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Posted in: 47-year-old man arrested after body parts of missing 6-year-old Kobe girl found See in context

Japanese news reports that she may have gone to see a guy who lived in the same apartment as the accused. This guy had lots of cats and she used to often go and play with them. the accused is also thought to have gotten a cat from this guy. maybe that's how they met. anyway, i don't know how or why her parents let her go out on her own.

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Posted in: Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot back in new novel by UK author See in context

Evelyn Waugh did not create the Jeeves and Wooster characters; P.G Wodehouse did.

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Posted in: 50-year-old woman killed by drunk driver in Gunma See in context

@smithinjapan: no need to punish the shop unless you can prove they plied him with drinks knowing he was going to drive after.

Shops don't ask every customer who walks in if they are driving; no one likes to be asked that. shops need customers for their survival; they can't alienate them with impractical rules. in the US, I don't know of one person who likes being asked for an ID evey time they want to buy alcohol. And when shop staff do refuse to give free parking coupons to customers who have been drinking, the customers often tell lies like their friend who is outside will drive, or the daiko service will take the car out, etc.

You can't expect shops to police people; you have the legal system and the cops for that, and even they are doing a bang up job. shutting down the shop is not going to solve a problem that has existed since the invention of the motor vehicle, and that is pervasive all over the world.

Would you shut down the manufacturer of the car which caused this death? or the beverage company which made the liquor he drank that ultimately caused the accident?

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Posted in: Traffic accidents on the rise due to rolling blackouts See in context

why do they have to cut the traffic lights? surely they have a way to keep them on during the blackouts...

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Posted in: Coffee maker doesn't need paper filter See in context

gold/metal filters are hell to clean up...and if you don't clean em well, your coffee will suck...stick to paper filters...

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Posted in: Colorful character See in context

poor goldfish

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Posted in: Ritz-Carlton Tokyo spa voted favorite spa in Japan See in context

about 700,00 or so. voted by only those who can afford it.

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Posted in: KDDI unveils new models in au smartphone IS series See in context

aren't all phones usually "handy-sized"? Or should men have to carry suitcase-sized ones? and why should women's phones focus on easy usage and communication quality? what are they implying?

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why did they need to put rum in it? whatever happened to fruit? or will they keep it in the chu-hi section at supermarkets?

and how do you use "a lot of cream, with less fat"?

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Posted in: 8 youths arrested for stealing cigarettes See in context

boys will be boys....

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Posted in: Jessica Michibata shows her form at Levi's promotion See in context

CoinLaundry at 09:54 AM JST - 16th August So is Jessica on the left or right? More information please.

the one on the right in the sleeveless is the mannequin; the other is the real deal...

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Posted in: Titan Arum See in context

i hope they don't fall off that thing in their zeal and break their hips...sometimes these people are too busy photographing to simply look and admire something...

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Posted in: Hilton Tokyo opens 'Beer Garden in the Sky' See in context

"beverages, party platters and concierge services" what kinds of concierge services for beer drinking restaurant guests? or are they some find of food?

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Posted in: Website provides info on ryokan See in context

you gotta love ryokan morning schedules, maintained in strict military precision: skinny dipping from 0400, natto breakfast at 0700, and get the heck out of here by 1000...

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Posted in: Cop cutout warns against bank transfer fraud See in context

er...which one is the cutout????

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Posted in: I’m shut out of my daughter’s life See in context

Nor could I expect any court-ordered visitation, as no provision for this exists under Japanese law.

Are you sure about this. I do know for a fact that the Tokyo Family Court (or any city's family court) does have provisions for court-ordered visitations. They even have a beige colored pamphlet on the guidelines for that. Please contact the Tokyo Family Court in Kasumigaseki about it.

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