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Posted in: U.S. envoy goes into damage control mode over latest Okinawa incident See in context

This is getting out of bloody control. America needs to keep their soldiers on a leash before diplomatic relations are put in jeopardy.

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Posted in: Tokyo prepares for the 'Big One' See in context

Experts said there is a 70% chance of a quake at or above 7.0 hitting Tokyo in the next 4 years, so we will find out. Hopefully, the government would have decided on a new BACK UP capital by then, like they plan to.

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Posted in: Scottish author's book details efforts to locate sons taken by Japanese wife See in context

I am very disappointed with Japan's unwillingness to cooperate. This isn't the first time this kind of thing happened. There a case in America too. Something has to be done.

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Posted in: Obama says Romney cannot be trusted to deal honestly with public See in context

Obama is right. Romney spends more time lying than being truthful.

COMPLETELY TRUE STATEMENTS: Obama: 22% of the time. Romney? 16%.

MOSTLY TRUE STATEMENTS: Obama: 23% of the time. Romney? 13%

HALF-TRUE STATEMENTS: Obama: 26% of the time. Romney? 28%

MOSTLY FALSE STATEMENTS: Obama: 12% of the time. Romney? 17%

FALSE STATEMENTS: Obama: 14% of the time. Romney? 17%

COMPLETE BULLSHIT STATEMENTS: Obama: 2% of the time. Romney? 9%

Now, do the math. Who is the most trustworthy of the two?

(Source: Politifact - 10/18/12)

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Posted in: Restaurant cell phone distractions still irritate diners See in context

I am siding with the restaurants and if people don't like the rules, find another place to eat.

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Posted in: 28 Fukuoka bars get threatening phone calls in one night See in context

The Yakuza is NOT going to win this. Those scumbags need to learn what to do and what not to do.

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Posted in: 10 everyday items inspired by food that look good enough to eat See in context

I swear to you, I would have expected America to make something like this with the whole major obeasity outbreak and fat j...forget it.

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Posted in: China flexes muscles with drills in East China Sea See in context

China is REALLY starting to piss me off now.

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Posted in: U.S. military to impose curfew in Japan after alleged rape See in context

If it isn't the dangerous and annoying aircraft flying over Okinawa it is the men who are suppose to protect this country trying to have their way with innocent women and children. It is a good thing only a minority of troops are doing this and that is too many.

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Posted in: Foreign employee named Lawson working at Lawson See in context

And people say Japan hates foreigners? Nonsense. I have to meet this fella.

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Posted in: U.S. ambassador pledges full cooperation over alleged rape on Okinawa See in context

Another? The sooner the Japan listens to the people of Okinawa and gets the US military out, the better.

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Posted in: Button lashes out at 'idiot' Kobayashi after Korean Grand Prix See in context

I would like to welcome Button to auto racing. Crap like this happens. Being child-ish about it and insulting people isn't the way to go.

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Posted in: Softbank in talks to buy U.S. telecom giant Sprint Nextel See in context

Wow. That would be pretty amazing. I hope it wouldn't bring an end to the NASCAR-Sprint friendship.

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Posted in: Yakuza: Kind-hearted criminals or monsters in suits? See in context

They are good and bad. Bit I am going with the police crack down because no matter what good they have done, they are still violating the law and NOBODY is above the law. Especially, not in Japan.

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Posted in: 9 random reasons to love Japan See in context

I love the fact that the people are mostly polite. Even in the most stressful environment(mostly). I love the weather. I love the geography....holy hell, I am starting to sound like Mitt Romney.

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Posted in: Busch apologizes for rant against Toyota See in context

I forgot to add a little fact: NASCAR(Sprint Cup Series only) airs in Japan on NTV(Nittele G only). It has since 2004. They have also raced in Japan 2 or 3 times. I am sure the folks in Japan has seen how much of an ass the Busch brothers can be.

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Posted in: Busch apologizes for rant against Toyota See in context

Kyle Busch has a history of shooting his mouth off. So does his twit brother, Kurt who has done worse and done it much more often.

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Posted in: Mind-controlled tail wags based on your mood See in context

It is amazing yet bloody weird.

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Posted in: Assad rejected leaders' bid for peace in Syria: former PM See in context

It is time for military intervention. We didn't let the genocide go during WWII, we shouldn't let it go now.

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Posted in: Romney tweaks his stance on immigration; seizes upon Biden comment See in context

Romney is the Flip-flopping king. This isn't news anymore.

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Posted in: S Korea: Japan must educate its people about World War II See in context

How about you move on South Korea.

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Posted in: Law making it illegal to download pirated music, videos goes into effect See in context

This is a step in the right direction.

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Posted in: Japan’s first 'cuddle cafe' lets you sleep with a stranger for Y6,000 an hour See in context

ಠ_ಠ uh...ok, that's weird.

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Posted in: 6 Ospreys fly to Futenma base despite protests See in context

I guess we will have to wait for one of these things to crash land in a populated location for the Japanese government to pull their head out of America's ass and keep these crash-prone airships away from Okinawa and any other populated part of Japan. Listen to the people. KEEP THESE THINGS ON THE GROUND!

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Posted in: Anime-themed car navigation system See in context

I'm going to buy this. This is great.

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Posted in: U.S. carjacking suspect shoots himself in head... live on TV See in context

I watched this live on TV and on the KSAZ-TV stream(which was not broadcasting on KSAZ-TV live, just online) and I can tell you that I was horrified but I am sure Fox News did not do this on purpose. I am a huge critic of them but based off how much I know Shep and seeing his body language, I can tell you this was not what he wanted. I heard the background staff who were just as horrified. This was a tragic incident that unfolded live around the country and oddly, in a few nations on TV. I can't believe I watched something so horrible but this is live TV. This is Journalism. It's not about only broadcasting "the good things" but all things. Good or bad. Kudos to Shep for remaining professional on camera and let's not think about the crap he yelled off camera out of anger.

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Posted in: Madonna says she was being 'ironic' in calling Obama a Muslim See in context

She isn't too sharp or informed, huh? Guess she didn't get the notice that Obama ain't no Muslim. Silly unimportant women.

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Posted in: LDP votes for new leader with eye on prime minister's post See in context

I fear for Japan's future.

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Posted in: 3 die after car goes into sea after drift racing at Kobe harbor See in context

That is what happens when you stupid stupid and illegal crap.

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Posted in: Apple maps disaster may solve China-Japan islands dispute See in context

I think the UN should just step in and either decide or decide to just take it themselves as a protected site. Obviously if someone does not do something soon, something will happen and all hell will break loose.

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