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Posted in: Top American general says attack on Japan same as attack on U.S. See in context

SmithinjapanAug. 19  11:22 pm JST

> Hiro S Nobumasa: "Relying on the Amerikano hybrid 'ally-occupation forces' for the defense of the Motherland is the absolute pantomime of once proud Nippon."

Well, be thankful, because pantomime of a "once proud (and murderous... don't forget what got it destroyed!) Nippon" or not, you'd be forced to stand up and sing to a Chinese flag instead of the Hinomaru, or else you'd just be a pile of ashes.

"What is now happening to the only Asian country to defeat the Russian and British-Australian navies is sad."

You forgot to mention slaughtered more than 10 million across Asia, including raping women and children and forcing them and others into prostitution and other slavery. If you're going to mention "the good old days", be honest at least.

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I have read your writings for a while. I could say that they are the lowest Japan hating products in this page. My country had the "luck" to be tramped by the German and the Soviet Red Army. They looted every movable, raped the women from child to elderly. Dragged 800000 men and women for "malenkij robot" "little work" in Gulag camps. Allied killed the POWs for they daily foods or just fun. GIs raped japanese girls in not only Okinawa, and even in the middle of the Ginza. /A japanese woman said./

Of course it is not fashionable to talk about the cruelty and abusing of Allied Armies. They were not good guys at all. You had better shut your backbiting, arrogant mouth up before lecture Japan!

After the WWII. 20 million people were killed /and killing in this moment as well/ in the constant war worldwide till today. leading or fuelling by the biggest agressor USA.

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Posted in: Abe sends ritual offering to Yasukuni Shrine for war dead See in context

Well done Japan. Let the wailing whining. Go Japan!

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Posted in: Top American general says attack on Japan same as attack on U.S. See in context

Well done. Let the wailing whining. Go Japan!

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Posted in: S Korean buses carry statues of 'comfort women' See in context

Fed up with this disgusting, constant whining! Travelling around with ugly puppets and screaming, demanding is so ridiculous and miserable. They make pathetic fools themselves.

In my country the gloious red army raped the women from child to elderly. After they dragged 800 000 people men and women for a "malenkij robot" to Gulag camps Siberia. About 200 000 could come back alive.

We have never got any money or apologize.

I am empathy with victims, but I am not sympathy with those, who want to make a lifetime living about victimhood.

Anyway I hate the koreans repellent hysteria wery much! Japan has payed enough! I would not pay them a single cent any further.

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" I am opposite to this quote below supporting of Japan going from a SDF to a Nation of arm forces, "Japan should not just be an economic power but a country respected and relied on in the world for its high ethical views and morality," Defence Minister Tomomi Inada said last week". What ethics and morals ? are these the ethical views and good moral of a government. Japan poor women equality, acceptance of Refugee, Public display or ignorance of good international citizen by visiting a shrine which will is very offensive to them, Their continue ignorance of real world history, Their used of their chemical weapons program has a bargaining chip after the war. Japan should only have SDF. They have not earn the international community respect yet and have a bit to do to be allow to go the full arm forces."

Japanesen should not accept "refugees". Especially from very different culture. They will never integrate. See the horrific result in Europe. Awful. Luckily you will not decide who deserves respect and who does not. Regarding the shrine visit, that is not your business. They have right go if they want.

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Posted in: Anger, confusion as Japan revives militaristic edict See in context

"A major MacArthur mistake was not making English at least a second official language."

How arrogant, imperialist, colonialist statement! In the meantime you are damning the Japanese imperialism.

Double standard.

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Posted in: 95 lawmakers visit Yasukuni Shrine; Abe sends offering See in context

They go wherever they want in their own country. Nobody else's business.

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