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Posted in: 6,000 sprint for title of 'Lucky Man' See in context

i would congratulate on an achievement...

'see this would be lost on a mindset confusing the results with an indetermined reason: luck.

but go forth; livr long and prosper.

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Posted in: Crowd control See in context


what? i do not see from the cropped photo nor accompanying byline any rapscallion-ism. it does say they occupied a short time... seems the were within the crosswalk. smiles, no actionable gestures... what drives your opposition? have additional source? just, they should go back to agentina? wow.

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Posted in: Court ruling is latest setback for Japan's working women See in context

and... right there up-front ,3rd paragraph:

Japan remains far from reaching his goals.

not "her goals" or "its goals". No, writer KEN MORITSUGU proves his point and mind set by penning "his goals". 上手です。

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Posted in: Ghost boats mystery continues to grip Japan See in context

did jp do the __7right thing' and issue a missing/other persons found notice to AA neighbors?

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Posted in: Do you support calls in some countries to replace expressions like “Christmas tree” and “merry Christmas” with “holiday tree” and “happy holidays?” See in context


sorry, let me clarify. sure, offering 'happy holiday'(s)' certainly would extend to new year holiday.

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Posted in: Do you support calls in some countries to replace expressions like “Christmas tree” and “merry Christmas” with “holiday tree” and “happy holidays?” See in context


agree. but, my/our response is to what the thread is:

"some countries are calling for..." japan is not a case foe my argument.

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Posted in: Do you support calls in some countries to replace expressions like “Christmas tree” and “merry Christmas” with “holiday tree” and “happy holidays?” See in context


in answer, whatever holiday they have, in this case, well, new year. if you want to add an 's' holidayS ok. if that works. they have ihave those over there may have... and i do not know and if i do not know i do not put it forth, just to be safe.

we are not so far off point.

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Posted in: Do you support calls in some countries to replace expressions like “Christmas tree” and “merry Christmas” with “holiday tree” and “happy holidays?” See in context

if i dont know you... how in the h do i know what you are? got a tag or something? oh, you got a tree? is that a real tree or a walmart look alike tree? what if mine comes with feathers?

so happy holiday. i include my good wish to you and tour light-up as mine and my goose-down xj-56 tree can muster.

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Posted in: Do you support calls in some countries to replace expressions like “Christmas tree” and “merry Christmas” with “holiday tree” and “happy holidays?” See in context

cleo, i once strongly disagree. happy holiday is inclusive to all and theirs; inclusive of the j-celebration; inclusive! no Matter what they put up or take down.

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Posted in: Do you support calls in some countries to replace expressions like “Christmas tree” and “merry Christmas” with “holiday tree” and “happy holidays?” See in context

some here and there shoulget there evergreen lovin' kill-a-tree-for-christ facts in line.

Christmas(tide) is the church-sanctioned veneer that overlaid its popular predecessor the 12-day festival of Yule around the December solstice and the earlier Roman Saturnalia held around the same time. Yuletide also included the month before and after Yule. Yuletide was a pagan festival which morphed into Christmastide, mainly because the church authorities couldn't stop the practice. Instead they attempted to sanctify it. In the late 20th and now the 21st century, mainly because people have the wealth to sustain it, Christmastide has simply reverted to its earlier inclinations and includes commercialism. Makes sense. Money has become the new god in an increasingly secular world. Hence the focus on shopping sprees and light up festivals. So really, the human instinct of Nordic peoples to get together, make fires, eat, drink and make merry during the two months that are the darkest period of the year has prevailed. That's all. No great mystery.

certainly yes is the correct votr inclusive of all and to all, good day.

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Posted in: Famous faces See in context


maybe he wasn't feeling much like himself when he was having his image surreptitously taken.

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Posted in: Famous faces See in context

a Japanese traditional doll company

maybe they should get back to basics.

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Posted in: Japan says whaling fleet will set sail on Tuesday See in context

...and i kick off a 2 day suspension of buying any japanese product -- to the best of my ability, sans utilities/other stuck-with expenditures -- and, no. I did not pre stock. Now, if a good number joined along, a small signal might be sent.

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Posted in: Which English words or expressions annoy you the most when you hear them repeatedly used by other people in conversation? See in context

let's, enjoy, selfie. fruit plate, thank you for your understanding, off topic, utmost, think deeply, pot/kettle/black. eye/eyeing/eyed, premium, set, course, pne piece/peace?, my wife/my husband/my anything, the ...

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Posted in: Tourism ambassadors for Japan See in context

The honorable Takagi has learned his lessons well. Knuckles out for photo-shoot time. But that coffee table has to go.

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Posted in: Sparks fly as U.S. fight over TPP deal begins See in context

"if America doesn’t write those rules—then countries like China will. And that would only threaten American jobs and workers and undermine American leadership around the world.”

If true, so what, and though true, why not?

We had enough american leadership around the world'. lousy argument. and what is wrong wth buying chinese? mexican? why not? i like 'em. slowly quality is being implemented more and more. what, a, i now, just by hearing thr catch words chi-mex, suppose to auto conjue up fear and loathing? Really? and last, why do just ameri-jobs matter? wow. the last i looked all parties need cash, all parties are on both sides of the lousy / quality performance line.

who knows, maybe this acronym tpp is crap for valid reasons, i am not really turning over any stones here, and i do like obama for some mystifying reasons, but the above on all counts besides what tpp is, is drivel and, again, silly logic.

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Posted in: Looking good See in context

Mak Tsz Yi - my spouse is japanese born chinese bred. so much cultural variety in beauty within and physical as well. The Japanese counterpart are all to expectable.

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Posted in: Lunch break See in context

Gees... my eyes went off more to what looked like a set-of-arms comin' outta' the bowels beneath the tree-stump!

Now That is creep of the creepy.

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Posted in: New cabinet minister seeks to stem shrinking population See in context

When the spouse and I gave ourselves the last 'OK' to marriage, the final hurdle was not what we had expected. It was, in fact, a question: "do we have enough material?"

By that we both knew meant did we have enough diversity, creativity, seriousness, silliness, educations of many types, ignorance of compatible work-arounds. Could we be each other's sharpening stone? sounding board? taste tester? Did we have the balls and the female equivalent to make the tough call, being each other's head-of-admission/personnel-department-chief?

Could we drop the low rent word 'kid' and let our children grow into being ours in the above as we enjoy flourishing in composition in the above in their lives in the now? What about with cancer? Does that limit or bring out the most in both of us?

We have been friends for 11 / married for 1.2

We have proven to us (as to who else do we need to prove it to?) for 12.2~ that the material well keeps on giving. That's the secret to my material. Chew on it Kato. It don't quite taste so sweet on a a 'mah-nahm-bah' card - Smiles

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Posted in: 12 Pacific countries seal huge free trade deal See in context

perhaps, at least, no more megabyte waste on silly stories about j-butter shortages. This should squeeze a wee bit of milk out of 'em.

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Posted in: Does it bother you that governments may be monitoring your email and phone calls? See in context

of one third of the responses we will gather up the 'can't be helped' hands-in-the-air crowd. Another 3rd? the ignorant. The last third are the paranoid-nutzo conspiracy theorists.

I simply play it safe. I am the admitted practitioner of all three.

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Posted in: Silver Week holiday exodus gets under way See in context


i did stretch not much into a lot of words a few (fill in the blank) back. basic meaning? we go on on our own clocks to our our own destinations contrary to what jp society tries to package up and have us buy / fit into (apart from the joseph drouhin chardonnay. i can get drohin here. And let me imbibe upon you, without spell check, i'll buy / crawl into that wine-importer's wino-making wine, without a second thought as to whose credit card said bottle runneth over on) ... now where was I?

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Posted in: Silver Week holiday exodus gets under way See in context

As I and mine take ours at a time and place fitting to her and my capabilities and slowing down in recent times of at least my MacBook battery capacity, and getting the chardonnay shipped out on time, simply call us old fashion.

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Posted in: Rolling Stones plan first album in decade: Richards See in context


But Thry did set the rules. They did set the bar. Keith plays the part of, well, kkeif. Correct me if i am wrong. Sort of ageless.

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Posted in: As Europe opens its doors, Japan considers clamping down harder on asylum seekers See in context

But Japan’s government does not see escaping war as a legitimate reason for claiming asylum, and has no plans to widen its criteria to include flight from conflict, said Sato.

The strict interpretation of refugee law...

My dear Mr. Sato, as a signatory, the criteria is set for you. Not the other way around. The system here is like a pit with a door at the bottom ... with any weeds for help to climb out being wet and pointing systematically downward along the sides into the pit and toward the door (out of the country -- in my case Guam).

Been there, challenged each refused application ... all the way down. Interesting education, if you have not experienced.

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Posted in: Kochi school to launch SDF course See in context

why would any parent want to be a parent?

was there not a story yesterday inclusive of something regarding the 'tackling' of the birthrate? I at least am quite amused at the mixture of messages sliding off the desks of the powers that be.

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Posted in: Selfie madness: Too many dying to get the picture See in context

thought 'selfie' was a stupid-sounding euphemism for 'self gratification'.

Ah, the days I come off as correct. Sorry though for these lonely folk with no friends who do themselves in public.

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Posted in: Student wins auto race using stolen sports car See in context

down thumb me for having the odd touch of good fella jimmy-the-gent conway in me, but here's to you kids. what balls.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic committee scraps controversial logo See in context

Nothing original here, move along.

Even the Japanese style denial by the Tokyo Organising Committee is unoriginal. Me thinks they nicked it off Abe-san's war-atrocity apology.

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