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Someone must have said female names for hurricanes are too discriminating. It must be why weather agenciesare using these tribal sounding names these days.

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LEDs are great but I find most of the indicators on home appliances too bright/distracting/unnecessary. I usually remove them all to make it less like an amusement park.

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Black cats, broken mirrors, number 13, Halloween, and just about every religious practices and traditions. It doesn't matter how scientifically advanced a country is. The human brain is hardwired to believe in supernatural causes even when there is no rationale scientifically.

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Posted in: Asian soccer power Japan suffer reality check on global stage See in context

Colombia players were harder, better, faster, stronger. Better luck next time.

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I find the comments attributing to lower mental health care in Japan a little ironic.

Because when you look at the actual numbers, suicide rates in non-shame based cultures are only about 30-50 percent lower. While at the same time, the same type of desperate folks who wants to get even with society, seems to typically go off killing family and friends in their schools, homes, and workplace.

This of course shows up in the 2,000-3,000 percent higher intentional homicide rate. So I find the hypocrisy of claiming to have superior mental health condition a little hysterical TBH.

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