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Posted in: Israel rejects 48-hour halt to Gaza assault See in context

*The Hamas charter states:

"There is no solution for the Palestinian question except through Jihad."

Really puts in a tight spot those who blame Israel, those who claim religion is unrelated to the hostilities, and those who insist that Islam is by and large a peaceful religion, and that jihad is misunderstood by "Islamophobes".

I do enjoy watching them squirm.*

If i may response to adamantine's comment (pasted above) You seem to not even understand the word jihad. But i don't blame you, even Muslims sometimes are unclear of its meaning. I am humbly not a very good scholar to give a very good explanation but what i am aware is that it doesn't at all indicate refusing peace.

In Islam, there are conditions for war. Explicit conditions. 1. Only go to war if you are attacked, i.e defense. 2. You can't attack women children and old people. 3. You can't destroy plants. 4. You can't attack religious buildings i.e mosque, church, synagogues. I hope i've listed all here. I think there's another one about being opressed but i dare not put it down in case it's wrong. It might fall under the defense. Excuse my shortcomings. Basically the Palestinians are defending themselves.

I squirm not on the word jihad, but at own error of not being able to correct the widespread view on the word jihad.

There are propagandas everywhere and people usually believe what they want to believe. I have made some error in judgment before and thus I can't blame others who do. Please read from both sides. Even israelis are against those attacks.

But then again, you choose what to believe and i respect that. Do feel free to ask anything and despite my not-so-wide knowledge, i'll answer them.

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