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Posted in: What do you think the world will be like if Donald Trump becomes U.S. president? See in context

and his buildings are built by undocumented immigrants...

Strange, when I saw his buildings being built in NYC, I saw NO "undocumented immigrants" (oxymoron) the correct word is illegal immigrant.

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Posted in: What do you think the world will be like if Donald Trump becomes U.S. president? See in context

Much much better.

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Japan is already one of the safest countries in the world. Of course you can easily change this fact via immigration.

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Posted in: Obama urges Turkey, Russia to set tension aside, focus on IS See in context

Turkey has been part of NATO for over 60 years.

Turkey is our (America's) ally.

We should support Turkey. Against Russia.

This is basic geo=politics.

Ummm no. Turkey should be booted out of NATO. In fact all of NATO should be disbanded. Turkey is taking advantage of its NATO powers attacking a Russian jet, knowing that a military backlash would get all of nato involved. This is incredibly dangerous. Without its NATO membership, Russia would wipe the floor with Turkey for such a stupid move.

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Posted in: Japan misunderstood: 3 stereotypes that live on See in context

"Japanese people have no souls". Old one.

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Posted in: Japan should accept more refugees, fix asylum system: UNHCR See in context


A better idea would be to just dismantle the U.N so that we don't have to hear their tripe any more.

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Posted in: Ogata urges Japan to do more to help refugees See in context

That's a VERY ignorant thing to say

An educated thing actually from an observational point of view. This is true no matter how it triggers your one size fits all point of view.

Well, you just contradicted yourself. You make a broad sweeping statement about everyone from BOTH the Ukraine and Africa/or Mideast. Why can't you just accept that people may or may not integrate, and where they come from has nothing to do with it .

No contradiction at all. Ukrainian people are similar to each other and different from say an Afghan. The same rule applies to all groups of people. This effects levels of integration and the amount of work that has to be put into it, yes it matters where they come from. Why do you think Ukrainian refugees hardly ever make the news in crime statistics such as rape? or waltzing into another country uninvited, it's because overall they are more civilized then say those that come from the 3rd world. Truth is truth, if it bothers you too bad.

Interesting you chose WHITE Ukraine as a postive example and Africa and Mideast as a negative example.

It's "positive" not "Postive". And yes they are white, which is important. I think even the Japanese would acknowledge that dealing with them would be easier then say these other people that make endless demands.

Japanese people could say the same thing about YOU here.

Yes they can, and good on them. If question on whom the Japanese would chose given our opposite positions on the issue, then I am sure they would pick AiserX over Aly Rustom any day. Rustom advocates for the Japanese to take anyone and everyone in, X advocates for the Japanese own self interest even if I am not 1 of them.

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How's that any different?? You give shelter to some human beings but not to others?? A bit racist, no?

........ This is why the whole situation is annoying.... because of people like you that like to throw the race card everywhere at any time. People are different, accept that cold hard fact. Accepting a refugee from say Ukraine would be far more easier and far more pleasant then a refugee from anywhere from the middle-east and Africa. If a country wants to prioritize where refugees should even come from then its their business, political correctness has no place when maintaining social order. And these louts entering Europe are breaking down order where ever they go.

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Posted in: Ogata urges Japan to do more to help refugees See in context

Umm no. Seeing as how she worked at the U.N, it does not surprise me that she touts universalist clap trap. Its still disappointing that Japan took in only about 6 refugees in an entire year..... only because the number should in fact be ZERO.

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Posted in: Thanks to Benghazi hearing, Hillary Clinton is newest reality TV star See in context

What triggers me the most is the fact that this disgusting women is only being given so much leniency because of her background as former first lady and NY senator as well as her connections. If she was just some ordinary politician then she would have been jailed a LONG time ago.

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The 14 year old Muslim kid is a semi-tard that just took parts of different devices, slapped them into one and called it "my invention". He would then parade his little device across the school class after class, even after teachers told him to stop. Until one mistakes it for a potentially dangerous device. And what is the ending to this little story? well the semi-tard gets a free ticket around facebook by Zuckerberg, an invitation from Obama and statements from NASA about how they want children like him. Whats worse is that so many suckers fell for this.

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I don't know or think the Pope is Anti-American. Although I do know for a fact he is Anti-Border anywhere in the world. Really he makes me sick.

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Posted in: Would you like to see Japan take in asylum-seekers from the Middle East to help alleviate the crisis in Europe? See in context

I voted NO. These refugees are largely cowardly young men running away from a fight within their own countries. What they don't understand is that they cannot run away from their own problems as it follows them where ever they go, dragging the host nation into it. Fights have broken out between Syrians and non-Syrians because Syrians are getting a favorable treatment in refugee policies.

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Who knows. From what I've read, cultures throughout pre-1492 America (the continents) were in general far ahead of any place in Europe technologically. They may have lacked the wheel, but in so many other ways were ahead of the myriad European kingdoms.

If your really referring to the Americas then no. The most advanced in the America's before Columbus were the Aztecs whom were hardly even advanced at all. Notable inventions? none. They only left behind an inaccurate calendar and some pyramids of which were nothing more then sacrificial altars.

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Two, Europeans used to be the migrants who "overwhelmed" other lands and the people who lived there.

And made those places much better as a result. The U.S, Canada, New Zealand ect would not be the countries they are today without European immigrants. The indigenous peoples of those regions would have never built the technologically advanced societies they are today. Where as the refugees here have no chance of building a better society.

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Posted in: Are Syrian refugees a security threat? See in context


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Posted in: Hungary declares emergency; seals border, detains migrants See in context

The Camp of the Saints is a must read book. Good thing I picked that book up just a year ago.

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Posted in: You’d never guess this strange bubble house village is located in Japan See in context


Ya Dragon Ball Z lol. Wonder which 1 is Mr.Roshis house? '.'

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Posted in: Should permanent foreign residents in Japan have the right to vote? See in context

No they should not. Foreigners would advocate and vote for stupid policies found in other countries, that's why. Their is this asinine argument about giving them a "voice" as if not being able to vote results in having no voice thus resulting in some kind of "oppression". Well of course just because you can't vote regardless of your legal status does not mean oppression. If I became a PR of Japan, I would have no problem not having the privilege to vote.

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Posted in: Why it's easier for Congress to vote for war than peace See in context

The main reason why its so easy for Congress to vote for war, regardless of party representation is because of the Israel lobby via entities like AIPAC. This is really the ultimate unspeakable truth of the matter, unspeakable because then you get pasted with a the label A*-S***.

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Posted in: Attempts to deter migrants don't work See in context

Could you provide concrete examples of when this has happened?

Muslim rule of Spain for about 750 years or so. And nearly overtaking France.

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Posted in: Migrant tempers fray as Hungary blocks trains for 2nd day See in context

My next reaction was to donate 140 bucks to the UNHCR which is trying to provide the basic necessities to Syrian refugees. Its not much but it will keep a family alive for a month or so and it is probably the only thing I can do from Japan that will make any difference.

Freaking out about some sort of imaginary existential threat to European culture never crossed my mind.

Pathological altruism in a nutshell.

Really the picture of the dead infant is nothing more then mere sympathetic triggering propaganda. When opposition to this mass illegal migration grows, and it is growing throw out some picture to gain sympathy like the noted picture above. Of course things like this happen all time somewhere around the world, but no need to show all of these cases as it would reduce the shock value. Once sympathy is gained then they will ask of you to take more of these people in.

Really the humane thing to do is simply to prevent these people from landing in Europe and deporting the ones already there. For all this "compassionate" and "humane" language garbage really comes from people that have never met to dealt with these so called "refugees". An elderly couple in Italy just a few days ago was murdered by the very same pets you want to cuddle. People that live near the "refugee" camps often find themselves mugged, harassed and if female raped by these "hapless" souls. If your living complex is near their camps and you go on vacation, expect your belongings to go missing while your gone and these illegals to squat in your own home while your gone.

Of course the likes of you will NEVER extend the same amount of compassion and humaneness to the victims of your own illegal immigrant pets.

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Posted in: IndyCar clearly too risky; time to shut it down See in context

Doesn't matter if its dangerous. The drivers know what they are getting into and understand the risk. People like to watch these things for entertainment but don't expect an incident to happen. We also test out new vehicular technology with these cars which becomes a big plus. Life is one big risk after another. The problem with people like the OP of this ridiculous article is that if we actually heeded his/her advice then many things that are just as risky would be put to an abrupt end. Including space travel. The world would actually become an incredibly boring place if we actually listened.

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Posted in: What's in a name? The debate over labelling migrants and refugees See in context

WTF? LOL too funny. I know Dems and idiots like Jorge Ramos want open borders and wants illegal aliens to freely come in and go as they please. People like Ramos are the real perpetrators and supporter of true terrorism.

Indeed. People like Ramos are a 5th column in our societies who's interest and allegiance lie elsewhere, and I say this as someone who is Hispanic. This 5th column is highly dangerous as they are highly deceitful in masquerading themselves as one of us, while engaging in activism for an alien group of people that have no regard for border laws.

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Posted in: U.N. refugee chief seeks better EU cooperation on migrants See in context

Each country must do its job in a sense of repatriating these so called "refugees" back to their countries and have them fix these places on their own. Then they must defund and remove themselves from the UNHCR. To the people at the UNHCR, their mentality is that EVERYONE should be allowed into 1st world countries unhindered under the guise of "humans rights". Of course if that were to be practiced then all 1st world countries would collapse into mirror images of 3rd world countries and these do--gooders at the UN would no longer be able to cry "humans rights". Really the UN is 1 of our biggest enemies.

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The bond series take place during the cold war era. Can you imagine a Black spy of British citizenship spying in Russia? No way would that be tolerated or possible then nor now. As the saying goes "the original is always best"a black JB just can't have the aesthetic suave of a genuine British/Scot playing the roll.

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Hes politically incorrect. Speaks his mind. The people are sick and tired of all these ridiculous social taboos where subjects can't be discussed otherwise your given an unflattering label.

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Even during the height of slavery the percentage of whites owning slaves in the U.S was within the singles digits. That's because owning a slave during that era was as much a luxury as owning say a Ferrari today, just not many people were able to afford it. Did you know that many Irish people were also enslaved but don't complain about? Did you know that even blacks were slave masters in America? For example Antonio Johnson was the first ever slave owner in America and was also a black man from present day Angola.

In all this "truth" committee is nothing but bunk that would distort history in such a way as to exaggerate the effects of slavery. The justification is always "could help" but "could help" is not an argument or certainty. Especially when tax money is involved.

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Posted in: What U.S. hasn't learned about race relations: From Watts in '65 to Ferguson in '15 See in context

The important point is that violent uprisings are a reaction against systematic police violence, which is in itself a product of de facto segregation.

No. Uprisings are a result of integration. All conflicts are a result of integration between peoples that don't want to be next to each other. That's why all these countries in the middle east and Africa are constantly in civil strife, people just don't want to be next to people that are vastly different from themselves.It's why countries like Japan and S.Korea are so peaceful, relatively little to no cultural and racial differences. Multiculturalism = conflict.

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