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Posted in: Gingrich stands firm on blunt Palestinian stance See in context

It seems a popular Republican pasttime to spew stupidity and ignorance with unwavering confidence and then declare "Whatchagonnado about it?" How about not vote for this idiot or even pretend he is anything but a joke?

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Posted in: Movie shows wartime Admiral Yamamoto in new light See in context

Yamamoto was way overrated as a military strategist. As one example I give you the battle of Midway,

Its pretty well established that what won the Battle of Midway first and foremost was not poor planning on Yamamoto's part, but rather the fact that the Japanese code had been broken, and a clever trick played on the Japanese by one Jasper Holmes whose work revealed that the Japanese would attack Midway before the middle of June. Then you got pure the pure luck of American dive bombers finding the Japanese carriers at the perfect time with planes and bombs all over the top deck. Up to then American airmen were getting massacred.

Also the Japanese inability to replace losses is cited as a major weakness at Midway. Never heard of anyone try to declare Yamamoto a poor strategist.

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Posted in: Movie shows wartime Admiral Yamamoto in new light See in context

claims Yamamoto was opposed to war with the U.S. and attacked Pearl Harbor to end the Pacific War as quickly as possible.

Attacked Pearl to end an up then non-existant war? Whatever!

Here we have yet another military man obeying orders against his better judgement, believeing that military men should not even be allowed to have judgement, which is why we have so many wars, because these guys don't have the spine to say no.

Its clear enough to me that the guy was not exactly anti-war, so I hope he is in hell now.

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Posted in: Japan's ambassador to Croatia to be transferred after sexual harassment allegation See in context

So if the Ambassador claims that he was dating her it's okay to assault her? Is this the Taliban or something?

What a bizarre question and attitude! When you are dating someone its sort of expected that you will touch them sexually without first filling out request for permission forms in triplicate and waiting for a letter in the mail!

That being the case, confusion when rejected by an established lover an be quite understandable. It may not register for a bit. I have had more girlfriends than I count that sent mixed signals. They said "Stop! and "No!" and then when I stopped they asked me why I stopped! In such situations where we have been dating, requests to stop actually meaing stop have been the exception rather than norm.

Just asking the question, I think your relationships must be quite different than most people's. Some tolerance is in order. However, it does not seem like the ex-ambassador ever dated her at all, so its a moot question.

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Posted in: Japanese farmer is French chefs' secret See in context

I am sure his veggies are fantastic! I am also sure his life is nothing but work and he has no time to actually enjoy the profits of selling expensive vegetables., so I don't envy him.

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Posted in: Is it time to declare victory over al-Qaida? See in context

Admitting that al-Quaida is beaten would create the inconvenient situation of having the find a new boogeyman to continue the mandate of providing way more security than necessary, so that some can continue getting filthy rich by fleecing the American taxpayer.

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Posted in: Police evict Occupy Boston protesters; 46 arrested See in context

What if I had a family or group of friends and wanted to play in the area without having to deal with an encampment and all it brings

Yes. Far better that a family get to play in the park than it be used to protest how the country is going to hell in a handbasket.

I am sure the city gave them many many warnings that they had to evacuate.

Beaurocratic measures are more important too!

I think most people will agree that protesting is a right, not a privilege,

Most of your post indicates that you think the opposite.

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Posted in: Gingrich stands firm on blunt Palestinian stance See in context

Well, if we follow Newt's logic, Americans are also an invented people, unless we are talking about Native Americans. Perhaps Newt should go back to Britian?

Good to see a presidential contender who sides with the Jews.

Nonsense. A great many Jews are allergic to Newt and his ignorance. Even many Israelis too.

Not all Jews are Israelis. Not all Israelis are Jews. All Jews and all Israelis don't think alike. Each Jew is a human being with individual thoughts.

Yanee, your post suggesting otherwise is highly insulting to Jews and Israelis.

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Posted in: Anti-Putin rallies spread across Russia See in context

Glad to see Russians opposing this control freak ex-KGB agent. Russia needs to learn to live without Putin.

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