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Earthquake predictions for 17Mar11 to 18Mar11

1)Quake is still active in the middle of the Japan Is close to coast. 2)Northern Australian, SE Australia, NE New Zealand, Taiwan, Easter Island and Hawaii Is are some of the active spots in North and South Pacific Occean. 3)Close to Antarctica coast in Southern part of Africa continent and in the middle of the Sea in the East coast of Brazil are active. 4)Entire Arctic region is showing high activity of snow fall and it may affect the rescue operation in Japan. 5)Both East and West coast of India is showing strange high wind or rain like situation in Sea. Northern part of Nepal is showing quake activity. Also, Bangladesh is showing quake activity. 6)Entire China is showing strange upward pull force may be high wind or unexpected sudden rain in many parts. 7)Many Buddhist monks can predict this kind of events well in advance to help the authorities to take preventive actions to minimize the loss of life. I started this after Tsunami hit Indian coast and I used to cross verify with American website(USGS.GOV) with great success.

Other ideas which will help in closing failed Nuclear reactors. 1)Make massive concrete blocks which can be used like interlocking blocks so that as we keep putting one above the other it should result in specific shapes. 2)Here, in the current scenario I request Japan government to use this precasted blocks and make a pyramid structure encircling the failed Nuclear reactor to close the reactor. 3)Special radioactive absorbing material can be put in between the blocks with cementing properties to minimize the radiation effect. 4)The pyramid shape is known to divert natural calamities including Earthquakes in its vicinity. Best example is Great pyramid of Egypt and Mayan pyramids of Central America which withstood massive quakes since its commissioning.

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