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Posted in: Kochi school to launch SDF course See in context

There are some high schools in Australia that have cadet camp + a once-a-week after-school training course + affiliation with the military BUT that doesn't mean that you're going to be drafted into the military. So it's pretty stupid to assume so just because they're going to introduce a military-related course. Plus the word "offer" is used which means it probably isn't going to be mandatory. Reading too much into things, mr. smith.

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Posted in: Group of teenage Thai actors punished for dancing on Japanese train See in context

If they wanted to dance, go dance in a place made for dancing. Plus there is a difference between teenagers and STUPID teenagers (aka these idiots). If they wanted to screw around and cause a disturbance on a train, and then get punished for it, too bad, serves them right. I've been on a train with a bunch of noisy idiots and guess what happened? The train was stopped and police kindly escorted them out. And I live in Australia. Message? Don't cause disturbances on public transport, ANYWHERE in the world.

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Posted in: WWII firebombings of Japanese cities largely ignored See in context

There are people saying "don't start wars you can't finish" etc. but think about it. Japanese citizens who were not at all involved in the war were killed. The government started the war, not the people of Japan so bombing civilians should be considered a war crime (and the fact that it isn't just goes to show how stupid humanity is). Westerners (not only Americans) try to justify it with the attack on pearl harbor but that was an attack on a military base, not a city full of civilians. Well frankly, if Japan had just chased Americans out instead of start a war, that would have been a better alternative. If you look up history before even WWI, foreign countries put Japan through a load of crap so if there was some resentment towards America due to that, it wouldn't be surprising.

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Posted in: Cross-dressing Matsuko Deluxe: AKB opening Tokyo Olympics 'would embarrass Japan' See in context

I don't see the problem with an idol group performing. Despite what people say, idol groups are popular and a sub-culture of Japan. If I had to say which, someone who calls another the "shame" of a country without a good reason is disgusting garbage. Truly the trash of society. And I don't even care about idol groups! Think about it. You say "oh they're an embarrassment to Japan" but do you have an actual good, proper and FLAWLESS reason? Just because you don't like it, you call it an "embarrassment"? Take a look in the mirror. Or are you just going along with what others say without thinking for yourself (like 90% of humanity) and just stay biased? Idol groups are a part of Japan. That won't change. Trying to hide it isn't going to work either. Japan has more parts than what some people make of it, getting blinded by your own love and interest in a certain part of Japanese culture and then denying everything else which doesn't suit your fancy.

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Posted in: Indian police arrest 3 for gang rape of Japanese scholar See in context

20 years in prison? Ahahaha, what a joke. Trash should be properly disposed of. Kill them.

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Posted in: Anti-whaling activists found in contempt of court in U.S. See in context

Have them pay the full amount and give Japanese whalers the right to arm themselves with equipment to drive these guys away if they come within said 500 feet. Then have SS cover the cost of the equipment every time it's used. If It wasn't illegal, I'd like to see the whalers arm themselves with cannons and blow these guys up if they violate the 500 feet rule. There'd be less idiots on this planet. Wanna do something? Follow the law. Don't like the law? Try changing it then, instead of attacking people. Nutcases the lot of them.

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Posted in: Xi to mark Nanjing massacre amid warming Japan ties See in context

“China wants to appear conciliatory while also not forgetting the past.”

Ahahahaha, ahahaha, aha...I call BS. They could've done this a looong time ago but they didn't. Not only do they not care, they're using it as a political tool. As expected of the Chinese government, human trash, every last one of them. If Japan fully accepts the fact that the Nanjing Massacre did happen, China's plan will be flawed


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Posted in: 3 men arrested for stealing fire hose nozzles See in context

These guys should at least think of what they steal. If a fire broke out and fire hoses can't be used properly, there might be casualties =.=

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Posted in: Woman found dead in car; 11-year-old son also found with stab wounds See in context

The boy, who later regained consciousness, told police his mother had stabbed him.

Read The Article... Chances are the kid isn't lying.

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Posted in: Man jailed for 2 years for making guns with 3D printer See in context

I've seen videos of mini-railguns being made but the police don't do anything about it www.

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Posted in: Univ student stabs woman to death because he 'wanted to kill someone' See in context

Summing things up: Japan is safe in terms of crime rate. (It's extremely low, but not 0.) It's just that the degree of the crime is really screwed, the psychological help system in Japan is also screwed, society (the social and educational system) makes said criminals screwy and the punishment for said crimes are so utterly useless. As you can clearly see, Japan is just going to go downhill unless it does something about the above problems.

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Posted in: 17-yr-old girl held for killing mother, grandmother in Hokkaido See in context

Well they didn't state any further than "discipline" but that can also involve physical and verbal abuse. If either was involved, I really don't see a reason to feel sorry for the "victims" although killing them might be seen as unacceptable by society. If there was no abuse and this girl was just a spoiled brat, then she should just stay in jail until after she gets mental help.

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Posted in: Japan overwhelmingly favors CDs to digital music See in context

Do you see the difference between Japan and foreign countries? The answer is 愛. w Japanese are willing to spend more on what they like despite being able to get it at a cheaper price if they consider the quality is better. In this case, digital to disk. Both have their up-sides and down-sides but personally speaking having the physical thing feels a lot better. Plus the issue with downloads and losing data is a pain. And CDs being susceptible to damage depends on whether you can take care of them properly or not (well, people using susceptible to damage as an excuse clearly can't take care of what they own). Of course they have a limited lifespan, but if one day your hard drive or whatnot breaks down and you didn't back it up, you're screwed aren't you? Same deal, CDs still last longer than a hard drive. Basically the same topic as either an e-reader or the actual book. E-reader is cheaper, if it break, bye-bye data + spend more money to replace said e-reader (I have no idea if you get an acc and can keep any downloads so I won't comment further on losing data) while having actual books feels great, like you're actually supporting the writer (spending more money) and it lasts a hell of a long time. So, both digital and hardcopies have their ups and downs, but digital isn't as reliable.

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Posted in: Man arrested for taking 'normal' picture of woman on train See in context

If you don't ask for permission before taking a photo or filming, then it's a violation of the law. It's the same in Australia. This guy pretty much had it coming. And by the way, America is pretty screwed if it allows people to take pictures of others WITHOUT permission or adding mosaics. Not only women; taking pictures of either gender without permission is illegal. If he had asked for permission then it would've probably been fine (although no guarantee the woman would have said yes). Well putting the law aside, it is rude, stupid and a form of perversion to take a picture of someone without their permission. They have their clothes on? So what? You take a picture, and keep it with you. Why did you take it? Here's the answer: Although it isn't porn, you're still a pervert. You think they're cute or attractive? Definitely a pervert. Now, concerning surveillance footage etc, that isn't perversion, that's for security's sake so don't use it as a shield for your perversion. By the way...if you didn't actually take a picture and you aren't guilty then nothing apart from talking to the police will happen. Plus, when you do use your phone for things other than photos/recording, do you happen to notice that IT TENDS TO FACE DOWNWARDS TO SOMETHING CALLED THE GROUND? Yes there is a mirror app on phones, and in those situations you do point it ahead (or to the ceiling), THE MAJORITY USING THAT APP ARE WOMEN SO DON'T EVEN TRY MAKING EXCUSES. The end :D

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Posted in: Ice Bucket Challenge in Japan raises Y27 mil and a few complaints See in context

Ahh, the ice bucket challenge, and I thought Japan was safe from this stupidity...Which idiot came up with it? (I'm sorry, I don't really know and couldn't be bothered to look it up) "Oh, if you don't do it people will look down on you" sort of thing acts as a sort of pressure so it's pretty much bullying. And don't try to even deny it, it's bullying. Sure, it's for a good cause. THERE ARE OTHER WAYS OF GOING ABOUT WITH SOME CHARITY EVENT WITHOUT DRAGGING OTHERS INTO YOUR SELF-SATISFACTION. Plus in the southern hemisphere it's spring right now but it's still a bit cold and anyone doing this is outright insane + stupid.

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Posted in: Gundam creator expresses disappointment over current state of anime voice acting See in context

Depends on the anime really. Some voices suit characters and some don't. I don't find problems with Japanese voice-acting all that often. I''m learning Japanese right now and the Japanese in anime isn't really all that off. Just think of it as casual Japanese. Casual spoken Japanese usually breaks a few rules here and there (grammatically incorrect but too bad, language is like that. At least it isn't as twisted and utterly stupid as how English is becoming nowadays. Swear words and such...) They need to give characters their own niche, and it's actually quite nice to be able to tell which voice actors are playing a role in an anime series. By the way, old generation voice acting doesn't equal better voice acting. There are some really talented voice actors right now and they've worked harder than anyone complaining ever will so go look in a mirror and ponder over the fact that your life is most likely boring compared to their's.

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Posted in: TV series features model yelling at the camera, and nothing else See in context


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Posted in: Maternity clinic in Nagano sparks debate over sperm donation controversy See in context

Well in the end, it's the couple's decision. Society doesn't like it? Go cry. Ethics? Morals? To hell with that, ethics and morals always change. People who use 'ethics and morals' as an excuse to back themselves up in situations like these are trash. Not only are they stubborn, talking to them would be like talking to a wall. It is a serious decision, and I'm sure they have worried and thought it over many times before making the decision. After they've come to a conclusion and have decided to take action, NO-ONE has the right to criticize them. It doesn't even break any laws so anyone saying 'No' has an invalid argument. The only worries I have are how judgmental the Japanese are sometimes. If the couple have the resolve to go through with this, I just hope they have the resolve to hold fast in such a non-open-minded society.

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Posted in: Bullying suspected in Aomori high school girl's death See in context

It'd be great if the trash of society have a taste of their own medicine. I don't care if they have some crappy tragic past that somehow "causes" them to bully others, they deserve to be punished. Don't sue the bully's parents, that will probably have 0 effect on the bully themselves. Have the bully work and suffer for causing another innocent person to suffer. Community service and being expelled sound like extremely nice punishments don't they? Maybe have their email address and such revealed so they can have a taste of cyber bullying. Is this going to far? Nope, it's suitable. If they have a taste of their own medicine, they'll never try to bully someone again. Maybe they'll even try to stop bullying themselves? (No, 'two wrongs don't make a right' BS. If you don't teach them the hard way, it's near impossible for them to change.)

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Posted in: Abe says horrors of war must never be repeated See in context

Stuart Hayward, did you not think of THE NEED TO BLOW UP THE ENEMY MISSILE SOURCE AFTER IT HAS STARTED FIRING!? Some people just don't think things through (笑) And the chance Japan is gonna invade another country is 0%. The people want nothing to do with it and so the government can't invade even if it wanted to. Anyone who says otherwise is just really paranoid + blind And if Japan can help its allies during times of war, it strengthens relations between countries and furthermore, if Japan doesn't start a war, Japan 1 - China 0. Trust in Japan Lvl up. Trust in China...dead(笑)(Though there is probably little to no trust as is)

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Posted in: Abe handed letter from Sea Shepherd founder in Australia See in context

It's great and all that SS wants to save whales and such. The thing I utterly hate about them are there ways of going about doing things and also their utterly stupid excuse, "you can't kill them because they are intelligent animals." Oh? So as long as they aren't intelligent, it's totally fine if they're killed is pretty much what they're saying. (Oh, and I'm sure it isn't only SS that uses that lame excuse so I think everyone that uses such an excuse is stupid as well). Not only are they stupid and selfish, they basically just get on a high trying to play "hero" and at the same time "god", judging what can and can't be killed =.=; What kind of complex do these people have. Why don't they just say it straight? "We just don't want you killing the whales because we feel sorry for them." (Uwaa, these guys need to get off their high-horses). Again, no problem with their aims, just their methods and utter stupidity . And I have nothing against whaling. Maybe they should come up with a more painless method is my only concern. If It's sustainable, go for it. If it isn't, don't do it, or maybe come up with some method that makes it sustainable.

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Posted in: Australian activist takes dolphin slaughter town to court See in context

Go back to Australia if you're just going to cause trouble. I agree with Ossan 100% Do it in your own country (I'm Australian as well and I think what this person is doing is beyond idiotic.)

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Posted in: Woman or machine? New robots look eerily human See in context

Don't have to worry about that. There'll definitely be a demand for male robots. Now, the reason why female robots are so popular is thanks to manga and such (Y) There is a romance when it comes to robots and since most anime lovers are male in Japan, I think it's only natural that there is more of a demand for female model robots. So nothing to do with servants, Onniyama. There will be male robots.

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Posted in: Education ministry to investigate all suicides by children See in context

(Y) And all they need to do now is charge bullies as criminals if their bullying goes too far or causes suicide (If they are in middle school or high school). Finally, they're taking the problem seriously...and also they need more counselors (which means they should offer counselling jobs to foreign workers. Settles more than one issue)

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Posted in: Hashimoto says allied soldiers raped women after D-Day See in context

Someone end this utterly stupid topic please. =.=; It happened such a long time ago and the younger generations have nothing to do with it and frankly they probably don't even care about it. Half of the people raising a fuss are way too sympathetic. Do the current generation of Japanese have to deal with this topic? No. "Did the Japanese commit those atrocities?" Yes. So? The Japanese should, instead of denying it, just forget it and answer "I don't know, and who cares? Nothing to do with me." Too sympathetic, easily spurred by propaganda. There are too many problems with society nowadays...

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Posted in: Symposium on school bullying held in Kobe See in context

Japan's senior-junior system is used as a form of bullying. And basically, they're all saying "Shut up and deal with it.. If they're older than you, respect their decision no matter how utterly stupid they are." Are you kidding me? That''s a form of bullying no matter how you look at it. The younger generations don't really follow the system all that much and that's a good thing but it's still there. 0-tolerance policy is the answer. And the punishment should fit the crime, in this case the level of bullying. Bullies should be suspended/expelled and a notice should be posted to all other schools about said person. And if they caused a suicide it should be the death penalty. Then they can mentally suffer waiting until the day they die. Any teachers that allowed it to go on without saying anything should be punished as well.

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Posted in: China frees ship after Mitsui O.S.K. pays $28 mil See in context

Good, China will FINALLY shut up about this. Igloobuyer- This was DURING THE WAR. For example, if someone KILLED YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY, that person's GRANDCHILDREN have nothing to do with it. Punishing the wrong people here. The Chinese govt. just wants the money, and the propaganda material. They honestly couldn't give a damn about their own people. Someone, please just slaughter them. As long as they are in power, nothing will change. I hope the Japanese don't give in to anymore crap from China. Move all Japanese businesses out of China ASAP. That will make it harder for China to pull this kind of childish crappy stunt again.

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Posted in: China, Japan spar over Xi's comments on Nanjing Massacre See in context

"Still fresh in our memory" ...He wasn't even born back then probably. Japan should just ignore them and focus on becoming independent instead of wasting time on a hypocrite crappy government's remarks. Japan would be seen as a more mature country if they do so. Only the idiots deny the Nanjing massacre but that was so damn long ago so who gives a damn about it? Oh wait, China does and only because it's a 'useful political tool'. They are never in a place to talk about the 'horrors of the Nanjing massacre' if they screw over their own country's citizens. And if Abe is careful from now on, no-one will listen to China's remarks anymore. (Well assuming he'll be careful which he most likely won't.) War is war. Stuff happens. Plus politics started war so China can really only blame the 'Emperor' and politicians at the time of the war. Zero point blaming it on people now. Sure, argue when they deny it but apart from that China has no right to talk. Compensation? Too bad. Apology? Already done. Move on.

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Posted in: Bullying suspected as cause of 16-year-old boy's suicide See in context

Bullying is a major issue in pretty much all parts of the world as said above, and frankly bullies are scum. I don't really care what their background history is but to cause problems for others who haven't done anything to you is wrong on so many levels. Death is a means of escape and the people who suicide can be classified as either selfish or backed up against a wall. Even family cannot be counted on as reliable let alone teachers or counselors sometimes. That's why at these times, friends are the best source of support although some people don't have such social connections or they end up hanging around the wrong people. Being a shut-in is also a means of escape. A few of Japanese society's rules are to blame. Some of their values need to be fixed up.

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Posted in: Fishermen take cover to slaughter dolphins in face of Western criticism See in context

Agreeing with Timtak here, I don't understand why people are attacking that sort of culture. The people of Taiji need not even care what the global community says unless said actions become illegal. The only problem I have is their methods of killing the dolphins. If they used a less bloody way of slaughtering them I wouldn't be against the practice.

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