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He does have Facebook if you want to learn more.


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The Okinawans seem to be laboring under the mistaken belief that once the Americans leave they will be "equal" to the Japanese living on the four main islands; I don't see this happening. I actually believe things will even get worse for them afterwards.

When the American bases leave a rather large section of the economy will go with them, as well as any political strength they enjoy now. If the bases were to leave Okinawa, they would find themselves "equal" to the other Japanese prefectures and discover that "equal" does not always mean an improvement in their situation.

Tokyo has enjoyed using the issue of bases in Okinawa for many years as a trump card when dealing with the US and I highly doubt that they will want to play out their hand while the economy is already under a great deal of strain. Also, even the most strident among the anti Americans must acknowledge that having the Americans doing all the heavy work (and defense spending) is a tremendous cost savings to the Japanese.

US Defense: $680 Billion. Japan Defense: $50.8 Billion

If the Japanese desire to be "equal", they should be prepared to pony up.

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