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The vitriol and criticism from most of the comments here clearly show people have no respect for other cultures and lifestyles.

"Marriage", despite a word being used in many countries and cultures, rarely ever means the same exact thing. Even in places where people grew up in a shared socio-cultural upbringing, there are differences on how they see and value a relationship.

While yes, my too-traditional and 'conservative' upbringing has made me accustomed to thinking that a marriage should be certain way. But I have enough self awareness to know that I can't expect to enforce my own standards on other people. Who am I to criticize the measures that people take to keep their own families and selves happy?

If there are relationships that can be helped or improved by allowing the couple to have some space (which is a decision they will mutually have to agree on anyway), then this company is providing them a chance to have that option in relative safety during this period of crisis (we are having a global pandemic after all), then why not?

Japan's culture does not produce perfect couples -but the same can be said of many other cultures around the world. What matters is that each culture tries to find its own way to grow and improve. This is a step in that direction.

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The reality is that the organizers are not thinking about the question "should the Tokyo 2020 Olympics be cancelled in light of the global pandemic?" ---that's a simple yes/no query that is easy for anyone to answer.

What the organizers are burdened with is the question: "how to do we cancel or delay the Olympics with the least amount of financial and social damage to the host city/country, the global organizers, the international media industry, the global sports industry (athletes, trainers, etc), the local citizens, the sports fans all over the world, and the impossible to list number of industries and businesses that would be affected... while still dealing with the fact that nobody really knows when the pandemic will end and how the damage it will deal to the global economy affects decision making processes?" --of course, I'm oversimplifying.

Is it true that money is among their main concerns? Most definitely so. But is that the reason why they are delaying in providing a definitive decision regarding the Olympics? Not really. The reason for the delay in providing an answer (and it should be a rather obvious answer to entire world by now), is the fact that simply saying "no Olympics this 2020" doesn't end an announcement/press release. Follow up questions will be asked, and answering those are just as important (after all, that would determine the immediate and long term futures for many who are involved and are affected by the event). Until they have as many answers to as many possible questions they can think of, we cannot expect the organizers to make an announcement.

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Technically, it may be true that there is no human involvement -processing is done automatically via the app's own image filters (or simply put, what is being referred to by others as AI). We can even presume that the images are never hosted on any servers, just directly transferred from the child phone to the parent phone after pixelation processing.

But even if all the above is true, there are just too many variables and moral concerns that makes this technology less safe than it is proposing to be.

In the end, it is not a smartphone manufacturer's duty to fulfill "hopes of protecting children and teens" -the best they can do is provide a good quality smartphone at a good budget that has a decent battery life and excellent antenna technology in order to ensure that the user of the phone is able to use it in emergencies.

As for nude selfies, that's a matter raising and teaching children (and even adults) about the importance personal responsibility, understanding potential consequences of actions, and the re-evaluation of the significance of privacy online in relation to the use of devices with online functionalities.

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Another topic on war crimes, really? You guys know that this is the kind of article that brings the worms out of the woodwork right? The people calling for compensation and public apologies and whatnot?

Well, for all the readers who think that a country should pay up and apologize and whatever for something the country did in a war many many years ago (at least enough years that no one in the current regime was involved in that war):

Oh sure, let us prove that a country was doing really bad things during a WAR they were involved in many decades ago. Now let's ask the current government of said country to pay for those bad things they did.


Raping and pillaging has been part of war since early humans figured out how to kill one another. Over the years, humanity has just gotten better at it. Now we've gotten to a point where a single warhead can instantly vaporize an entire city and more (I don't see anyone dragging America through the dirt over and over for that one), not really leaving much to pillage or rape, but it makes for a good marker at how much escalation there has been.

Even during peacetime, military bases have always been a source for humanitarian concerns (go google the number of rape cases that soldiers stationed in foreign bases have been involved in, and once again, notice how American soldiers are often involved). The culture of war is one where you do not treat your enemy as something with rights. To be fair, your opponent will certainly not consider your rights either, so it is in your best interest to be as savage as you can be to survive.

If we want to honor to pain and hardship of the many people who suffered in war, then we must look for ways to prevent it from happening again (which is a serious challenge considering how prone humanity is to waging war), it is a much better alternative than constantly villifying a country in order to beg them for money (because really, that's the real reason why people are so eager to dig up war crimes, they just want the money/compensation). That is not justice, that is just greed.

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Posted in: Hong Kong court sentences Japanese turtle smuggler to 1 year in prison See in context

Genbu and Gamera are unhappy about this.

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