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Posted in: Body of man suspected of killing woman in Gunma found in Tochigi See in context

She only moved about 20 kilometers away... of course he's going to find her... She should have moved to a different prefecture and that would have probably saved her life but too late. Usually scum like this one loser have their way not taking in the fact that their way is so selfish and unreasonable. My heart goes out to the family and loved ones of the victim.

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Posted in: Mori slammed for critical remarks about Asada See in context

Let's put Mori on the ice and see how he does.... hes an a-hole

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Posted in: Woman found dead in car spoke to police about boyfriend's abuse See in context

It takes two to tango... sometimes the way girls break up with guys in this country is quite cold too.

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Posted in: 'Smart' high-tech dog collar goes on sale in Japan See in context

Everything to get your pooch closer to you. How about one of these for the spouse? I think we can all benefit from something like this... why just dogs?

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Posted in: Murakami regrets book portrayal of Hokkaido town See in context

boo hoo.... what a shame...people are really getting too sensitive about the little things and don't take a look at the big picture. What about all the book Stephen King has written, and all the other great writers of the 20th century (not that I'm implying that Mr Murakami is a great writer). PEOPLE GROW THE FUDGE UP!!!!

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Posted in: 45 arrested in Super Bowl child prostitution raid See in context

This sucks. Any person out there doing this crime should be boiled to death.

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Posted in: Hoffman's death spotlights heroin epidemic See in context

A pusher will never come to you begging to buy, It is usually the other way around.

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Posted in: Woody Allen rejects 'untrue and disgraceful' sex abuse claims See in context

Woody Allen go a woody for his adopted daughter. What a hoot but I like his humor in the movies. I personally don't know his personal life so I can't say much about that. For one... if he did do this to her, he should be investigated and prosecuted to the extent of the law. BUT not to be on his side, is there a law for statute of limitations on sexual abuse? I mean.. for him to be prosecuted, there needs to be PROOF and just hear say wont do much in a court of law.

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Posted in: Missing Sapporo girl rescued from confinement; man arrested See in context

I am father of a little girl and this type of ending is good news. I am glad the perp is caught but what his claim, forgetfulness? mental sickness? and then what? IS he let go free? and then the next time SHE / HE is not so lucky? Whats up with these hobos unemployed just looking to ruin someones life. They don't think about the lives they are hurting. By pleasing themselves for a little while, they scar the victim, the family members and the whole community, not to mention, the Japanese society itself.

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Posted in: 6 arrested in Ecuador over murder of Japanese honeymooner See in context

Its about time the detective in that country started doing their jobs.

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Posted in: Suspect held over 3 convenience store robberies See in context

Greed is one the deadly sins...he crossed the line. Why would anyone want to rob a convenience store? The most they can steal is a couple of grand. Its not worth the loss of freedom. I hear Japanese prisons are no country club...

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Posted in: University student attacked, robbed in Utsunomiya See in context

Wearing all black... how is that helpful. How about a height or build.

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Posted in: Abe tells world to stand up to China or face consequences See in context


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Posted in: Abe tells world to stand up to China or face consequences See in context

Here we go again... I think the Chinese Prime Minister and the Japanese Prime Minister should put some boxing gloves on and step in the ring and duke it out, each supporting their own ideas and opinions. Because in reality whether we like it or not they tend to do what they want anyway with support from either the left or the right groups... us normal citizens don't have a say so... it sometimes looks like we do but we don't.

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Posted in: U.S. Supreme Court to rule on searches of mobile phones See in context

There is a branch in the CIA and NSA that works with the FCC and other cooperating agencies JUST TO make codes that crack the PASSWORD (s) of ANY cellphone, smartphone or any tablet. The same protocol is used in Japan by the KEISHICHO to get all the data, contacts, mail history and web history. WE all think and are assured that it is uncrackable but that is untrue. I have witnessed the data transferred to a computer and then turned around to use it against someone for evidence and further arrests. We may not know how to do it or it may look impossible to do but ALL systems have a backdoor.

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Posted in: Missing 12-year-old girl turns up in restaurant car park See in context

Really.... I doubt she did this all on her own.

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Posted in: Ohio killer takes 25 minutes to die with new drug cocktail See in context

The victim is still the one to be thought of here NOT the criminal. He needed to pay for his actions...He caused so much pain and agony to many people. Screw him. He got just a bit of what he deserved...I wish he would have suffered more.

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Posted in: Japan seeks ASEAN backing on China with $20 bil pledge See in context

Is that where all of our tax money is going? To other Asian countries? I though Japan is raising taxes to help its rebuilding from after the 2011 earthquake or is that all just hot air...

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Posted in: 20 years and going strong: Seasoned burglar arrested in Kawasaki after stealing Y15.7 million See in context

Wow... It was like going to work everyday for him. His typical morning...

7:00 wake up 8:00 leave for the next location to hit up 3:00 come back home from a hard days work 3:30 count his goods / put them in his safe 4:00 go to seven eleven for a cup of fresh brewed coffee 9:00 go to bed

sounds like he was saving up for retirement... but he will get his retirement direct from the government. No need to worry anymore. He will now have a nice room, three meals a day, free medical, a lot of privacy and new friends.

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Posted in: Japanese gamers debate Red Cross’s call for virtual crimes to be punished See in context

Is this for real? Shoot... I am wanted man for sure. I have ran over dozens, shot thousands, torture and mangled countless. Call the virtual Hitler.....this is non-sense. What are they thinking? the next thing is... mind reading devices that will punish everyone who thinks of something like...."man.. my boss really pissed me off, I feel like chocking him!!" oh damn... why did I think that... I am going to jail now.

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Posted in: Couple confess to abandoning 3 newborn babies over 9-yr period See in context

These two should be euthanized

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Posted in: 19-year-old arrested over hit-and-run See in context


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Posted in: Mother, four children killed with meat cleaver in New York See in context

Crazy stuff...but why the children? Why everyone? If the trouble was between the mother and the person in question than why kill the children? This is a monster that will have a bad time in an American prison.

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Posted in: 21-year-old man arrested for fracturing newborn son's skull See in context

Someone do something fast!!!!

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Posted in: Fog hits Japanese MotoGP practice See in context

I used to live in Motegi and the fog there can get pretty thick. Not to mention the storm headed that way, it must make things a little troublesome.

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Posted in: Power of the sea See in context

marvelous scenery...massive waves of thrush and thunder, wish I was there to witness such beauty.

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Posted in: Woman stabbed to death in Kyoto Pref park See in context

May she rest in peace... and her attacker be found ASAP.

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Posted in: Pamyu See in context

She is not famous... she has just a lot of media focused on her and the media pushes her music to us on commercials and tv programs but she in NO famous in the US. I would like for her to open for an american or british band. She would get kicked out the stage after a couple of minutes. If she can make it then anyone can too.

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Posted in: Woman held for attempted murder of 4-month-old daughter See in context

Unforgivable... how can someone do this to their own flesh and blood is beyond me.

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Posted in: Visitor-friendly See in context

Japan is learning how to deal with foreigners day by day. We can't expect Japan to change in one day. The same with other countries. Some foreigners expect to be treated like home or better but need to wake up the this is not HOME it is a foreign land and foreign lands have their way of dealing with strangers until trust is built.

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