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Posted in: 7-Elevens to use mini-cars for Japan home deliveries See in context

The picture looks like a scene from a Japanese version of Reservoir Dogs.

Anyways, 7-11 is my favorite convenient store in Japan. The quality of their bento boxes are much higher than other convenience stores.

The international transfer fund system is also a really good way to send money back.

Now delivery service with electric cars? Wicked awesome.

Good on you 7-11!

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Posted in: Tempur Japan See in context

Best investment I ever made. I know it sounds like a lot of money to spend at one time, but the good night's sleep and relieved back pain is money well spent. (mid 30s and play competitive basketball twice a week)

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Posted in: Two-year sentence sought for woman who dumped baby daughter's body in woods See in context

2 years is preposterous!! I'd get more time if I was caught downloading movies on my computer!!

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Posted in: What are some of the weirdest examples of English used in ads or on T-shirts, bags, etc, that you have seen in Japan? See in context

They had ''FLESH JUICE'' at a cafe in Kobe.

also the infamous ''BJ-League''.

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Posted in: N Korean leader Kim Jong-Il dead at 69 See in context

Oh 'Dear'.

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Posted in: Sony gears up for PlayStation Vita's Japan launch See in context

Can't wait!! Im gonna get it just for the new UNCHARTED game!!

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Posted in: Playing by ear: Blind tennis, the smash from Japan See in context

Great story! It really reminds me of how much we take things for granted. Very inspiring!

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Posted in: M5.4 quake jolts northern Hiroshima Pref, parts of Shimane See in context

Felt it here in Shinsaibashi Osaka!

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Posted in: TV commercial of the week: PS3 game 'Uncharted 3' See in context

Love the premise of the commercial, but too bad he was playing the dubbed version. why couldn't they let him play the subtitled version? The English voice acting is one of the best parts!

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Posted in: S Korea military slams Japan in islands row See in context

@sdbri Yeah and they probably used the taxpayers money (i work and pay taxes in Japan, therefore MY money) to satisfy their palates.

i think they planned this from the beginning. they made a 'GIM' (Korean 'nori') RUN on our dime

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Posted in: S Korea military slams Japan in islands row See in context

At least those 3 troublemakers got something out of the trip...... Korean Dried Seaweed!! They actually sent their assistants to go buy some at the DFS! (Source: Chosun Illbo)

Anyway, I dont see why Japan is still frontin about those Korean islands.

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Posted in: 3 Japanese lawmakers give up and return home from Seoul See in context

I don't understand why Japan is constantly fronting about Dokdo! It has always been Korean territory since the beginning of the 3 kingdoms!

A little exert for your enjoyment...

Japanese Acknowledgement of the Truth Japanese historical records of EunJuSiChengHabKi in 1667 acknowledged Ullungdo and Dokdo as Korean Territory. And the report of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, also clarified Dokdo as Chosun's territory.>

Koreans have every right to deny entrance to those 3 troublemakers. if your next door neighbor claims YOUR 60 inch TV as his own and keeps pestering you about it, would you let him into your house? Same Sh... different pile.

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Posted in: AKB48 album sells over 600,000 copies in its first week See in context


what i meant to say was they are better role models than some other artists

ie lady gaga, niki minaj, etc.

one thing's for sure though, they have NO musical talent whatsoever.

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Posted in: AKB48 album sells over 600,000 copies in its first week See in context

Even though they can't sing at a professional level, they are good role models for young girls with their wholesome family based music. Also the sales figures of their book show how popular they are in this country.

People who say that they've got no talent are TOTALLY right. But they have the look that the Japanese public want which tells you where their priorities are.

Personally I'd take a harem of KARA over AKB in a heartbeat, but that's another story (which belongs on the GP forums)

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Posted in: '24' canceled after eight seasons See in context

wow, didnt know so many people disliked 24! i personally think its quite entertaining in a brainless, no-thinker, predictable plot kinda way. you gotta admit, Kiefer Sutherland IS a good actor despite the fact that he mispronounces 'nuclear' as 'nucular'

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Posted in: Train shame See in context

being a Canadian born Japanese living in Japan, i can see the gist of both sides of the story.

ive been asked to turn down my music(even with the in-ear headphones), realizing that it actually was coming out a little loud. but i was a little cheeky with my response saying that it wasnt any louder than the j-high school kids playing with their DSes in the seat across from us. he then abruptly asked them to be quiet while i turned down my music a little. so there we were; a couple of guys awkwardly and anxiously waiting for our next stop, hoping for the unhygienic(i had to mention it)and grumpy salaryman to get off.

I just think that some people want some excitement in their mundane commute. I dont think its totally aimed at visible foreigners but if you really believe that you aren't causing any trouble or harm to anyone, just ignore those people. real talk

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Posted in: Growing number of men have no close friends See in context

regarding office friendships, i think it really depends on what kind of company and environment you work in. i work at the Japanese head office of an international apparel company and i think its easier to find people here whom you can depend on or just hang out with; in other words, make 'friends'. everybody (well, most of them) seems to have no problem hanging out with each other at our company; whether it be an after work beer or a game of futsal on the weekend. it also helps that we have a free-of-charge bar in our office.

i know it sounds lavish, but look at a company like Google. Free gourmet food, daycare services, yoga classes, free maintenance for your own personal computers, free almost everything! i wouldnt be surprised if not only productivity, but personal skills and friendships are averaging much higher than at a typical Japanese office.

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Posted in: Canada beats U.S. 3-2 in overtime to claim ice hockey gold See in context

This 'I'm better than you' banter is quite enjoyable to watch. bottom line is; CANADA beats US 3-2 in overtime to claim ice hockey GOLD!! This conversation probably wouldnt be going on so long if it wasnt Canada vs US. To be honest im glad it was our arch rivals, the Americans, in the Gold medal game.

As a CANADIAN, i couldnt be prouder. Especially because we won hockey GOLD TWICE in our home country (mens and womens)!

The signs are right, Hockey is OUR game.

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Posted in: Canada beats U.S. 3-2 in overtime to claim ice hockey gold See in context

CANADA GOOOOOOOLLLLLLLDDDDDD! Great effort from both sides. I was on the edge of my seat the whole game.Gotta give credit to the Americans though. You guys gave us a run for our money! All in all, it was an awesome game! And to think, all of this excitement happened in my own hometown!!

On another tip, Canada may not have owned the 'whole' podium but we certainly owned the top of the podium! http://winterolympics.external.bbc.co.uk/medals/2010-standings/index.html

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