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It's a sad day in the inaka, when nashi start disap"pear"ing.

and you're left 梨無し

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I wonder what he's wearing on his legs. Whenever I've visited Japan it's been spring or autumn and the joggers doing laps of the Imperial Palace invariably have tights on under their shorts. They bare their legs in the height of summer though right?

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Tokyo-mToday 10:55 pm JST

Not a single bench in this "park".

It's Oyokogawa Water Park and there are benches there. Some of them can even be seen in the picture, under the pergola.

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Ego Sum Lux MundiToday 04:21 pm JST

The BBC were also busted a few months back for using scary footage of patients intubated in ICU with doctors and nurses looking panicked and implying it was a British hospital... turned out to be Italian footage, which makes me suspicious about the media's role in this.

It's good to be suspicious sometimes Ego Sum Lux so I tried to find out more about this but I can find no reference to the BBC misrepresenting footage from an Italian hospital as being in the UK. Can you provide a source please?

While searching I found a report about CBS News using footage from an overcrowded Italian hospital in a report about New York at the end of March, which they attributed to "an editing mistake".

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Good grief. I thought this may have been some sort of joke but then I found a youtube video of some guy eating one. He even took his own mayonaise to squirt over the thing. Horrific!

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No. 9 I always find that behaviour curious. I usually choose an aisle seat and have to get up to let the other people in the row out so that they squeeze together with everyone else in the aisle and stand around waiting for a couple of minutes. I just sit down again and don't get up until it looks like I can walk off the plane without stopping. I don't think my luggage has ever beaten me to the baggage claim so what's the hurry?

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To keep on keeping on.

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borscht, You've assumed that the 3.6% rate of phone usage observed by the cops in July & August must have been the same amongst the cyclists involved in the accidents in 2007. You can't make that assumption. If the cops didn't witness any cyclists having an accident during the 3-day observation periods, would you conclude that no cyclist ever has an accident?

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