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Posted in: Man arrested for using smartphone to film up woman’s skirt on station escalator See in context

Not unique to Japan, but every other country I've lived or spent any significant amount of time in, such crimes are rare.

The sheer prevalence at which it occurs here irrefutably make it somewhat of a uniquely Japanese phenomenon.

The question is: why is that?

Because you're on Japan Today, which posts articles on a steady stream when someone is arrested for it in Japan. It is technically not a crime in some US states, and people who get caught are often not prosecuted.

The UK criminalized upskirting in 2019 and they have started to make a lot of arrests, but it seems to only make news if it is particularly heinous or a politician.

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Posted in: 2 workers at Fukushima plant hospitalized after accidentally sprayed with radioactive waste See in context

We should encourage more of this self-reporting. The problem isn't when this occurs, the problem will be when this happens but Tepco and the government decide they aren't going to tell anyone about it.

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Posted in: Kishida cabinet's support rate falls to record low 32%: poll See in context

You're crazy if you think the Unification Church is the main problem, not the weak yen and rising prices that are eating into household incomes.

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Posted in: South Korean rollerskater 'very sorry' after early celebration costs gold See in context

Is it too much to ask Japan Today to cover some Japanese athletes at the Asian Games?

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Posted in: S Koreans worry about Fukushima water; more disapprove of Yoon: poll See in context

Can Japan Today please run this article for a similar poll among Japanese? Is the constant focus on South Korea on this issue relevant or just race-baiting? The comments seem to indicate the latter, so editors, please change focus.

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Posted in: Water release finds little support in Fukushima See in context

Finally, an article that acknowledges the real problem of the Fukushima water release, which is opposition on the ground from the locals. The talking points about South Korean opposition were always a red herring.

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Posted in: Kabuki actor Ennosuke charged again, this time over father's death See in context

"So is he in jail or on bail."

Arrested usually means in custody, and Japanese news only shows old videos of him in public appearances. They spared him the Asian perp walk covering his face.

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Posted in: Newborn infant’s remains found at sewage plant in Kanagawa Prefecture See in context

Sorry to be mean about it, but doesn't it seem like a lot of these horrific stories come out of Kanagawa?

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Posted in: South Koreans protest Japan's plans to release treated wastewater from Fukushima plant See in context

It's interesting to see this turned into a nationalistic issue rather than admitting that the strongest opposition is among the residents of Fukushima, who are angry that Tepco has lied to them at every turn about the severity of the problem.

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