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Akiko Fujishima comments

Posted in: Japan slow to take anti-terror measures at nuclear plants See in context

Speak ill of another country to ignore the ill of your own.. every country has dragged it's feet on important things.. like the US president knowing about the terrorist attacks before they happened and did NOTHING.

Saying the Japanese are full of pride is just another obvious misunderstanding.. They (we) are an island nation and have an island mentality, does not express pride. I love how people take a translation (without knowing how well or poorly it was done, because in Endo's original statement IN JAPANESE, is not how it's presented here.) and view it in the way that fits them. The US is not an island but definitely has an island mentality and that was proven so, when people were actually shocked about the terrorist attacks when they happened. As if no one would DARE attack the US.. puhleeeze.. O_O ~^

There is a difference of feeling secure because you actually do live on an island nation and share no boarders, and actually thinking you are an island and that no one can touch you. Japan, guilty of feeling overly secure, a bit, but certainly not pride. Don't get it twisted.

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Posted in: Fundoshi lingerie for women See in context

I am shocked how obnoxiously generalized and stereotypical a lot of these comments are..

Japanese women do have curves.. if there is a difference in hip to waist ratio, there are curves.. fat women in denial do not have curves, they have rolls.. Japanese women do not fit this Western word "curves" as we are not fat women in denial.. :p

Not all of us have small chests, we come in various sizes just like any other women, what you see in the media is what is considered to be socially attractive.. women in Japan often pad out their curves and bound their breasts to wear kimono or yukata, because the conical shape is attractive in our culture.. it does not mean we don't have any body shape.. =__= But in street clothing we look like any other woman, we have hips and boobs too. :p

Japanese underwear commercials do not always feature Western women, you obviously do not live in Japan, get off of Youtube, ok. =__= Wacoal has always used Japanese women and men for their commercials and advertisements. The ones that use Western women are to appeal to Westerners living in Japan, we don't forget that we're the only group of people living there, ok.

All these stereotypes being shown here just show one thing.. massive amounts of poor education and stupidity. shakes head =__=

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