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Posted in: Growing restrictions make for frustrated park users See in context

I live next to a junior high school which is a wonderful. (not sarcasm) As a musician and a foreigner, I enjoy all of the great sounds that come out of it. Brass band (makes me think about my high school brass band days), chorus, baseball practice, PE class, soccer practice. Lots of noise but it's not even that loud. My apartment building is only separated by a small man-made rain drain river. Actually, I'm really glad that I live there because my neighbors won't complain about me playing my electronic drums. (not loud just sound like rubber tapping)

You don't like the sound of a park, why did you move next to one?

These rules are getting crazy! I went to Bampaku park here in Osaka which is a gigantic place and they wouldn't allow my (almost) 3 year old son to bring in his strider. A strider is a pedaless bike that teaches kids how to balance. There are tons of roads and paths that has absolutely no one on, even on Sunday!

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Posted in: Review: Larger iPhones eliminate reason to switch See in context

@lostinnagoya: Oh man. I need all the space I can get. I constantly take pictures and videos and I have TONS of music on my phone. I don't put my movies on my phone thats for my tablet. TONS of Movies and TV shows for my son and myself. Not to mention lots of apps and even more pictures.

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Posted in: Apple: Record 4 mil orders of iPhones on 1st day See in context

I upgrade every two years when my contract runs out. Had a 3gs and it started slowing down on me, so I got a 4s and then is started slowing down on me. Got a 5s and it's blazing. I like the new 6 and 6+ but I'll just wait 'till nevxt year when they release the 6s and 6s+.


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Posted in: Asahi apologizes for erroneous Fukushima, comfort women reports See in context

Ossan: I'd like to comment about that report. I'd like you to be aware that it is "a" report and not "the" report on the issue. Obviously, the United States doesn't think that all of the women that were in this situation were treated as well as the women in ONE document that is 4 pages long. You should know that any OFFICIAL position of the United States is not a 4 page long PDF.

You want stories that paint a different picture, go read some soldiers diaries from the Pacific theater.

As others have said. It seems fishy that this has only come to light after the new information/media act was rammed through.

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Posted in: Japan's economy stalls as incomes, spending languish See in context

cue Gomer Pile's voice: "surprise surprise."

Seriously, did ANYONE REALLY believe that any of these tried and failed methods would do anything. OF COURSE spending is at an all time low. How many people have full time jobs? How many companies have made downsized and made their workers do Service Zangyo? People ain't got no money and everything is expensive.

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Posted in: Fanatic fans oblivious to sleazy side of Koshien high school baseball See in context

Man these kids aren't conscripts. They know what they're getting into when they join their high school's baseball club. (Unless their parents force them into playing ball.)

Japan has a lot of old cultures that it's holding on to but this is one of the better ones. It's strict and not easy but these boys are a lot tougher than the delicate flowers I see zombie walking around with gigantic hair.

I would definitely spend more time watching it if I didn't have to work all day.

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Posted in: Out of date See in context

@Yuri: the people who dress up like confederates still know that they lost and do so in reenacting those battles.

These guys here think that what Japan did in WW2 was glorious and justified.

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Posted in: Jennifer Lopez says music has been 'challenging' See in context

Serious Damien! It's challenging for me to be an Olympian too (because I'm fat).

J-lo has always been a meh entertainer. More of a mute the video type gal.

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Posted in: Nintendo looks for fresh opportunities after Wii U flop See in context

The WiiU is not a bad console. The problem is and has been for the last 2 generations is lack of games. Nintendo has 8 version of Mario Kart and how many version of Mario? People will always like the Nintendo core characters but it needs third party support if it's going to do anything. I don't mean ports either. They need exclusive awesome games.

That goes for for Sony and Microsoft too. My favorite game series came out on 4 platforms recently (MGS Ground Zeroes). I have a PS3 and a 360. Why would I get a PS4 or a Xbone for somewhat upgraded graphics?

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Posted in: Woman wrongly arrested by Osaka Pref police; 9th wrongful arrest since last July See in context

Well this is progress. They are actually out there doing some work instead of sitting in the koban all day. With a little more practice they might actual arrest some criminals. Stick with it boys!

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Posted in: Anti-Korean stickers posted at several points along Shikoku pilgrimage route See in context

Both of these stickers should be removed immediately. The stupid racist ones and the stupid Korean ones. What kind of moron just puts up stickers all over the country side?

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Posted in: Are you doing a lot of shopping before the sales tax goes up on April 1? See in context

I made the extremely stupid decision to move Golden Week. I need to buy furniture and appliances. I'm sure I'll be able to get a deal mid-April on the appliances but I'm not sure about the furniture (especially IKEA).


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Posted in: Nippon or Nihon? No consensus on Japanese pronunciation of Japan See in context

I thought "nippon" was used in nationalistic situations.

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Posted in: Why we love riding the rails in Japan See in context

Never was really interested in trains coming from the US but now that my son is 2 here, I have grown quite fond of them. I often take him to Shin Osaka to look at the shinkansens. We've even seen Dr. Yellow! There are always cons to public transportation but I'd rather be stuck in a train for an hour than traffic. At least I can take a nap, read book, or look on my phone. The best I can do in my car is listen to music.

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Posted in: World's 1st Kit Kat specialty store opens in Tokyo See in context

I hope they have the banana ones. My wife's father gave me one and I was like BANANA? Then I ate it and it was fantastic!

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Posted in: Is life better with kids? Not always, says study See in context

Maybe life is better without kids but it won't be when you're old. That's why there is all these old people abusing the health care system because there's no one to take care of them and they're lonely as hell.

My son is 2 and he can be a pain but he's the best thing in the world to me. I wouldn't give him or any of the time (even the bad times) up for anything.

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Posted in: Abe to attend Sochi Olympics despite boycott calls See in context

I think Japan doesn't really care about international issues unless it directly affects them. The J-gov is only interested in glorious Japanese victories, so they can parade the one or two people with a medal and sell air freshener or knee medicine.

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Posted in: Japan home run leader Balentien arrested in U.S. on domestic violence charges See in context

Oh that's embarrassing. I guess they'll be pulling that beer add he was in.

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Posted in: AKB48's new adults See in context

Mayu has nothing on the girl to her left (Sayaka Yamamoto)!

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Posted in: Abe heads to Africa, Middle East with cash pledges See in context

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe leaves for Africa and the Middle East on Thursday, bearing development cash pledges as Tokyo pushes back against growing Chinese influence in the resource-rich region.

Because, you know, everything is great back at home right?

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Posted in: 'Transformers' director stalks off stage at Samsung event See in context

Bay was the one who jumped the gun and skipped over the host's intro. Obviously the teleprompter operator tried to move forward to catch up to where Bay had skipped in the dialogue but then he went back.

Didn't know that. In that case, my hatred for Bay continues.

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Posted in: Japan scrambles jets against Chinese plane See in context

More distraction for both sides. For China to keep the hatred towards Japanese burning and less eyes on the wealth gap, land grabs etc.. For Japan, keep the hate burning towards the Chinese as Abe changes the constitution and Fukushima spirals more and more out of control.

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Posted in: 'Transformers' director stalks off stage at Samsung event See in context

As much as I hate Bay I understand why he did it. He's given a script to talk about a product he prolly doesn't know anything about and when it fudges up the guy puts him on the spot. Either way it's embarrassing for him. I'd bounce too.

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Posted in: Ishihara backs sacked military chief for Tokyo governor See in context

Of course he would. Both morons think the exact same way.

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Posted in: Cabinet OKs record Y95.88 trillion budget See in context

Them roads & bridges to nowhere aren't going to build themselves.

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Posted in: 80% of 'black companies' guilty of illegal business practices, survey finds See in context

The ministry said it intends to rebuke the companies in question and that if they continue to violate the Labor Standards law, their names will be made public.

= They will take bribes to keep quiet about their slave labor practices.

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Posted in: Actress Emi Takei is TV commercial queen for 2013 See in context

Emi is TOOOOOO cute. However, this is a terrible picture of her.

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Posted in: Delay in TPP trade pact hurts U.S. pivot to Asia See in context

@paulinusa: The only thing I'm worried about is with all of this "food mislabeling" going around, I'm not sure what I'm buying.

As far as this article goes, GOOD! I don't want any secret trade agreements that even members of the US's own gov't can't read.

If it needs to be secret, then it can't be good.

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Posted in: Republicans criticize Obama for Castro handshake See in context

Republicans criticize Obama... Stopped reading there. He could solve every problem in the states and still be criticized by the Republicans. Cold war is over. Get over it.

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Posted in: Proposal to triple taxes on K-cars raises concerns among rural drivers See in context

Man I hope they don't, I love my little Lapin to death. It's just a little grocery getter, no need for power or the latest features. What a good car it's been. My wife's father has a Hi-Ace that we borrow when we go on road trips. My wife hates driving it but I want one of those new boxy ones. I'd hate to get rid of the little Lapin just because of some stupid new tax. I get so much use out of it and I put 2,000 yen in it about one a month.

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