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aintgottimetobl comments

Posted in: Shonan Pandora pulls off shock Japan Cup win See in context

The main reason Japan keeps winning is the race doesnt attract the BEST from overseas..and this year was hardly a high quality field,but dont be mistaken the Japanese produce outstanding world class stayers who have won some of the richest races in the world..and they will continue to dominate this race unless real champions can be enticed over here.. Ryan Moore was great for sure

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Posted in: Park leads South Korea to 8-0 win over U.S. in Premier12 final See in context

watchit,as far as this particular tournament goes,and this tournament only (which I'm doing) they mean everything..

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Posted in: Park leads South Korea to 8-0 win over U.S. in Premier12 final See in context

Koreans the best in the world ? Ranked 8th coming into the tournament more than 400 points behind top ranked Japan and 2nd ranked USA.. Sorry..they're 8th and beat Japan on a colossal manager's error..and USA losing those 3 players prior to the final.. Proven,Smith ? in group games they lost twice to...guess who ? If they played again tomorrow the bookies wouldnt let you on Japan...up all night to get lucky..

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Posted in: Rugby chief apologizes for half-empty stadium at Top League opener See in context

Now I see why Eddie got out.

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Posted in: What's your prediction for the Rugby World Cup final between Australia and New Zealand? See in context

Japans given us the upset of the carnival..its going to need such a performance from the Wallies to beat the AB's..on a wing and a prayer !

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Posted in: The Kong Show meets Leo Sayer See in context

KK,that is one of the best interviews I've ever heard..fantastic,thanks for sharing that..

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Posted in: Australia edge Scotland 35-34; Argentina rout Ireland 43-20 in Rugby World Cup quarterfinals See in context

5 tries to 3..and 2 of them gifted thru interceptions..better team won..Pocock and Folau back next time..this excellent tournament is starting to heat up..

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Posted in: Japan ready for crunch rugby match with U.S. See in context

Toyota ought to offer the Samoans a car to every player..if they win.

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Posted in: Nishikori pulls out of ATP Cincinnati Masters See in context

“Kei is one of the few players that I’d pay money to see play. He’s one of the greatest shotmakers in the game," Andre Agassi..what would he know..

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Posted in: Murray beats Nishikori to set up Montreal Masters final clash with Djokovic See in context

Why are some people so concerned about what the media says ? For goodness sake watch the game,most whingers posting here obviously didn't,then make your own mind up..yes Kei was injured,you'd know that if you'd have seen his previous couple of tournaments,but he was never going to win... people who watch the game don't need the medias opinion nor should they care about it

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Posted in: Police arrest 2 Sydney men planning 'imminent' terror attack See in context

It's in the south west less than an hour to the city centre with a large and wide ethnic population

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Posted in: Wawrinka beats Nishikori in straight sets to reach Australian Open semifinals See in context

If youre a real tennis fan youd be catching every second live on Wow WOW or streaming as I do and not depending on NHK..Real Japanese tennis fans know the tour players well,you really need to give them a little more credit regarding knowledgeability of the game..the rest are fair weather fans good luck to them

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Posted in: Wawrinka beats Nishikori in straight sets to reach Australian Open semifinals See in context

Tired of people banging on about how the media here over rates their compatriots..so what ? Why wouldn't they be excited about Kei..Australian media are labelling Tim Cahill the greatest Aussie footballer of any code in the history of sport..the player that takes into account what the media says isn't in the top 10,nor ever will be.

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Posted in: Japan elects cutest hiragana character See in context

ぷ San is pretty cute

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Posted in: NHK announces lineup for 'Kohaku Uta Gassen' on New Year's Eve See in context

Where can I watch that Timtak ?

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Posted in: Gentildonna wins Japan Cup See in context

Wasnt odds on paid 2.1.

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Posted in: Daiki leads Kameda brothers into history books See in context

Watched the fight from the 7th onward and the 10th was the only round Kameda clearly won..warned for low blow and penalized for using the head,in addition to being chased around the ring for 80% of the time,the judges scorecards are astounding.

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Posted in: Uruguay beats Japan 4-2 See in context

Smith what are you talking about ?

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Posted in: Uruguay beats Japan 4-2 See in context

Ex Animo did you watch the game ?How many World Cups they have and current ranking had nothing whatsoever to do with those pitiful defensive efforts last night by Japan..and it's NOT overnight the national side has seemingly been at this same level for 12 years,good,but not good enough..Kings of Asia but zeroes anywhere else,they've flatlined and its time they started producing.

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Posted in: Uruguay beats Japan 4-2 See in context

This team is going nowhere under Zac.

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Posted in: A tomato, milk and lemon drink that only Japan dares to produce See in context

That ought to flush your pipes clean

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Posted in: Zaccheroni under scrutiny after Japan exits Confederations Cup See in context

Barely a week since he got them into the World Cup and he's under the gun..

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Posted in: Japanese media say Blue Samurai must toughen up for World Cup See in context

I think they're just being realistic.The players are their own biggest critics and this is what you want to hear fro a side that I'd really love to see do well next year to give it greater development possibilities.

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Posted in: Japan records historic rugby win over Wales See in context

I second Des' comments.

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Posted in: Taiwan electronics fair tees up 'smart watch' for golfers See in context

Will it help me find my lost ball ?That would make the game much cheaper for me !

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Posted in: Nadal rallies past Ferrer; Nishikori ousted in Spain See in context

Where's the Nishikori news ? Ousted ? He beat Fed.a day ago ?

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Posted in: 6 injured in escalator accident at Akihabara Station in Tokyo See in context

Why is so many people's first thought 'sue them !' It's a machine,machines break down,even after recent inspections such as this one.Always about the money today,poor victim of negligence me.

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Posted in: Japan blitz Philippines 121-0 in Five Nations rugby See in context

Eddie could be better off putting these young guns in club sides in Australia and New Zealand during the northern off season

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Posted in: Forget 3D - Nagoya movie theater to go 4D with moving seats, wind, smells See in context

Exorcist would be a riot in 4D.

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Posted in: Miura takes WBC super featherweight title; Yaegashi wins flyweight title See in context

THAT'S what I'm talking about,a new champion,decisive and earnt....both challengers won as all challengers should... comprehensively delivering pain.

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