down! Here are Japan’s top 10 most beautiful rainy day travel spots See in context

"Here are photos of ten places in sunshine. But they also look nice in the rain."

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Posted in: Court orders TEPCO to pay ¥73.5 million over Fukushima nuclear crisis See in context

Two million yen is risible. But that is the point of Japanese legal compensation - it is not worth the effort to take on the establishment because you don't win enough to make the effort worth it. Victories can only ever by symbolic and are unlikely to correctly compensate for losses.

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Posted in: Trudeau proposes freeze on handgun ownership in Canada See in context

Kennesaw, Georgia, for example, has a population of 33,000 people, and a violent crime rate of less than 2 percent and has only had one murder in the last six years.

If your claim has any meaning, we would should therefore expect there to have been a material drop in the violent crime rate since the law was introduced in 1982. That would be reasonable, but not conclusive evidence that gun ownership in Kennesaw led to a fall in violent crime.

the number of murders that took place in Kennesaw the year prior to the law’s implementation was zero and therefore could drop no lower. And the increased number of armed robberies from 1980 (one) to 1981 (four) represented a sample so low that a subsequent reduction in such crime didn’t provide any meaningful data from which a conclusion about “mandatory” gun ownership and crime rates could be drawn.

Another aspect to consider is whether Kennesaw’s crime rates were observed elsewhere in the state. In the decade bracketing the law’s passage (1976 through 1986) there was a significant drop in murders, burglaries, property crimes, the property crime rate, and the burglary rate in Georgia as whole (despite Kennesaw’s outlier status with the gun law in question). Statewide, the murder rate similarly dropped in a fairly dramatic fashion after 1982

Sounds like the (unenforced) gun law made very little difference. Rather than comparing it to other cities in the rest of the country, it would probably be appropriate to compare it to neighboring towns with similar demographics.

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Posted in: Lebanese judge questions Ghosn after Interpol notice See in context

Here is some good coverage from the Asia Times that might be of interest.

@Dan - thanks for sharing. It gets off to a good start:

.. a Nissan raid team that was operating in Lebanon illegally, having timed the raid to coincide with Ghosn’s arrest in Tokyo.

Yes, the raiders were operating in Lebanon illegally. Three Nissan lawyers and the automaker’s head of security for Europe and the Middle East entered the country on tourist visas, then proceeded, without warrants, on November 19, 2018, to remove personal papers, a computer and a hand-held mobile device belonging to Ghosn.

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Posted in: Lebanese judge questions Ghosn after Interpol notice See in context

That's a nice way to spend retirement, fending off jail

Better to be fending it off than actually in in a Japanese prison.

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Posted in: Police inaction moves to center of Uvalde shooting probe See in context

Stop the guns stop the massacres. Easy.

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Posted in: Texas shooter warning signs get lost in sea of social media posts See in context

What sort of country needs armed guards at schools?

A country where it is insanely easy to buy military weaponry due to an interpretation of a document that's over 200 years old and written for a different era?

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Posted in: Texas shooter warning signs get lost in sea of social media posts See in context

This warped kid was destroyed by his drug addicted mother and no show father.

And this must make you even more afraid of the future given that we are likely to have a major increase in births of unwanted children to people unable to be good parents.

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Posted in: Texas shooter warning signs get lost in sea of social media posts See in context

The prevention of bullying and mental health care for pupils don't come cheap, either, but expanding America's inadequate welfare system is an essential component of the solution to stop the slaughter of innocents.

The gun lobby always blame anyone and anything for gun massacres other than the military grade killing machine that adolescents can buy the day they turn 18. The recent one is mental health. This does two things - mental health is something we can all agree is important, and educated liberals are particularly likely to focus on it. Secondly, it diminishes the blame for the murderer - he's a victim of mental health issues. It also pushes the blame to the government and away from guns.

I suggest taking them at their word and having a tax on ammunition purely to find nationwide mental healthcare all.

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Posted in: Texas shooter warning signs get lost in sea of social media posts See in context

This article is a distraction from the critical point - there are too many guns and they are too easy to obtain and by people who are too young to control their emotions. If anything, focus on the ineffectual police response (not going into the school when children were still being shot) or the lies and attempted cover up by the police and Abbott. At least Abbott has the grace to withdraw as a speaker from the NRA conference

Polling shows that overwhelmingly the American public believes that greater gun control is necessary (59%) and that 81% support improved background checks.


But in the USA, the majority doesn't matter because a minority run the show. It's this minority that now has the blood of another 19 children on their hands. If you want to be a mass shooter, the USA is your first choice because nowhere else is it so easy to obtain high powered weaponry.

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Posted in: Guns now the leading cause of death for American children See in context

Another 20 children died because of an egregious and political misinterpretation of the fourth amendment.

The Supreme Court of the USA needs to be enlarged and balanced to more accurately represent the views of American citizens rather than the conservative minority.

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Posted in: Guns now the leading cause of death for American children See in context

Ammunition controls, taxes, etc will not work and will never be passed by any state legislature. And even if they are, people will just go to the neighboring state to get their bullets. 

if ammunition is so easy to obtain, then surely the gun lobby won't object to controls.

Oh, they do object? Ahh, because it will make it harder to obtain ammunition.

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Posted in: Guns now the leading cause of death for American children See in context

So why a school doesn’t check for and defend from armed intruders?

The elementary school in Texas did have an armed guard (which is the gun lobby's "solution"). It again proved ineffective.

There should of course also a duty for that, for example schools, churches or big event’s management or shopping centers have to provide or employ security guards if they want continue operation.

See above.

Some final words…remember how they had managed that in those old days of the Wild West, when you had to drop your guns before entering saloons, churches and so on, often even long before , at the city limits.

I am pretty sure that the school had a "no gun" policy and yet somehow this was ineffective. Perhaps they didn't use a big enough font.

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Posted in: Texas gunman warned online he was going to shoot up school See in context

Abbott repeatedly talked about mental health struggles among Texas young people and brought up laws in New York, Chicago and California to argue that tougher gun laws don't prevent violence.

People in other countries have mental health issues. But other countries have tough gun laws. And America is the one country that has a disproportionate number of gun massacres.

Go figure, Abbot.

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Posted in: 19 children, 2 adults killed in Texas school shooting; Biden says 'we have to act' See in context

I understand the shooter was 18, just like the Buffalo shooter. The US is a country where kids are trusted with guns but not a beer.

Madness. I hope the fourth amendment nuts are proud of themselves today.

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Posted in: More turn to UK food banks as food and fuel bills soar See in context

The 118 pounds ($145) of benefits he gets every two weeks don’t go far.

If that is the total sum, that is incredibly low. Must be more to it, like savings this guy has or am I wrong?

I struggle to understand this too. UK unemployment benefit is £154 every two weeks. It's a paltry amount, and doesn't go far - £11 a day. You would get housing benefit on top of that, but it would be a struggle to survive on this. Food, gas, electricity etc. Obviously that's the idea but it looks like it is impossible to survive now.

By contrast, a state pension is a relatively luxurious £150 - basically twice the unemployment rate.

Thanks Putin.

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Posted in: Russian sentenced to life in Ukraine's 1st war crimes trial See in context

Not since the Geneva Convention was signed has a POW been charged in a civil court by the country that he was captured by.

And if Putin's plan had been successful and Ukraine has fallen within days, there wouldn't have been any trial at all.

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Posted in: 'Enormously risky': How NFTs lost their luster See in context

Clearly for people who think that investing in crypto currencies is too safe and boring.

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Posted in: Number of Ukrainian evacuees to Japan reaches 1,000 See in context

they will get ¥2800 a day! And visa! And accommodation! And free flight.

Wow, the narrow minded selfishness displayed here astounds me. They didn't ask to have their country invaded and their homes destroyed in return for a free flight to Japan and some petty cash.

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Posted in: Lebanon receives Interpol wanted notice for Ghosn See in context

An interesting book "The Enigma of Japanese Power" (Karel Van Wolferen) published in the late 1980's goes into great depth into all the criticism of Japans legal system. Nothing seems to have changed. Incidentally Karel Van Wolferen is a highly acclaimed journalist.

I read this book over 20 years ago and while critical of Japan, it is the best book by far I've ever read on how Japan works. It covers everything from education to advertising and the intimate relationship between business and government.

Throughout the whole Ghosn saga I've seen it through the perspective lent to me by this book.

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Posted in: Lebanon receives Interpol wanted notice for Ghosn See in context

I realize that this comment is going to be dislike-bombed by the Ghosn supporters who only see this as a "Japan bad, foreigner good" issue, but evidence strongly indicates Ghosn is in fact guilty of everything he has been accused of in Japan and France.

I never made any claims about Ghosn's status, but observed that it would be impossible to assess either way whether he was guilty or innocent because he would be found guilty - his guilt was predetermined. It was essentially a political case where the interests of the state and Nissan's executives aligned.

The case also highlighted the backwards nature of the Japanese justice system. Most people would expect Japan to have a mature justice system, whereas it is still stuck in the 19th century.

Ghosn should go to France and face trial on the condition that he is not subsequently extradited to Japan.

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Posted in: Russian soldier pleads guilty at Ukraine war crimes trial See in context

Shouldn't every single one be charged with at least the following:

1: Carry a weapon without a license.

2: Entering the country without submitting a passport to Ukrainian immigration authorities.

3: Trespassing.

Perhaps they should if they catch them, but how about focusing on those who committed war crimes before worrying about misdemeanours?

Of course, you are not being serious, but just trying to deflect to defend a war criminal.

Imagine going onto an internet forum to make obscure arguments to somehow lessen the seriousness of war crimes. Glad I don't do that.

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Posted in: Russian soldier pleads guilty at Ukraine war crimes trial See in context

Shooting a single civilian to prevent detection of a mobile team is allowed under the laws of war.

They obviously weren't doing much to conceal themselves. After all, if it was just a single civilian, how do they know who the shooter was. And given that everyone has cell phones, they were hardly going to be secret for long.

I don't know about this detail of the ruleseof war - I've never really needed to research the exact circumstances in which you could kill innocent civilians. But I think you are trying a bit too hard to justify the murder of this man.

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Posted in: Spanish govt proposes wider abortion rights, menstrual leave See in context

.so, what is the expansion? Currently 14 weeks

It didn't claim an extension beyond 14 weeks, but rather an extension of rights. Read the article.

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Posted in: UK raises stakes in EU feud with threat to break Brexit deal See in context

Just exactly how many people who voted Leave ever thought about consequences like the Northern Ireland problem? After Scotland and probably Wales leave the UK, the DUP will still want to cling onto England who have moved on.

NI will join the South at some point in the 30 years once the Catholic population outgrows the Protestant. For the rest of the UK that will bes relief of sorts.

Scotland may seek independence again, but the same border questions will emerge if it tries to join the EU.

There is minimal appetite in Wales for independence.

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