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That is no the first time it happens is not gonna be the last,Brazil have now 45 dams with the same risk the last one was 2/3 years ago and no one was blamed that IS brazil. the last government LULA/PT for 16 years did nothing about it, LULA/PT let this dams being build they way companies wanted the last government just make brazil worst.

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That's your own fault then. Ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking it. Any person that travels abroad with half a brain cell should research things, especially drugs whether they are legal for sale in said country or not. Importing them is usually a felony. I literally have zero pity for you.

Regardless, this thread is about Ghosn and what people who cry about the possibility of no bail for 6 months fail to realize, is that the justice system has other things to do in the meantime. Ghosn will have to wait his turn, like all the other criminals waiting their turn for trial.

The judge today told him he is arrested and detained because he poses a flight risk. This is the same everywhere in the world. America does it, Canada does it, Britain does it.

The only normal person informed person here,people of JT,make see that is why internet create monsters,we get so scary and so sad,people here give a bad name for foreigners and that feel people that obey and respect laws and justice and are well informed.Again we get more sad to read comments here.

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i wish Brazil could learn,severe laws,will make this land of corruption a land of honest people,Japan well done,your laws make your country a better place.Loose laws on Corruption lead to robbery, robbery lead drug trafficking,street robbery etc,loose laws is why the gangs lead Brazil.And again no surprise this site is full of corruption PRAISES ,so sad to read,but Japan justice is just nice to see for people like us that come from the corruption,robbery land!!

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Tokyo is an amazing place to get you notice!!!!!

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that is why many of my friends did not drive in Brazil,Argentina,France etc.but now that they are living in Japan they drive,have cars.Driving in Japan is safer,security is really good even in traffic.

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that is Brazill!!just sad

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thats awesome go njhon!!!!!!!!!

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Posted in: Nissan executive Munoz takes leave of absence in wake of Ghosn arrest See in context

renault france, ghosn half france half brazilian, nissan just you did saw it before brazilian i see just corruption!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Costumerr?? that is TOKIO band member leader Joshima Shigeru and he is clearing filming for tv show

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