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Posted in: Trump attacks on judiciary raise safety concerns for judges See in context

For some decades and no not i the almost 300 years of U.S history have judges in recent times overrided the will of the people in popular referendums and even now getting in the way of Mr. Trumps executive orders.

There is this none sense that leftist throw out about "reading the constitution", well then no where in that doc does some no name lowly nobody of a judge have the power to block the president when it comes to dealing with Nat'l security and foreigners. That is the presidents domain. This judge will be challenged and he will lose. And rightly so.

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Posted in: 'Why is my family a national security threat?' See in context

Farah, you have to stay in you're home country. Same applies towards you're family. How will these countries rebuild, prosper if their best and brightest leave these countries? What academic, social and financial capital will improve these backwards countries if they take the cowardly and easy way out of abandoning their fellow countrymen?

We need to reject them and tell them to fix their countries as opposed to constantly running away. We cannot take in all of the worlds neediest people.

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Posted in: Is globalization a good thing for the world's economies? See in context

Moonraker put it very strongly.

For this, I am against globalization. It sounds good on paper and in academic lecture halls, but horrible in practice.

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Posted in: Doll president See in context

Just give him 2 sheathed swords on the same side and it's complete!

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Posted in: Trump orders building of Mexico border wall See in context

So.... for all the leftist here that claimed that "he is not going to build a wall, your delusional/fooled/being lied to, what do you have to say about yourselves now?

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Posted in: On first day, Trump signs health care executive order See in context

Thank you, Mr. Trump.

Very pleased to have voted for you,

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Posted in: Do you regard the U.S. Constitution as a model for the free world? See in context

No, it's a model for the U.S Only. Every country on this world should have it's own unique model.

And as for the detractors o this thread, they all have a problem with the 2nd Amendment. As if Guns are the problem... they are not. Last I checked, many Europeans in light of the "migrant" crisis are scrambling to obtain fire arms. At some point in the future, ALL European nation state charters will make fire arms as much of a right as the American one once all of this is over.

The real problem is found in the Declaration of Independence. "All men are created equal". None sense. No one is equal. And no one will EVER be equal... no matter how much you egalitarians try to make people equal, your attempts always fail.

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Posted in: Chinese state tabloid warns Trump: End one China policy and China will take revenge See in context

The U.S should have NEVER traded and installed U.S grade weapons technology in Taiwan......

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Posted in: Globalization took hits in 2016; will 2017 lead to more? See in context

Globalization has to keep taking hits until it ceases to exist. All this bunk about "muh diversity", "muh interconnected global village", "muh economics views" or how we are in (((insert current year))) are all false. We don't need some stupid globalized interconnected world, do you really want to be "interconnected" with Arab and African countries? How about the fact that globalist politicians have the all too common and annoying habit of favoring foreigners over their ow constituents under the BS mantra of ((muh humane globalism))

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Posted in: Japan forces a harsh choice on children of migrant families See in context

Ah, 2 decades here and still need an interpreter. They have to go back. India does NOT oppress Sikh people. Sikhs have a good reputation when it comes to business and as foot soldiers. They often are part of the upper class in India as well. They want to stay in Japan because obviously its a much better country, but they have to make something out of India, otherwise nothing in India will get better.

If anything, Europe, U.S and Australia can learn a thing or two and copy Japan.

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Posted in: U.S. President-elect Donald Trump wants Japan to pay more of the costs for hosting U.S. military bases. Should Japan pay more? See in context

I voted no, not because Japan should pay a share of U.S military forces there, but because it should fund its own defense. As someone whom is enlisted in the NAVY, I think we should not have ANY U.S military bases there.

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Posted in: For Trump, it's time to put statesmanship over showmanship See in context

No. Just no.

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Posted in: Americans don't think Trump is qualified. Why they elected him anyway See in context

A message to all the LEFTIST on JT.

Since you all like to use the (current year) argument, here goes.

We are living in the year 2016**, we are NOT living in the year 500 B.C**. Trump is president elect so get used to it!

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Posted in: What went wrong with democracy? See in context

What happen to democracy? simple. Democracy is only the left if they can get the votes they want. If they don't get the votes that they want, then they will elect a new people. Mass importation of third world people that perpetually vote left is what happened and is still happening. Third world people don't know how to create, let alone sustain a first world country, therefore what makes you think they will make ours better? The though of being out voted by third world people in your home country for sake of keeping left leaning politicians in power is the grand final ultimate truth to the "populist uprising" or "far right ascendancy" or what ever else you want to call it.

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Posted in: Season's first dolphins killed in annual Taiji hunt See in context

Killing these "innocent" creatures to eat is totally ludicrous. We (some) are living in the 21 Century, but some are still living in the Dark Ages. It is time too stop killing innocent living beings!

Always with the current year argument, a non-sequitur really. Like dude, really? it does not matter if were in the year 1850, 1999, 2016 or even 2122, people have different diets. Get used to it, For people like you, it does not matter what people are eating, you will find some way to justify some kind of none sense about eating x in the current year. Just who do you think you are labeling others as living in the dark ages just because they eat dolphins?

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Posted in: 2-year-old boy dies after being left in car by father See in context

Disturbingly, I have seen this starting to become a trend in many countries now.

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Posted in: Sands of time See in context

Wow, did not know such a place existed in Japan, amazing.

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Posted in: Do you agree with U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump's call for Japan to drastically increase its financial contribution to maintain American military bases? See in context

I voted "yes" not because I want Japan to pay America for it's defense, but rather for the U.S to pull out and Japan to defend itself.

Japan is not some country that can be taken lightly militarily, it has the intelligence, technological know how and experience to deal with foreign threats.

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Posted in: Obama tells Trump: 'This is not a reality show' See in context

It's as if Obama has nothing else to talk about but entertainment T.V. He does not realize that he is an utterly failed president and needs to be reminded that this is not BET for him to entertain us with his comments.

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Posted in: Trump struggles to explain his 'America first' foreign policy See in context

Does anyone here seriously believe there has ever been an American President who didn't put America's concerns ahead of any other country's?

Of course sitting presidents have put the interest of foreign countries first over our own. Of course this is a more recent phenomena. You have to be delusion to think that sitting presidents have NOT put the interest of Israel over Americas first. Israel is the elephant in the room.

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Posted in: Do you consider global warming just a theory or a proven fact? See in context

@John Samuel

I don't think you know what number a trillion is. One trillion is 1,000,000,000,000, there would be no ice by now.

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Posted in: McDonald's Japan wonders where its customers went See in context

Who can blame for former customers? McD's is disgusting in taste. It was far superior in taste back in like the 1990's but since then the taste of its food has become awkward. I do not eat there any more and have not ate from their for at least 7 years.

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Posted in: Trump wants to leave U.S. allies in the lurch See in context

The last thing the world needs is isolationism.. There are so many dangerous players out there today, the US is needed more than ever to protect the free world

The U.S made the world more dangerous with each passing year. People that throw out "isolationism" don't know the difference between no-intervention and isolationism. Isolationism means to not be involved what so ever even in matters of trade. In that sense most of the world is non-intervention but 1 player.

These 800k+ illiterate dangerous dregs that waltz into Europe is all Americas fault.

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Posted in: Ex-Bosnian Serb leader Karadzic sentenced to 40 years for genocide See in context

Given the problems that Muslims are causing in Europe now, I wonder how many Serbs and Europeans see him in a better light.

It should be pointed out that the U.S for what ever strange reason ends up aiding the wrong side in these sort of conflicts, bombing orthodox Christians and placing Muslims into power.

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Posted in: There are good reasons why Europe's Jews are so worried See in context

I agree with Wakayama Mama.

Right up until April 1933, when the regime launched a “boycott” of Jews...

There is a newspaper title one can find on line where "Judea declares war on Germany" shortly before the "Kristallnacht".

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Posted in: Nintendo removing 'skinship' romance touching scenes from North American 'Fire Emblem' game See in context

Nothing new. Nintendo often has to remove parts from their video games and create a separate version for North America and Europe due to political correctness.

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Posted in: Mass expulsions ahead for Europe as migrant crisis grows See in context

These Migrants are not just going to willingly surrender, submit and passively obey to being deported, logic dictates huge numbers will just absconded from one state to the next, aided and abetted by The Schengen Agreement policy of open borders.

Does not matter if they willingly don't want to leave. They waltz in illegally, leaving a trail of feces, murder, rape and an overall unpleasant atmosphere. If they refuse to abide by the rational ruling that they must go, refuse to do so then it can be viewed as a sort of military occupation and lethal force to remove them would be justified.

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Posted in: O'Barry ordered deported from Japan See in context

I find this man aggravating. He MUST go.

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Posted in: Angry single men stage anti-Christmas rally in Tokyo See in context

Christmas is a foreign holiday that IMO should not be celebrated in Japan.

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Posted in: Russia's payback against Turkey over shoot-down may turn deadly See in context

Turkey should be expelled from NATO and let Russia wipe the floor with them.

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