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Posted in: Pressure on Japan for stronger laws on child pornography See in context

I agree Japan needs to have stronger laws on child porn but I do NOT think they should have laws banning fictional anime hentai depicting child-like characters(Lolicon as they call in the west). Why? Well, aside from the fact there is evidence that show countries WITHOUT or with less restrictive laws on porn has less sex crimes, there is also the whole "free speech" thing. Why in the hell ban something that is pretty much harmless? Because a few people who committed a sexual crime against a child was found to have anime in his possession. Might I also add that there is no concrete or even quasi-accepted evidence that even suggest that anime CP(as people call it) results in more sex crimes. I say lets vote that pillock, Shintaro Ishihara, out of office and make Tokyo a great prefecture to make and air anime. Don't go down the American path and ban or outlaw things that are not actually worth banning. Finland has the right idea. Don't make laws on something unless someone is being harmed(physically or psychologically).

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Posted in: Nationalism may rise under Japan's next gov't See in context

I REALLY hope this is not going to happen. Nationalism is the downfall of a country and civilization. I mean look at the US. Besides, did they forget what was the main cause of World War II? Nationalism? Nationalism leads to wars a lot and often isolationism. I don't want that. I doubt most of Japan wants that but if it happens...we can kiss one of the few remaining great nations goodbye and welcome in something nobody wants to see...Isolationism. Japan is already moving away from that label. We don't want it to move back towards it. At least, I hope not..

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Posted in: What you shouldn't use for your cell phone wallpaper See in context

I wouldn't date someone who was judgmental enough to be turned off by what I had on my wallpaper anyway so I don't care but REALLY? Images of a girl/boyfriend or husband/wife is a turn off? The only thing on that list I can understand as a turn off is is Famous people(creepy stalker) and an image of oneself(egoistical much?). Being an anime fan, I see no issue with have an anime character as my wallpaper. Mind your own business.

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Posted in: Toru Hashimoto: Japan's would-be kingmaker See in context

This man scares the hell outta me and I would fear for Japan if he or someone like him became the PM or took over another highly important spot.

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Posted in: Unique karaoke experiences for when you’re tired of same old song and dance See in context

I have never gone to Karaoke because I'm too embarrassed.

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Posted in: Minister's suicide precedes magazine story on rumored affair See in context

This is very tragic. :(

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Posted in: Is incest Japan’s latest literary craze? See in context

There is a difference between anime and reality people. But I don't have an issue with either one having incest involved(if it is sibling incest and legally consensual). I am not going to be some judgmental moral-man and say what a brother and sister or sister and sister is wrong. Why? It's not. There is no real reason to say it is other than false morals. Mind your own business people. Oh, and as I said: There is a difference between anime and reality.

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Posted in: Mount Fuji 'under more pressure than last eruption' See in context

Alright, now I am worried. I downplayed just how much of a threat Fuji is but now I take it much more seriously. I hope this thing does not erupt anytime soon.

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Posted in: The state of kissing in Japan See in context

I'm not a fan of this childish "no kissing in public" nonsense.

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Posted in: Bear sightings reported in Sapporo See in context

I am in Otaru. Not far from Sapporo at all. Looks like me and my neighbour is going to have bear meat this week.

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Posted in: Fugitive Watson vows to prevent Japan killing a single whale See in context

I hope this man is caught soon. Japan needs to put diplomatic pressure on countries it believe is either holding Watson or supporting him.

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Posted in: Gov't projects 320,000 deaths in event of earthquake in Nankai Trough See in context

I really hope this never happens. It would be a catastrophic disaster that would not only bring an end to Japan but likely put the global economy in a nose dive it may never recover from. So many lives....

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