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i think the 100%-ers got it. all you have done is to add their stances, generally, together, making you a 50/50%-er. not sure what revolation you have added to deepen the complexity/aroma/flavor .. but i will take care not to tred in it.

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Posted in: Japan protests China news agency's call for emperor apology See in context

smithinjapanAug. 29, 2015 - 09:03AM JST

Pretty stupid on this Chinese media's part. The Emperor is one of the ONLY Japanese officials to have expressed some sort of GENUINE remorse

Smith, with noted un-need for qualifier "some sort of", _i am happy to agree with you. I remember recently when both the emporer snd his son spoke up, regardless whether it was to rebuke Abe, and made (to me) sensible, considerate statements worth contemplation. Gawd, as a 12+ year bitter vet on thisese islands, those days and statements made me turn to those in my inner circle and state that I could be very wrong. Those two guys, with the specter of P. Masako reqired me to recontemplate several opinions -- negative -- i held.

China .. I am not jumping on any bash on either side (i am an unbiased basher), yes, smith, the c.off.media did not need to go there. care to craft out /co-write / post a note to them with me?

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you know those types of folk who rush up to cue in line, say for fast food, or for the train ticket machine? the rush to get 'up there, stand in cue, and when the big 'your turn' moment comes, it is then that they look at the price sign and begin fingering through their yen-by-yen; oblivious to those stuck waiting behind?

I have a name for this: 'rush up and go duh'. This resembles what Suga sounds like in the above.

Scoff all you want, but a spoonful of suga has little or no affect on facilitating the current situation let alone helping alleviate the taste of the big chinese pill.

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and once again, ... if there is a need to explain that 'it' is "mega-popular", then it is most likely, for sure, probably not.

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"... so call before midnight tonight. Local classes forming now!"

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Abe’s conservative supporters are keen for Japan to put an end to what they see as a humiliating cycle of apologies.

i somehow systematically let this and similar stock story-lines go ... but some how, the brain kicked in today. who, by name, are these patron contributors? what is their placement? what are they worth? where are their hands currently? why are they rolled out in these stories without some background? anyone know them? are posts pulled for naming names? and, if applicable, what are the campaign finance rules... ?

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promptly lock the castle at 6.

asian and world-wide, multi-channel podcast.

emperor speaks out, as does his son (each has been grooming for this for months).

masako, this would be your time ... the home atrocities, the embarrassing sexism you faced (greater boston has not forgotten you - all can learn).

royal family? the only face saving that can be achieved is, in a difficult play, to take this opportunity: let the entirety of the moron establishment lose face.

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Only 26% of female voters backed his government compared to 40% of men.

further evidence to support the theory of penis envy. and i am not basing this on the percent's attributed to the women.

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you have an appreciated open window going there. But I have to give noble713 more audience. I caught on to this structure, but wider, in the 90's and did a few papers concerning this point.

The black thing is already in place the monster des not need time to create (as did communism) - regardless how one places their allegiance. zBut that is exactly the point. most everyone is putting time forth... the PTB (powers that be) know this. it keeps people busy. so yes, the PTB is sucking all into this vortex; keeping the whole in part or in full looking the other way ...

so, what didn't make the news today?

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toky is reminding me more and more of the last chapters of 2001 (the book).

Replica land

Except with no taste. sad.

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small rule in marketing:

if you have to remind someone that you are something, then you probably are not, nor were you ever 'that' in the first place.

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Posted in: Filmmaker tries to rebut dolphin hunt documentary 'Cove' See in context

tahoochi et al,

here too. i have been through this article 2-3-5 times. i do not see who or what is in support of what. Nor can I piece the title to the story point.

even things like

Yagi, who acknowledged she didn’t even own a tripod until halfway

that seem bent on incriminating her in low rent fashion (hell, during my first 'film', i had to down load from a super 8 cartridge while pressing the chassis manually downward to correct a speed continuity problem, of which footage, in the end, had the most heart in driving a segment).

who knows what this article is trying to offer.

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W.Edward Deming

They always seem to leave out this guy:

Deming is best known for his work in Japan after WWII, particularly his work with the leaders of Japanese industry. That work began in August 1950 at the Hakone Convention Center in Tokyo when Deming delivered a seminal speech on what he called Statistical Product Quality Administration. Many in Japan credit Deming as the inspiration for what has become known as the Japanese post-war economic miracle of 1950 to 1960, when Japan rose from the ashes of war to become the second most powerful economy in the world in less than a decade founded on the ideas Deming taught:[4]

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stock ps filter.

and even i am not that savvy, but can recognize it.

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t-e-p-c-o is now refered to as the "operator"?


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oh gawd... the intermingled 'in my prayer' posters, here they cometh.

Along side the 10 commandments let there be no rest until the '10-common-senses', number 10 being (in this case) thou shall not offer prayers unless given prayer is bright white, inflates, has a reflective-red cross, ties about the waste, and actually DOES something. amen.

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Posted in: Case dropped against Thai ex-police chief over gun possession See in context

And so Commonwit was flipped by the you-can-see-them-coming-from-10-football-fields-away Intelligence agency.

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I forget the carrier. Perhaps in Feb, he had, from ELL studios, an online concert with a mix of things leading up to that. The band? new, tight, able to inject each-self into the mix. Mr. Nelson did a 'miles davis' -- probably rolled off one or two note solos and went shy-supporter-of-the-band style. (if you know miles davis performances from time to time). the new work was not in line to sell hits, in my opinion.

so, yes, he is out there.

and, has been is a term-ette that should be dropped from the lexicon or kept to identify igno-mo-mos as some have demonstrated themselves-to-be in the above comments -- along with the one-sleepy-factoid author of this article. has been? whatever that means.

when i catch McCoy Tyner in the next 2 weeks, drop on stravinsky rites of spring, or hell, go to see TODD sweat in out more for his enjoyment than for mine (laughs), I will mark their performance dates as 'has been - reminder' in my schedule book.

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Posted in: Poll asks: Is a woman 'middle-aged' at 30? 40? 50? See in context

laughs. More media driven garbage.

yep, let me look at my calendar and figure out how I am going to limit myself this week. Or rub it in the face of that person over there so I have a valid way to feel good about myself.

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that was not what the court was at task to decide.

If there are to be 'sex offender laws/registries' that would need to come from a separate, and well needed court / legislative enactments.

The judge here was to rule if people had a fundamental right to privacy, some personal control over expansive evasive hanging out of laundry in the online world.

That, in its roughness was what needed to be looked at.

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Posted in: Court in Japan orders Google to delete past reports of man's arrest See in context

This judge seems to have 'included' opinion that did not belong in the core issue.

Google to all degrees violate personal privacy. Arguments above of 'modern world', uh, do some research.

Start with recent Europe wins which now DO stop google practices.


I back this ruling full hearted - i do not back japanese judge over reach and based opinion outside of the core scope.

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Posted in: Prince pulls music from most online streaming services See in context

If Mr. Nelson is making such a move in relation to the streaming 'trend', I am willing to trust he knows what he is doing. He has worked the industry before; he has the chops and catalog; hell, even Zappa stood up and took notice (in some respects).

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'pretty sad, this trend... what, have no friends to take photos of you? So you tie a camera on a stick?


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forget chocolate,

judging from Brian Wheway's post, it can be surmised that calculators, dictionaries, and elementary grammar books must be price out of this world.

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Posted in: Prices of chocolate, sauces, bread, other items to rise See in context

I support the US in no way, but as a comparison, there are two elements that bother me here (related to food and tax):

First -- to '25years in Japan' and others: I think, until very recently, stores in the US simply gave the retail price. The tax was figured in at the counter. What is so difficult about looking at the price and doing the tax math in your head? How is it a deceptive practice of the store or producer? I am more happy to know their cost and if I have a tax beef, I keep it a separate issue from the product. Is the math so difficult? (of course, this does not apply to liquor ... that price is probably all tax, to a high percent, apart from the 'sales tax').

Second -- Can others here offer to your posts, if you are from outside the US, whether staple foods and goods are exempt from tax? Here - Tax on milk? Friggin' bananas?, vegetables? Essentials! And yeah, chocolate and grains too. Nice JP. 'Just stick it to the families.

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'was enjoying the article up until:

"Even many non-connoisseurs know the smooth jazz saxophonist Kenny G..."

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Posted in: Japan, China to agree on procedures for unexpected military encounters See in context

yeah, right.

'so tell you what, If I am going to mess with you, I'll let you know.


Q: are you screwing with us or what? A: 'listen, I'll get back to you in a few. 'bit busy at the moment'.

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Posted in: Solar Impulse could be stuck in Japan for a year: pilot See in context

Engineering -- whether design, electrical, social, other -- at its best.

Hundreds of problems, hundreds of details, hundreds pressures.

All respects to the entire team. Go make it happen!

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Posted in: Police raid Toyota offices after arresting U.S. executive See in context

Some worry that Hamp’s arrest will be seen as a sign of risks that come with promoting women, or foreigners, setting back women’s efforts to rise up the corporate ladder.

cevin7Jun. 24, 2015 - 01:49PM JST

This doesn't make sense. It's not appropriate to think that she broke the law because she's a woman or a foreigner. That's just ridiculous.

Cevin - smear 101. This is how sleaze journalism works. Of course it does not make sense. However, all that needs to be done is to insert a 'point' and suddenly it becomes part of the 'consideration'. You then have those arguing against it or for it or around it, because it is there.

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