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Is there a reason why a Yokozuna, the pinnacle of the sport, needs to be identified as "Mongolian-born"?

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Musk won because his attorney eviscerated the plaintiff's claims. The plaintiff was interviewed on CNN, disparaged Musk's rescue plans (calling them a PR stunt), and told Musk to stick his rescue machine "where it hurts." However, he claims not to have known that CNN was a major worldwide network. The plaintiff claimed reputational damages, but was honored by the English prime minister and the Thai royal family -- which would not have happened if anyone truly thought he was a "pedo guy." He also was caught calling the Thai Navy seals who actually did the rescuing (and lost one of their men in the process) "buffalos" -- a slang term in Thai for "stupid." The jury took only an hour to unanimously find in Musk's favor.

Read this article to know more: https://www.law.com/therecorder/2019/12/09/how-this-quinn-emanuel-team-beat-the-190m-defamation-suit-against-elon-musk/

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Does it say something about me that my goal in life is to be the silver guy holding the flashlight for the Ig Nobel Awards?

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BackpackingNepal: "Brexit or Not, Deal or No Deal, UK is the best place for business because no natural disasters."

What about man-made disasters like Brexit? England (not the UK) seems intent on becoming a third-world country.

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The San Francisco Bay Area was visited by these Australian idiots, earlier this year -- https://www.msn.com/en-au/kids/other/australian-graffiti-artist-33-faces-four-years-in-jail-in-america-after-a-spray-paint-rampage-in-california/ar-BBSjghB?li=AA4RE4&%252525252525253Bocid=ientp

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Love Livers. Hannibal Lector must have been a founding member . . .

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Anywhere in Hokkaido, especially in June (no rainy season!), when the days are very long and life bursts forth in all its glory. Hot springs galore, nature at its finest.

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Hakodate. Great food (the sushi is divine), beautiful views, lots of great skiing nearby in the winter, and wonderful people.

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Most individuals should consume between 1.5 and 2.3 grams of salt per day, according to the US's Food and Drug Administration. These Chinese researchers state that their test subjects take in four to six TIMES that. In looking at the sodium levels for foods, I've noticed a lot of spicy foods have as much as 2 grams of salt per serving; at these levels, the excess is notable.

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I, a recent US college graduate teaching English, was stopped in Hakodate. I grew up in Los Angeles, where the cops are a bit intimidating. I was 190cm back then. While walking to a kissaten, I was stopped by a 152cm (in her heels) unarmed police officer, who demanded (in passable English) to see my passport. I asked her why. She asked me again to show her my passport. I asked why. This circular conversation lasted for about 10 long minutes, while a friend of mine was saying that I should just show the officer my passport - which I didn't have, because I had a gaigin card, and didn't have to carry my passport. Finally, I said that I didn't have my passport. The officer then asked if I had a gaigin card. I said yes. She asked me to show it to her, and in fear of physical brutality (by my friend, NOT the officer) if i didn't show it, I presented it to the officer. She looked at it, said, doomo arigatou gozaimasu, and left. My friend refrained from smacking me.

When I eventually got to the office, I told my boss my funny story. He was sweating and shaking, looking like he was about to faint. Apparently, my predecessor had done the same thing as I had, only he was taken to the police headquarters, and my boss had to rescue him at about 1:30 in the morning, getting a severe dressing-down by the officer-in-charge.

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I'm delighted to see the retired generation going "mild" ("wild" is for the youngsters).

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Hakodate is a Japanese treasure, and more people need to experience the natural beauty and the wonderful people there.

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