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Maybe this will help the world learn how to dress modestly, especially in cases where someone needs to dress modestly. I would rather see this promoted than belly shirts and mini skirts personally.

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As long as it isn't used for competitive swimming, I think it's a good idea! I'd wear it! I actually own something similar to it.

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A friend and I once saw a Japanese policeman spend 20 minutes investigating the death of a pigeon. He was writing things down in his note book, meaduring the distance if the pigeon from the footpath and writing on the road with chalk. For a country with very inhumane pet shops and a pretty disgusting record of managing fisheries, it's amazing how seriously they take the death of birds...

Actually, I've been told Japanese police really have nothing better to do, so they investigate things down to the very small details. A professor I had in Japan told me and a few people about how his wife crashed her car because of a sneezing fit and when the police came they seriously had her go back through and point out all the spots where she sneezed and they marked it as part of the investigation. So ya, 100% true story, they just don't have anything better to do.

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Ya... That's a very dangerous situation. A trip like that requires team work. If you have any malice towards the people you're climbing with, you probably should reconsider the climb for your and their safety.

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The US is playing "Let me protect you" with S.K. and Japan, not because they don't think they're capable of protecting themselves or that they want to "keep their allies." It's the question of how many more nuclear weapons do we REALLY want to bring into the world. Because the more nuclear weapons available, the more paranoid people will become with their enemies even their allies. People freak out over the thought of any country having nuclear weapons and if Japan or S.K. obtains the technology, they aren't only going to scare N.K. but any other country they have any bad relations with then those countries will want nukes then soon everyone under the sun will have nukes and we really will have the potential to blow ourselves up. Not to mention that's a very expensive technology and why focus on the "who has more" game when there are other things we need to focus on? For now, America is offering as an ally to protect Japan and S.K. because we've had this technology, we know how it works, and we've used it before (unfortunately). It's more for the interest of the entire world to keep as little of this technology available as possible.

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